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Terra and Rosie

It was in the earlier times of the day, about 10:00 in Mystic Ruins. Nature was singing, it was easy to tell just by looking at it that it was sending the message "I'm beautiful." In the flowing river, a yellow brown-spotted ocelot wearing a white crop-top and green shorts. She'd sent Alexia to protect the village while she was gone - she just needed some training. She hadn't practiced her skills after Luna attacked Trikon City, so she decided that if she was going to be of any use, she had to train.

Terra sighed as she got out of the water and checked her clock, a gift she had gotten from Kennedy. A new record of being able to hold her breath underwater for a whole minute. It was nothing compared to Alexia's 30 minutes, but it was a start. Wiping herself with a grey towel, she decided to work on her kicks on an unsuspecting tree. Coincidentally, the very tree the ocelot happened to be striking was the one the echidna girl was resting under. Immediately hearing the thumping on the tree, Rosie swallows her bite of the apple and turns around as she starts to pick up on the aura of another Mobian, very close by. She stands up from her kneeling position, rising to her feet before walking to the other side of the tree trunk where the stranger was training. Although the echidna girl was pretty surprised to find another Mobian near her favorite training clearing, she couldn't help to smile a bit. It had looked like she stumbled across a fellow warrior!

"You know, other people could be resting under these trees," She playfully scolds the ocelot girl, merely joking with no signs of anger in her tone.

Terra visibly flinched when she saw the echidna come out from under the tree, having jumped back a little distance just in case it was an enemy. Seeing how it was merely another girl, however, Terra sighed and collected herself. "I apologize for my trigger-happiness, ma'am. I suppose I was just eager to get to training, and I forgot that there could be other civilians."

Seeing that now the echidna girl was farther away from the tree, Terra decided to practice on it again (after going around it and making sure no one else was under it). She performed fast kicks, rapid upper-body strikes, and quick punches, and then Terra moved so fast it was like she ran through the tree. She took her claws out, and suddenly, the tree was cut it half, Terra's attacks having finally taken effect. Satisfied, Terra decided to go to the next tree. Rosie was observing the feline's speed and technique the whole time and was immediately impressed, especially when she managed to slice apart the tree trunk with her claws.

"Whoa! Very nice!" The echidna compliments, a widened smile on her face. Just by looking at the girl's skill, Rosie herself was beginning to grow a bit excited. "So I'm guessing you're a martial artist, too?"

Terra looked at Rosie, surprised she wanted to keep up a conversation, and nodded. "Well.... depends on what your definition of the words are. I am pretty good at fighting, I'd say, and my devotion is to protect my village, but I wouldn't call myself a martial artist. My friends are pretty powerful, and it's necessary for me to train in order to keep up with them." Terra sighed. "I've met a couple of powerful enemies, too. It's important to make sure I'm not useless."

Rosie nods in understanding. "I like that kind of dedication! With that kind of skill, I'd say you're definitely no slouch on the battlefield!"

As they spoke, the echidna's pulse began to race a bit. She'd already seen a sample of what the ocelot could do but now knowing what she was training for only made the warrior even more excited. A bit of 'warrior's urge,' as she would call it. Rosie always loved a fighter that sought to gain strength for something bigger than just themselves: fighting for others. It resonated with her to the point that she really wanted to help her towards her goal somehow, and she had a pretty good, fun idea of a way she could do just that!

"Hey, maybe I can help you out, somehow! I'm just taking a break from training, myself, so if you'd like, we could spar for a bit!" Rosie offers, eagerly. "That way, you can practice against a real opponent. What do you say?"

Terra, surprised that Rosie still wanted to keep up a conversation with her even though she looked busy, stopped suddenly before walking to a green and black backpack and pulling out a white blindfold. Then, she sighed before speaking. "I suppose that it merely depends on your personal definition of the word. I myself would not classify myself as a martial artist, I just want to be in my allies' strength range. You'll know that they're quite powerful if you ever meet them." Terra clutched the blindfold in her hand before continuing. "I am no martial artist. I am the guardian of my village, which is different from my friends. They are mercenaries, racers, and engineers. I am merely a leader." Terra chuckled. "That's something to be proud of. I suppose that I can train with you, however - you may make the first attack."

"Great!" Rosie lightly cheers, a bit excited for a friendly match with her new friend. "Let's step over to the center of the field so we'll have more room to start with."

