It's a quiet, sunny day in the Mystic Ruins so, eager to make the most of good weather, Rosie the Echidna heads off to her favorite forest clearing, alongside a cool river, near her home for a bit of afternoon martial arts training. Just her, the gentle, flowing water, wide, open spaces, and plenty of punches and kicks being thrown at the air. Since she's all on her own in the clearing, its a perfect opportunity for surrounding Mobians to approach her, as she is merely enjoying a bit of warrior exercise.

As such, the purpose of this roleplay is mainly to practice one-on-one character interactions with the character, Rosie the Echidna, in her home environment. This story will have separate variations where characters can interact, one-on-one, without needing to worry about anyone interfering.

This is my first roleplay page on the wikia so I might be kinda rusty with this... Bear with me here. ^^;


  • It's Ask to Join so please ask and provide a link to the character you'll be using, in the comments of this page, before jumping into the story or adding yourself to the participator's list. That way, I can set up a separate subpage where my character and yours can interact.
  • No Godmodding. Only focus on controlling your character's reactions and don't try to control others. Also, if a battle takes place, fight fairly; I know that winning a match is very satisfying for some but don't try cheap tactics just to win or 'be better than the other character, such as auto-hitting. Your character can throw multiple attacks, within reason, but give the other character a chance to react.
  • Responses must be in paragraph format, at the very least. No one-liner or script format responses! At least put forth a few complete sentences to make your responses more descriptive.
  • Keeps things PG at most, meaning no sexual activity and curse words must be censored.
  • This was design to be a somewhat short story, so don't drag the roleplay on into a separate, extended storyline without asking first.

Possible Roleplay Genres

  • Battle/Training - Especially if there's martial arts sparring involved! Non-Overpowered Warrior characters can definitely challenge Rosie to a friendly match or so! Also, instructional training sessions can also occur between the characters, whether Rosie is doing the teaching or even where she is learning from your character.
  • Casual - There's nothing wrong with just sitting down and having a chat!
  • Romance - If both characters are compatible, there is the possibility of love blossoming in the story. Just be warned, Rosie doesn't become a special someone for just anyone! *Note: Pairings in this story won't be canon to her original development, so there might be separate pairings if push comes to shove. No freaking out, okay?

That's all that I can think of, on the spot. If you have any suggestions for other genre's, please let me know!



It was another beautiful day in the depths of a lush forest. The bright sunshine smiled down on the vegetation below as birds chirped their afternoon songs and flowers bloomed near the base of the trees, showing off their colorful appearance. Within the cover of the trees, a lone, pink echidna girl could be spotted within a wide, riverside forest clearing, with a bit of sweat running down her face, as if she just finished a workout. She was wearing a sleeveless, black Taekwondo uniform, or gi, with blue trimming around the openings, a black belt tied around her waist and a white headband tied around the base of her forehead, giving the appearance of a warrior. The girl also wasn't wearing any shoes, remaining barefoot on the soft grass, as a traditional martial artist in training would.

The echidna girl had just taken a short break from a martial arts practice session and is about to kneel under the shade of one of the trees when her stomach rumbled. It had been apparent that she went through training without stopping for lunch. She playfully facepalms and groans, as if this wasn't the first time this happened.

"Oh gosh, why do I always keep forgetting to pack a lunch when I come out here?" she criticizes herself. Hoping there might be a natural source of food around, she carefully scans her surroundings which eventually brings her attention upwards, where shiny, fresh apples hung from the high tree branches. "Hey, perfect!"

The echidna focuses her attention to two apples a few feet away from her rushes over the trunk of a tree to her left, hops onto it and pushes her feet off from it to spring her into the air. She maneuvers into a backflip then crosses her arms, while spotting the target apples in her sights, and quickly spreads them apart, sending out two blue shuriken projectiles, radiating with a mysterious energy. The shuriken fly over to the apples with trained precision and cuts past their steam, detaching them from the branch they were on and falling towards the ground. The echidna girl quickly lands back to her feet and darts over to the apples at a burst of high speed, leaving behind a pink blur, and catches the fruit before they could hit the ground.

"Ha, nailed it!" the echidna says proudly as she takes a bite out of one the apples. "I should do this more often!"

The echidna takes her healthy snack and kneels under the tree closest to her for some rest.

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