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Toxin the Spider is an extraterrestrial being who takes the form of a Mobian Spider. He is based on the comic book character Toxin.


Origin & Exile

Toxin originally came from a far-off alien world, made up of amorphous beings who took on forms based upon other alien species they witnessed. A prophecy of this world claimed that "the first one of the first thousand shall bring either enlightenment or destruction"; this prophecy referred the firstborn of the species' thousandth generation, which turned out to be Toxin. Deeming that the risk of "destruction" was too great a risk for the hope of "enlightenment", Toxin was quickly exiled to a far off alien planet, which turned out to be Earth.

Life on Earth

Upon landing on Earth, Toxin took up his species' natural instinct to form a body based on one of the species he witnessed on Earth, which turned out to be a spider. However, Toxin later caught sight of Mobian beings, and their diverse appearances. Remembering his old home, Toxin craved to be among the Mobians, and defying his species' instinctual and moral rules, transformed himself into a Mobian spider.


Toxin has the physical appearance of a Mobian spider, but various differences due to his alien origins. His body is mostly deep red, but from the waist down is black, as is his abdomen. Toxin's fingers end in long, curled claws, and are black from the knuckle down. His main pair of eyes are sharp in design (similar to Knuckles') with black irises, with the secondary pair on his forehead in between the main pair. Toxin has no defined or separately colored muzzle, but does have a mouth with two "fangs" on the edges. Toxin's legs end in feet that each have a pair of claws for toes.

When angered, Toxin's body bulks up, his mouth becomes sharper and more jagged, and his irises disappear.


Due to the amorphous nature of his species, Toxin pays little to no attention to appearances, and is incapable of understanding why others do so. Toxin can be aggressive and somewhat violent, but is typically capable of controlling himself and behaving. When angered, Toxin becomes very wild, savage, and brutal.


Toxin's primary ability is the capability to transform and alter his body, build, and physical appearance as he desires. His body is also malleable, allowing him to change the texture and density of his body, from a semi-liquid amorphous state to a solid, hard-as-steel state. Toxin uses these abilities to morph various parts of his body into several different types of weapons, alter his body's structure to avoid attacks, and even completely transform his appearance. Toxin also has incredible physical strength and durability. Toxin can move each pair of arms independently of the others, able to effectively use all six in battle with incredible coordination. Toxin also has a spider's ability to walk on walls.


Toxin is unable to withstand extreme temperatures (hot or cold), making him vulnerable to fire and ice techniques. Sound-based attacks and weaponry also cause him great injury, as it destabilizes his body.

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