Rosie always liked to start sparring matches in a spot with the most-convenient spacing available, as so both her and her partner can start off with any technique without worrying about having their mobility restricted. Plus, the center of the forest clearing is always a pleasant place for a fight in Rosie's eyes and she liked to share that with her training buddies. Just because her opponent wasn't actually a martial artist didn't mean the echidna was going to treat her with any less respect than she has been doing.

Terra walked to the middle of the field after tying the blindfold over her waist, making it look more like a belt. Terra got into a stance, waiting for Rosie to make the first move. The echidna warrior follows her over and positions herself in front of her, standing a few feet away from her opponent. The calm afternoon breeze brushed over both combatants, carrying with it a small handful of scattered tree leaves and creating gentle waves from the river, southeast of them. Beaming with positivity, Rosie brings her hands to her sides and bends her upper body forward slightly, performing a rei, or bow, as a sign of respect towards the ocelot. This was to show that, no matter who gains the upper hand during the battle, there was not going to be any hard feelings or hostility from her. This fight was merely for training, as well as for fun. Standing back straight, Rosie quickly snaps to a Taekwondo-style fighting stance, shifting her body sideways with her feet two, even shoulder-lengths apart. Weight was distributed equally between each leg, her feet bouncing lightly in her stance yet not leaving the ground, and her arms up at chest height, fists clenched tightly. She was ready to brawl!

"Ready, friend?" Rosie asks, making sure her partner was all set to fight, before attacking.

Terra gave Rosie a nod, pacing in her place so that if Rosie made an attack, she'd be ready to dodge and/or counter it. The echidna smirks a bit then quickly leaps forward to make the first move. Starting off simple, she throws a swift punch to the face with her right fist. Terra caught the punch, tried to twist Rosie's arm, back flip, and kick Rosie upside-down in the head with a flip kick, going for a complex attack. Right when her arm was being twisted, the echidna suddenly tugs away from the hold, managing to slip her arm free while retreating into a counterclockwise spin, resulting in her avoiding the graceful flip kick. Hoping to catch her opponent in the middle of her landing, Rosie uses the momentum of her twirl to counter with a spinning hook kick to the face. Terra had already landed on her feet by the time Rosie dodged it, and caught the spinning hook kick. Seeing how Rosie would escape if she didn't grip more tightly, Terra squeezed Rosie's leg and tried to lift Rosie up before slamming her back onto the ground. The echidna already could feel the firm grip as she yanked up into the air, which gave her the impression that Terra was definitely adaptable in a fight. Since she knew slipping away wasn't going to be as easy, she instead leans her body back while clamping onto her opponent's arm with her other leg, managing to land herself onto her hands to ease the impact of the slam. Keeping her own grip on the ocelot's arm, Rosie balances herself on her palms while yanking her legs forward, attempting to use her leg strength to pull Terra off of her feet and slam onto the ground instead, executing an impressive amount of flexibility for this reversal. Terra was pulled off her feet, but using her acrobatic skill, she flipped instead, only to trip when Rosie's legs stayed onto her. Growling, Terra took out her claws and tried to stab Rosie's leg with them. Once her opponent hit the ground, the echidna quickly swings her legs back in the other direction to propel herself away from her opponent, avoid the feline's claws in the process. Rosie giggles a bit as she lands back to her feet and turns back around, shifting back to her stance before motioning her leading hand towards herself, giving Terra the next move.

Terra stood up and dusted herself off before getting into a stance. "You're a pretty good competitor. You have quite a lot of power. However, power will be defeated by pride in this battle." Terra burst forward in speed, looking like a yellow blur. When she was about a meter away from Rosie, Terra started running in a square-like pattern around the echidna, hoping to blitz her. If she doesn't know where to strike but I do, I should be able to pull out a win. I just need to make sure this strategy works and doesn't backfire. Terra mentally sighed. That could be a challenge.

