The Toxin Tundra Patrol Vehicle is a Hammerforge Industries-created patrol vehicle, optimised for use in cold environments like the Col'nesian tundra or the frozen wastelands of House Ferein, the Mobian power that is the sole operator.

Toxin Tundra Patrol Vehicle

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Product LineNone
ModelToxin-type Tundra Patrol Vehicle
ClassPatrol Vehicle - Wheeled vehicle
Technical Information
Size4.2m x 1.6 x 2m
Weight4 tonnes
Maximum Speed130kph
Armament & Equipment
  • 50. calibre sniper rifle fitted to a fluid, shock-absorbing mount for gunner's use (14 rounds)
  • Dual machine guns controlled by driver, belt-fed.
  • Beacons for airdrop and orbital-drop infantry attacks.
  • Driver
  • Gunner
Prototype DesignationHF-1 Patrol Vehicle
Elite UpgradesNitrous oxide speed booster
  • Light Patrol Vehicle
  • Scout
  • Sniper (vehicle)
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

Hammerforge Industries was contacted by House Ferein, a Mobian government whose land included a rather large frozen wasteland, very similar to the Col'nesian environment. As such, they placed an order for a light patrol vehicle, expecting an unarmed armored car-styled vehicle to serve as a forward scout. However, Hammerforge used old designs and prototypes of Tundra Patrol Vehicles that were never produced for their own armies to create the HF-1 Patrol Vehicle.

These vehicles weighed in at four tonnes, and were armed quite unusually with infantry-grade weaponry - limited use against armored vehicles, but extremely effective against lightly-armored footsoldiers. However, as they expected, the vehicles had a light armored shell, with aircraft-grade metal laminates used to create the shell. In addition, due to the sniper rifle mounted in the gunner's position, no heaters were fitted into the vehicle, although the armor was insulated. Despite this, the House were pleased with the vehicles, which they named the Toxin Tundra Patrol Vehicle, despite the distaste it produced in the designers, none of whom supported chemical weaponry.


Aluminium-laminate plating provides the armor on these unusual armored vehicles - incredibly light-weight, but also weak enough to be pierced by bullets and shrapnel, the same as light-weight aircraft armor. However, in conjunction with the aerodynamic shaping, the light vehicle can exceed 130 kph, allowing it to easily outrun most other land-based opponents, barring super-speed capable infantry and most armed motorbikes. The engine is fuelled on high-octane diesel instead of a Mega Coal reactor for increased use by the Mobian force, as Mega Coal shipments were often prioritised to G.U.N. due to the larger amount of the substance that the global organization needed.

However, the weaponry is what made the vehicle stand out. Due to the incredibly high standard of infantry accuracy in House Ferein, the gunner's only weapon is a mounted 50. calibre sniper rifle, fitted to a shock-absorbing swivel mount. This made the gun incredibly accurate while the vehicle is stationary, due to the gunner's marksman standard. However, after a period of growing accustomed to the movement, the sniper rifle can also be fired reasonably accurately while the vehicle is moving even at it's top speed. However, while it is moving, only a stationary or large target is considered to be an easy hit, while the total of fourteen shots in the slow-firing weapon makes it often an unforgiving one if a shot is missed. In addition, to provide better anti-infantry firepower, two machine guns are mounted to the front of the vehicle, under the control of the driver. These guns have an outstanding rate of fire, with the belts holding a combined total of 1700 rounds, making them the primary weapons. Finally, the gunner has access to a set of specialized beacon-darts, fired from the same rifle. These darts serve as targeting beacons for infantry drops, either with parachutes or the rarer orbital drop system. However, as each vehicle only carries four such targeting darts, the dart must get as close to the desired location as possible to ensure safety and speed of the infantry attack.

An produced by Hammerforge later caught the eyes of the Ferein military for use on these buggies - a nitrous oxide infusion system that could boost the buggy to speeds exceeding two hundred kilometres an hour for a short period of time, normally estimated at roughly a minute per tank. Each elite buggy crew gets provided with six tanks, allowing for these units to bait forces before escaping a lot faster. However, while the nitrous boost is active, the weapons are locked from firing after issues with bullets fragmenting due to wind-speed occurred.



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