Trance the Bat is a criminal who has some affiliation with Sanzu the Crow. She's a memory vampire, capable of stealing the memories of others through biting them. She can also implant memories into others through the same method, making her and Sanzu a powerful duo.


Trance is often described to be an overall unpleasant person to be around. She seems to find almost everything to be an annoyance and has a short temper. She's quick to threaten and insult others (especially her own allies), though she isn't an inherently violent person.

Despite her temper, Trance is actually quite trusting. She has a great amount of faith in her few friends and is quite willing to make sacrifices for them. Trance is rather protective of the people she most cares about.

Trance prefers to act with discretion and work in the shadows, contrasting Sanzu's more direct approach. She tries her best to come off as unremarkable; someone not worth remembering. When someone does take notice of her, she usually doesn't hesitate to use her powers to make them forget.


Memory Vampirism

Trance is capable of stealing memories from other people by biting them (usually in the neck). Biting someone gives her access to every memory in a victim's mind, allowing her to take whatever and however many memories she desires. Stealing memories also seems to curb the bat's appetite, meaning that the memories she steals may be a food source for her.

Trance can also implant memories, whether they be her own or stolen from others, into people's heads through the same method. Doing so has the opposite effect on the bat, making her more hungry, and giving away too many memories could have a negative impact on her health.


Trance isn't a standard vampire, so she does not have the normal weaknesses of most vampires: sunlight, garlic, etc. However, this also means that she does not possess the strengths of normal vampires either. Her speed and power aren't naturally enhanced, so most enemies with those kind of powers can likely overwhelm her in a fight.

In addition, Trance's power requires that she get in close to bite the enemy. As a result, long-ranged combat is not her strong suit.


Sanzu the Crow

A wannabe hero that Trance has become well-acquainted with. His power to weaponize his own memories mixes with her own power, and so the two have formed an odd partnership in which they use each other for their own personal benefit. The two have saved each other's lives at various points and seem to share a degree of trust with one another. Despite this, the two can barely tolerate one another as Sanzu despises her association with villainy and refusal to reform while Trance finds his overall personality to be unbearable.

Miso the Crow

Unlike Sanzu, Trance more than tolerates his little sister, Miso. Trance has taken a liking to her and can be overly protective of the little pink crow.


  • When Trance bites someone, she does not leave a mark on them.


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