Rosie keeps her cool as her opponent proceeded to dash around, concealed in a blur of pure speed. She couldn't help show a clearly-impressed smile, noticing that the ocelot was bringing forth that same great velocity she used before. Thankfully for her, the warrior was used to this form of technique being used against her. She closes her eyes, calming her mind and focusing on her surroundings within a two-foot radius. She was prepping herself to react, right when Terra was within range of attacking her, to draw her in. Terra, confused at how Rosie wasn't reacting, dashed forward to Rosie. However, she would step back before either of them could hit the other, trying to juke her out before going in her pattern of speed once again. Randomly, Terra would keep coming in before backing out, hoping to confuse Rosie and get the echidna to strike so that the ocelot could cleverly counter. The ocelot's tactic was crafty, but the echidna didn't budge. She remained as still as a statue, her focus airtight to where it would seem that she was meditating. Trying to attack when the ocelot was close was very tempting but Rosie trained herself to exercise patience and discipline as a martial artist, especially during cases like this when the opponent was trying to fake her out. Terra wasn't going to catch Rosie off guard that easily.

Terra, getting bored with Rosie's waiting, faked a punch to Rosie's face, stopping before she could actually hit Rosie. Hoping she'd think that this was just another one of her fake-outs, Terra kicked upwards, trying to land a blow on Rosie's chin. Then, she'd perform a sweep kick. Restraining herself once more, Rosie didn't move when the punch came at her face and stopped. When kick came, on the other hand, the echidna's eyes quickly snap open as her quick reflexes kicked in, at the last second, prompting her to suddenly lean to her right to avoid taking a foot to the chin. Seeing her opponent move in for a sweep kick, Rosie hops up to avoid it while lifting up her legs to try and counter with two fast front kicks from the air, targeting the face. Terra opened her mouth when Rosie tried kicking her, allowing the echidna to land one kick in her face but Terra tried to bite Rosie's foot. Not expecting this kind of tactic, Rosie's left foot was chomped down on, causing a jolt of pain to course through it and interrupt her attack flow.

"Ow!" Rosie yelps in pain, barely managing to land on her right foot while the other was in the ocelot's mouth. However, she quickly regains her bearings, chuckling even as she quickly throws her right leg at her opponent while simultaneously pulling on her left, slipping her captive foot free from Terra's fangs while attempting to throw a knee strike to the chin in retaliation, enduring a light scratch from her opponent's teeth. "That was a cheap shot!"

Terra was kicked backwards, but transformed herself into Spin Dashing backwards, sending herself into a tree. Terra reflected off of it before blasting her self at Rosie. She'd try to grab Rosie in the face and drag her face through the ground. Right after landing, the echidna waits for her opponent to get close enough then quickly ducks down, putting herself just out of Terra's reach before suddenly leaping back up at her, her pink body curled up into a Spin Jump to knock her upwards. If successful, Rosie would then uncurl in midair and try to shoot both feet at Terra's belly, capable of knocking her even further in the air. Terra has hit in the stomach by the first blow, but before Rosie could hit the second, Terra angled her head downwards, stuck her feet out, and caught Rosie's legs. She hoped that they'd both fall to the ground, and Rosie would land on her head. With her legs captive and her altitude decreasing, Rosie had to think fast.  As the two of them continued to drop, the echidna quickly throws her upper body forward, as if she was doing a sit-up while hanging upside down, simultaneously pulling on her legs to force herself into a somersault, slipping out of the grab in the process.  After a brief roll in the air, Rosie quickly shifts her body sideways in midair for a last-minute aerial side kick to Terra's back in midair, trying to slam her with a quick attack before descending to the ground. "Hyah!!"

Terra, seeing that this was not quite the predicament she was hoping to be in, started to Spin Dash, downwards. The point between Terra's spin and Rosie's hard kick clash in the air, which would cause the two fighter gals to bounce off in separate directions, with Rosie being pushed into the ground and Terra knocked into the air while spinning. Terra was sent flying high into the air, but then she stopped, seeing Rosie in the ground. Trying to think of a plan, she looked at a tree and Spin Dashed at it, causing it to break and Terra and slide past it. Then, Terra burst at Rosie so fast, she looked like a blur and tried to drag her opponent's body through the ground with her hand. Promptly jumping back to her feet after the hard landing, Rosie quickly notices her opponent zooming at her at high speed and had to think fast once again. Right when the ocelot was a moment away from slamming into her, the echidna suddenly twists her body into a spin and intercepts with a fast, powerful spinning heel kick with her left leg, aiming to smash into Terra's head like it was a fastball and send her flying into a nearby tree trunk.

Terra was hit, sending her flying into the tree trunk backwards. Momentarily dazed while lying backwards on it, Terra got up. "You are quite the powerful competitor. You should be proud."

Rosie smiles, laughing a bit as she wipes some sweat off of her forehead with her right hand. "Likewise, friend! You're really giving me a great challenge! Ha, I haven't had this much fun in weeks!"

Terra smiled back at Rosie before getting into a stance. "Where do you train? Have you fought any type of mystical enemies?"

Terra rushed towards Rosie before turning sideways and jumping over Rosie horizontally while spinning before landing behind the echidna. Then, without even looking like she was moving, if Rosie didn't react fast enough it would feel like she was being punched in the back ten times rapidly while Terra walked away. Rosie kept an eye on her friend as she leaped over, quickly turning to face her before meeting with her speedy attack. Rosie quick reflexes kicked in once more as she parries away each of the punches with her hands, her focus airtight and her arms practically blurring with each defending swing. She couldn't help but to smirk while protecting herself as she was absolutely loving Terra's speed and precision. Heck, she hadn't had to move so fast to counteract a sparring partner's movements for a while, until now!

"I've actually been practicing all my life, in my home dimension," Rosie would respond, all while attempting to counterattack with a speedy right hook to the face then brings up her right leg with a high-speed flurry of side kicks, using her Pummel Kick technique. It was kinda funny how both girls were able to fight, while having a conversation at the same time. "Almost all the warriors there are able to use their attributal powers during sparring matches."

Terra was knocked backwards, but she put her hands down and claws out, slowing her to a stop. "So, it comes to you with training? Interesting. I wish I could adapt as well as you could. I had to be beat up a couple times before I really got the gist of how to win a battle." Terra burst at Rosie again, but she would stop before she got too close before going in an octagonal pattern around Rosie. Then, Terra would back out and burst forward, trying to punch Rosie in the chest.

"Heh, I've been there, too. I was even the worse fighter in my hometown when I started!" Rosie had been this sort of attack pattern, earlier on in the fight, so she knew what to do. She stands her ground, waiting until the very last second for Terra's attack to close in on her then, when the speeding fist came for her chest, the echidna abruptly sidesteps the attack then grabs the ocelot's arm, attempting to slam a hard knee strike into her gut. "I've lost a hundred sparring matches in a row before I finally improved."

Terra took the blow, stunned, before trying to headbutt Rosie in the face, before attempting to kick her upwards in the chin and sweep kick her off her feet. Then, Terra would flip over and try to perform an upside-down kick.

"I guess we've both been through tough times," Terra said with a sigh while attacking.

"Ugh! Gah!" Rosie grunts in pain as was slammed in the face from the headbutt, leaving her open for a short amount of time which, with Terra's speed, was long enough for the upwards kick to land as well. However, before sweep kick could land, Rosie quickly snaps out of her stun and leaps into a last-minute backflip, avoiding the sweep in the nick of time. After landing to her feet, the warrior notices the last flipping kick coming for her head and twirls to her right, counterclockwise, to avoid it. "But it's those tough times that help us grow as warriors!"

Using the momentum of her spin, Rosie would fluently lash her left leg out to attempt to slap Terra's face with a fast spinning hook kick, snapping her leg back afterwards to try and follow up with three, speedy round kicks: one to the legs, one to the ribcage, and one more to the head. "Hyah, yah, yah!!"

The three kicks did a good amount of damage to Terra, and they caused her to spin around rapidly, as if she were a top. She spun around for a short period of time before stopping with her leg out, using her speed and momentum to blast a powerful gust of wind at Rosie before losing her balance and falling. The forceful air current knocks the echidna off her feet, pushing her back about two yards before she slams into a nearby tree trunk with a painful grunt, bouncing off and falling onto her tummy. Rosie takes a moment to catch her breath before pushing herself back up, still wearing that impressed smile as before. When she sent her opponent staggering into a spin, she definitely wasn't expecting such a strong blast of air as a counterstrike. Terra definitely had some surprises up her sleeve, and Rosie loved it. Terra was breathing heavily, and a grin crept across her face.

"I.... I don't usually get this type of battle..." Terra said to Rosie. "Usually, when I fight, it's because someone's trying to kill me, not for enjoyment with my friends. You... you're a cool echidna." Terra got up, catching her breath. "Not only are you strong, you are quite wise too. You have done very well to impress me." Terra got into a defensive stance, waiting for Rosie to make the next move.

Rosie was practically about to blush now. Hearing and seeing how happy this sparring match was making her friend was making her feel very good inside, especially since she was having a blast too! It's moments like this that make her happy to be a martial artist!

"Aww... Same here, friend!" Rosie cheerfully responds back. "Fighting is a lot better when you're able to really let loose and have fun with those you care about. Plus, you're one amazing fighter, yourself! Those fast techniques are really giving me a workout! This is totally my kind of spar!"

With a playful smirk appearing on her face, Rosie snaps into her Taekwondo stance one more time, her arms and face a bit wet from sweat. "Now how about we wrap this up?"

Terra nodded, giving Rosie a challenging look. "Try me!"

That kind of spunky response made Rosie chuckle, in a slightly aggressive manner. Her pulse begins to race in excitement as the end of a really fun spar was at hand. She was so ready to end this fight with a bang! Pushing off with her right foot, Rosie eagerly dashes at her opponent for one more go, blitzing at the warrior ocelot with a speeding straight punch to the face. "Hyah!!"

Terra, seeing the punch but knowing she wouldn't be able to catch it, sighed. It was very fast.... but she could still try to turn it around. Taking the aggressive blow to the cheek, Terra yelled before following the blow up with a fast punch of her own to Rosie's, trying to take her out if she could. The echidna's quick reflexes snap into action as she hurls up her left hand to parry the incoming fist upwards with a decisive backhand chop, adding in another quick kiai. She then attempts to counter with a high side thrust kick to smack the foe square in the face. If the hit managed to connect successfully, the warrior would snap her leg back before promptly adding in a roundhouse kick and hook kick combination, trying to slap the opponent's face back and forth with her Dizzy Kick technique. As Terra's last-ditch attempt failed, Terra jumped back before she could be hit by Rosie's next combo. Then, she jumped back, flipping onto a tree trump, before baring her claws and spinning around quickly. A small circle of wind formed, and it carried the broken part of the tree, firing it at Rosie. The echidna watches as the severed tree rushes towards her then leaps up high to avoid it, flipping into a graceful spin as she vaults towards her opponent. Once she was close to Terra's position from above, Rosie shifts out of her spin and comes down with a hard axe kick, aiming for the ocelot's head. Terra suddenly stopped spinning, blasting a powerful gust of wind at Rosie and threatening to knock her flat into another tree. That's when Rosie prepared a bit of a surprise for her friend. As soon as the wind hits her, her body suddenly disappears into a puff of smoke, eventually clearing to reveal her completely out of sight. Then about a split-second later, she reappears behind Terra with a low spinning heel kick to her legs to knock her off her feet, then tries to slip underneath her for a follow-up high side kick to her stomach to knock her into the air. This would be the work of her Shaolin Ninjustu Substitution technique at work, a defensive move that replaces the user with an illusionary copy to take a hard blow while simultaneously warping themselves to another spot, nearby. She normally doesn't use this move during normal sparring matches but since Terra was putting up a great fight, and utilizing aerokinetic-esque attacks at her disposal, Rosie wanted to make the last stretch of the fight a bit more interesting out of respect to her opponent.

Terra was knocked into the air, Rosie's combo having worked fully. This got Terra's adrenaline pumping. Being able to have a match like this was not common, and for the time she had, Terra was having a blast! A smile formed on Terra's face before she started to spin around rapidly again, but the time horizontally - this meant that if Rosie was swept up, she'd either be thrown forward/backward, or she'd be sent high into the air along with a severed tree. Keeping an eye on her opponent as she came down like a steamroller, Rosie quickly leaps back and out of the way of Terra's spin, springing away from the tree she sliced in her way. As she was evaded, the echidna feel growing positive vibes within her friend's aura, letting her know that she was having a lot of fun, which made Rosie even happier! The warrior laughs slightly as lands onto her hands and springs back to her feet, immediately dashing back to her foe to deliver a counterattack. She hops up and swings her right leg for a spinning roundhouse kick to the head, maintaining her short, aerial spin to add in a flying side kick to try and slam Terra square in the face with her foot. "Hyah!!"

As Terra was spinning rapidly, Rosie ended up hitting the back of Terra's head, though the wind she created allowed her to be brushed off of Rosie's foot. Regaining her balance, Terra tried to grab Rosie's leg and throw her downwards. As soon as her leg was snagged from the air, Rosie's reflexes kicked in for a countermeasure.  She brings up her right leg and clamps one of Terra's arms against her captive leg right before Terra throws her down, all while leaning her body back to plant her hands onto the ground.  After cushioning the impact of her fall, Rosie attempts to pull with both gripping legs and drag Terra forward, before letting go and sending two quick kicks from her handstand, aimed for the chest then face, which would push her back on the second hit.  If successful, Rosie would bring both feet back to the ground and throw her body back up to vault herself into the air, curling up into a spin and darting towards her foe with a homing attack to the chest to keep up the pressure. As soon as they were nearing the ground, Terra Spin Dashed, trying to either make Rosie dizzy or throw her off. The impact of both clashing spins made Rosie bounce off of her opponent, sending her into the air. The echidna quickly uncurls herself and lands to the ground, skidding against the grass while crouched down on one hand. Looking back to her foe, she chuckles a bit while wearing a playful smirk, waiting and giving Terra a window of opportunity to attack next. Terra also landed on her feet before wasting no time and bursting at Rosie, trying to claw her chest.

Rosie swats down at Terra's clawing hand with her right hand to parry it downwards before throwing a straight punch to the chest. With her other hand, Terra crossed her arms to catch Rosie's fist before doing a sideways flip in midair, which would both twist Rosie's arm and kick her in the cheek. Although the echidna's arm wasn't twisted due to her sturdy skeleton, her opponent's kick did make its mark and smacked Rosie across the face, knocking the echidna onto her back. That blow to the face hurt quite a bit, yet the echidna was still beaming as she jumps back up. To her, such a struggle was really making the battle exciting! Rosie wasn't about to let Terra get away with that, however, and blitzes back at her for a round kick to the head. Terra was hit by Rosie's kick, but she tried to turn it into a counter and flip Rosie over and slam the echidna onto the ground.

Thanks to a basic leg snap tactic used to pull back the leg after a kick, Rosie was able to retract her kicking leg before Terra could grab her and throw one more fast side kick to her stomach, and another towards the face, letting out a kiai as she did so. "Hyah!!"

After Terra was hit in the stomach, her pupils dilated, and she was fast enough to react to Rosie's next kick and catch it. Using one hand to hold Rosie's leg, Terra tried to release many fast punches to Rosie's stomach with her other before attempting to uppercut the echidna's chin. Several of Terra's punches managed to hit, repeatedly pounding Rosie's stomach but then she managed to stick her left palm out and catch one of them in a tight grip, interrupting the ocelot's attack flow. Ready to turn around this captive situation, the echidna forcefully throws her caught leg towards her opponent, managing to break away from her grip for one more quick roundhouse kick to the face. She then hops up as turns around and position's Terra's arm between her legs, clamping down on it tightly then falls forward to land on her hands.

Finally, with one mighty pull, Rosie throws her legs forward to hurl Terra into a nearby tree trunk, another fierce kiai escaping her mouth to exert her stored energy into her leg throw for an extra dose in power. "Hyah!!"

Terra flipped when she was thrown, her feet hitting the tree. As a result, the tree broke and fell, leaving only a trunk for Terra to jump on. Terra burst forward and attempted to deliver a rush of punches and kicks to Rosie's chest before headbutting her in the head. Flipping back up after her throw, Rosie narrows her eyes in anticipation for the ocelot's next attack, a grin forming on her face. The echidna's fast reflexes began to shine through as she begins to block, dodge, and parry each of Terra's blitzing punches and kicks, even managing to clash some of the kicks with some of her own. The adrenaline rush the warrior was feeling between the attacks was incredible, her body and spirit constantly being pushed as she moved in accordance with each of her friend's strikes. It felt so great to have such a challenge with such a fast, skillful opponent, especially when the fate of the battle was primarily being determined by pure melee combat skill. She was practically having the time of her life! The echidna was trying her hardest to win this match without relying on her aura, for she felt she owed Terra that much for making this spar super enjoyable.

Her focus not straying from her opponent's onslaught, Rosie continues to defend against the flurry of fists and feet, keeping her eyes out for a potential opening. Once Terra lunges forward for her headbutt, she found her chance but with such a short time window of opportunity, her timing had to be just right. When Terra's forehead was just milliseconds away from slamming into her skull, the warrior echidna's right arm swung upwards, the fist shooting up like a rocket for a crash impact into the feline's chin. If this managed to connect, not alone would Terra's attack be stopped, the intercepting blow would send her flying into the air as Rosie had leaped up with a powerful jumping uppercut. A move she liked to call... "Dragon Punch!!"

Terra was knocked into the air, and soon she fell on her back, groaning, while Rosie lands back onto the grass with her body covered in sweat and panting. Though Terra looked like she was downed, she hopped back onto her feet, smiling. She burst forward at Rosie, seemingly not going to make a move. Rosie prepared herself for impact once more, though she did happen to notice a change in Terra's demeanor. In turn, she lowers her guard just a bit but not all the way, just in case her friend was about to pull off a playful sneak attack. Terra would disappear right before she and Rosie could touch each other, before reappearing behind Rosie and trying to sweep her off of her feet with a kick.

"Whoa!" With a light yelp, Rosie, having sensed her opponent's sudden dash at the very last second, barely manages to leap up and avoid the sweep. She so badly wanted to laugh as she had a hunch Terra was about to pull off something sneaky. Plus, she totally loved the Quick Step-esque approach the ocelot did to sneak up on her. With a giggle escaping her closed yet widening smile, Rosie prepares herself to give it one more push as she curls up into a quick spin, while positioned above her opponent, then darts straight down to slam into Terra with a counter homing attack. Terra bared her claws and put them upwards, trying to make Rosie crash into them. Rosie did indeed collide into the feline's claws however due to the speed of her dash and her body being tankier from being curled up into a sturdy ball, it wouldn't have that much detrimental effect on the echidna. Rosie would force her way against Terra's claws and slam into her foe as planned. Terra, seeing that Rosie's defense was too good, angled her arm in a different direction, trying to fire Rosie to a tree stump.

The echidna ball was launched over towards the tree stump, however as soon as the warrior was right within range of colliding with it, she uncurls and lands onto it with both feet before promptly pushing back towards her foe. She propelled herself back at Terra, her body practically a high-speed missile as she attempts to retaliate with a flying side kick to Terra's stomach. "Hyah!!"

Terra jumped into the air, swiftly dodging Rosie's counter as the echidna zooms right under her. Rosie ends up landing to her feet, slightly skidding towards the lake shore before dashing back at her friend with a Quick Step. She appears at Terra's right side for a quick roundhouse kick to the ocelot's stomach, promptly chaining into a side kick towards her right cheek. Terra blocked both blows with her arms before attempting an uppercut to Rosie's chin. Rosie quickly sets her foot down and spins out of the way of Terra's uppercut then attempts to retaliate with a forceful spinning heel kick to the back. However, Terra blocks Rosie's kick and sends two fast fists to Rosie's chest. The echidna quickly retracts her leg, snapping into a defensive stance before skillfully parrying away Terra's first punch with her left hand then suddenly grabs her second punch and pulls the ocelot into a hard knee strike to the stomach. If successful, Rosie would quickly follow up with a jumping front kick to the chin with her left foot with enough power to knock her opponent into the air before gracefully twirling into an aerial axe kick with her right heel to slam Terra back down to the ground. "Hyah!!"

The combo hit, and though she felt the pain, Terra flipped and landed on her feet. She walked to Rosie calmly after the echidna lands. The warrior keeps her leg muscles tensed up a bit, just in case the ocelot was planning another sneaky move. Terra started dashing forward, seemingly about to headbutt Rosie. However, Rosie smirks and stands her ground, waiting until the last minute to make a move. If Rosie didn't react, Terra would run right through her before stopping. Rosie would then feel the pain of being punched in the stomach repeatedly. Timing herself just right, Rosie waits for Terra come closer then, a split second before she could make contact with the echidna, she sidesteps away from her foe then immediate darts right back at her with a hard elbow strike to the back to try and stun her before quickly follow up with a swift hook kick across the back of Terra's head. When Terra noticed she missed, she turned around, getting hit in the stomach by Rosie's elbow. However, it wasn't enough to stun her, and Terra was able to grab Rosie's hook. Then, Terra began to Spin Dash, and blasted herself forward, trying to slam Rosie into the ground several times before they would both hit the tree. Rosie reacted fast as soon as she saw Terra turn around. Therefore, she'd quickly feint her hook kick just before Terra could grab her, attempting to fake her out so she could punish the attempt with a side kick to the stomach instead, chaining it into a high side to the face.

Before Rosie could hit the side kick, and loud voice yelled "W-WATCH OUT!" and a blue blur tackled Terra, with the two rolling on each other. When they bumped into a tree and stopped, Terra rubbed her head while Rosie would be able to see the figure more clearly. It was a blue female hedgehog with two quills drooping to the side. She wore a blue vest with silver lining, and was also rubbing her head.

Rosie's eyes widen a bit as her kick misses but then she puts her leg down and turns in the direction of the blur, noticing the hedgehog girl on top of her sparring partner. Needless to say, she was immediately concerned for Terra.

"Whoa! Are you okay?" The warrior immediately asks Terra.

"Pl-Please, stay away!" Alexia responded, keeping Terra in a hollow ball of ice. "T-Tell me what you want... but don't d-do anything to her!"

Noticing how protective the girl was being, Rosie was safe to assume that she came as a friend to her sparring buddy. Putting her hands in front of her in an innocent manner, the echidna protests, "It's okay! Calm down! We were just sparring!"

"Haha, Alexia, no need to fret." Terra said, her voice echoing in the ball of ice as she clawed her way out. "Rosie is correct. I was just training here, and there happened to be a wonderful martial artist I could practice with. I don't think we're the only ones who need to work on our skills, you know," she said, patting Alexia's head. "I appreciate the thought, however."

Alexia's face was blank as she put her hands down, looked down, and kicked the dirt. "O-Oh... I'm really sorry... I just s-s-saw you a-attacking her and thought she'd gotten into trouble. S-Sorry for my i-interruption..."

"Heh, no harm done. We were at it for a while," Rosie reassures the hedgehog, chuckling. She then looks at Terra, smiling through her sweaty face. "Want to use this time to take a break?"

"Of course," said Terra, swiping sweat from her face. Alexia touched the ocelot's shoulder, and it all disappeared.

Now that the intense spar had finally concluded, the two warriors could finally take a breather. Not forgetting her manners, Rosie gives her formidable sparring buddy one more respectful bow before saying, "That was an awesome fight! I'm really glad I was able to spar with you..."

That's when the echidna realized...she never even asked for her new friend's name! Feeling rather foolish, Rosie lightly facepalms.

"Oh my gosh! I never even got your name!" She exclaims, laughing a bit.

Terra lightly blushed, realized she'd been so caught up in the thrill of the battle that she forgot basic manners. "My name is Terra Fauna of the Flora Cats tribe," she said with a bow.

After both girls concluded their bows, Rosie's smile widens as she responds, "And my name is Roselia Shaolin, but you call me Rosie.  I'm a martial artist from the Hidden Emerald Dimension.  Nice to properly meet you, Terra!"

The warrior adds in a cute wink at her new friend as she finishes her last sentence, letting the cheerful side of her shine through once more.  After a great fight like that, she was in a very good mood.  Not only did both warriors have a lot of fun during the match, but a new friendship formed in the process.  Moments like this were enough to bring a wide smile on the echidna's face.

"I'm surprised you've got no trainee of your own, Rosie," Terra said, looking at the echidna with slightly raised eyebrows. "You're as good as I am, and I can imagine you as a teacher with ease."

Rosie chuckles as she responds, "That means a lot! I actually have managed to train a younger friend of mine, though she's probably out traveling somewhere. Maybe I can introduce you two to her, sometime!"

"A-Ah, really?" Alexia said, a bit of hopefulness in her reply. "It'd always be nice to have a training partner... a-all of the ones I have that aren't Terra would either shoot a l-laser through me, electrocute me, freeze t-t-time and beat me up, disintegrate me, sending me whirling into the air, or deafen m-me, heh heh...."

Terra chuckled. "We have a diverse group of allies."

"Haha, well don't worry," Rosie laughs. "We normally stick to martial arts sparring when we train so if you don't want to fight with powers, she wouldn't mind one bit. Though, I'd have to warn you, she's very, VERY strong!"

"Well, th-then, it looks like you two were enjoying yourselves," Alexia said with a meek smile. "I-I'll leave you to it... even though that's a very hard question."

"I'll say that first round was a tie," Terra said.

"As-as much as it l-l-looks like you were e-enjoying your sp-spar, Terra, r-r-remember that today's m-marketing d-day?" Alexia asked Terra. Terra's fur stood up - that was the reason she'd come so early int he first place, so that she could make it back to the village on time!

"Rosie, thank you for the match, but duty calls, and my village needs me. I only hope that you'll progress in your adventure!" Terra exclaimed.