Toxic the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
  • Prince Toxic Stratus - Full name and Title
  • The Womanizer
  • "Sleazy green target" - first used by Abigail the Cat
Romantic InterestsAnything remotely female, although has been known to target women, including Chandra the Ehn'ghanite, Bella the Bandicoot and Ryushu the Cat.
Physical Description
  • Fur: Dark green w/ peach muzzle & Sonic-style quills
  • Eyes: Cyan
  • Brown T-shirt
  • Red vest
  • Blue jeans
  • White gloves
  • Sky blue Sonic-style shoes w/red bands & orange buckles
  • Gold "crown" (worn on formal occasions)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Double-edged War Spear
  • Claws hidden within his gloves
  • Super Strength
  • Superspeed
  • Skilled w/ spear
  • Advanced Hand-to-Hand combat
  • Master of Toxikinesis
  • Experienced with Chaos Energy
  • Medium-level Hydrokinesis
  • Can control his body's hormones and pheromones, and can use them to alter people's perceptions and emotions
  • Can secrete a powerful aphrodisiac through any of his bodily fluids, recently has been shown using it through his pheromones
Other Information
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Theme Song(s)
Appearancesto be collected
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Toxic the Hedgehog is one of the runaway princes of House Thunda, and one of the Troll Generals.


Early History

Toxic is the oldest of the four princes, born mere seconds before his twin brother, Poison, with his brother Frost being born a year later and the youngest brother, Bolt, following a year after that. Toxic appeared reasonably normal psychologically, being very inquisitive and playful. This often meant that as he grew, he was celebrated as a celebrity just for being in the royal family, and especially because he was the crown prince. With that celebrity came the attention of females, and as he got older, he started to like the idea.

Prelude to Departure

Toxic, from the day he started his schooling, made it clear that he wasn't interested in learning, but instead was a very social being, always talking and playing with the others. This lead to his marks falling to levels where he would fail, but no teacher had the guts to make him repeat, due to the royal family putting pressure on the school. As he graduated into high school, the social element remained, but even more obvious was his interest in women. First day of high school, he brought one of the female students regarded as "cute" home, tricked his parents into thinking she'd gone home after dinner, then slept with her that night, sneaking her out that morning. This he repeated regularly, bringing home girls of first his own year level, then the older year levels and even his teachers home. He would do the same sort of things at school, in public, anywhere. He wasn't an addict, but quickly his parents caught on. When they walked in on him and his Maths teacher, enough was enough.

Joining the Trolls

That very morning, the teacher was escorted from the grounds in her underwear by guards, but the bigger issue was Toxic. His parents waited for him in the dining room, and as soon as he entered, they slapped down a choice he didn't want to face - either getting sent to an all-boys school, or being sealed inside the castle until he was old enough to have some responsibility for his actions. As soon as he was given the choice, Toxic attacked his father in hand-to-hand combat. His father was a master Muai Thai kickboxer, and Toxic realized he was out of his depth as a spearman and standard kickboxer. Instead, he filled his palm with a potent sedative that he secreted from his wrist, before slapping his father with it. As it happens, the latter side of the fight was witnessed by Bolt, and Toxic knew that their father would take his anger out on the rest. Secretly, he sent out a message, and each of the brothers rolled up, accompanied by Solar, one of Frost's best friends. Toxic laid down his plan - he had been contacted a few times by people who claimed to be "Freedom Fighters of sorts", so his plan was simple at best - get free, find these people, and join them. The resistance came from Poison, his twin, and surprisingly from Bolt. However, each were swayed by different things: he reminded Bolt of his arranged marriage, and Poison was tempted by the offer of infinite internet access. However, Poison accidentally let the escape slip to his friend Hotdog, who demanded to come too. Toxic was furious, but eventually was calmed and agreed to let Hotdog come. The Trolls sent him the location a number of groups awaiting them, and so Toxic set off alone, his spear and bladed gloves being his only weapons on this journey. Eventually, he was met by Mac the Hedgehog, who took him to the Moonbase. Rageik then appeared and inducted Toxic and his allies into the Trolls, then raised Toxic to a General, due to him "bringing a sizable force to fight for us". Toxic, proud of his achievement, swore to do his best in the service of the Trolls, as long as he still got access to women.

RP Appearances

Could others detail all of the RPs that Toxic's appeared in? I don't know them all.

Physical Description

Toxic is a dark green Sonic recolor with cyan eyes, so he doesn't stand out in a crowd, considering the high amount of recolors and edits on Mobius.


Toxic wears a brown T-shirt and blue jeans, with a red vest on top. He wears a pair of Sonic-styled sky blue trainers, with red bands and orange buckles, as well as the ever-present white gloves. On formal occasions, he wears the Crown Prince Circlet, a circular band made from two intertwined bands of gold, with a ruby inset in the front.


Toxic has both super strength, comparable to Shadow's, and superspeed, about as fast as Tails, both which grant him an amazing amount of physical combat abilities. He uses these in conjunction with a double-edged war spear, something he was trained to use by the Castle Guards. He also has a pair of dagger-like blades hidden within a set of bronze war gauntlets he wears on heavy assault missions, which can protrude like a pair of Knuckles Clan knuckleblades. His fighting style uses both of his abilities, either with the spear, or in a kickboxing style, with knuckleblades both extended and retracted. When he was born, he grew up with Venomkinesis, and the ability to manipulate poisons. These he would mainly use in close-combat, secreting them from his body. However, over time in the Trolls, he has received a large number of genetic modification chips, normally those with Hydrokinesis, which he has started to add to his fighting style. He fights tactically, picking up on and striking weaknesses faster than most people can blink. He can also control his hormone levels, granting him a massive advantage by allowing his body to create more than natural amounts of testosterone and adrenaline, both of which affect his powers. He also can secrete pheromones, which he uses to manipulate people, attract women, distract men and trigger illusions with great enough illusions. The final ability is one he saves for use on women, and one he hasn't consented to Bubonic analyzing: he can secrete a powerful aphrodisiac through his bodily fluids, which removes a woman's inhibitions. This he often combines with a powerful burst of pheromones, in order to maximize it's potential. Toxic's greatest weakness is women. He can't fight them, and if he does, a user of Venomkinesis, Aerokinesis or Hydrokinesis can easily beat him by negating all of his aphrodisiacs and his pheromones, as well as his actual toxic attacks. The other weakness he has is psionic or psychic attacks, which interfere with his mental processes.

Poison Abilities

Water Abilities

Nature Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Powers

Trollish Ability

  • Balls To You - A meme based attack, where it rains balls of all different kinds

Vullis the Muk

Under construction by Ryushusupercat. Requested by Flashfire212.

Tired of constantly being defeated by Pokemon, Toxic decided to catch one of his own. After purchasing a few Great Balls from a mart, he traveled to a secluded section of Old Robotropolis and eventually came across a Muk.

Seeing as how Toxic had no other Pokemon to fight the wild Muk with, he fought it on his own, eventually weakening it enough to successfully capture it with one of the Great Balls. Feeling confident now that he had a "battle buddy", Toxic started training the Muk, whom he nicknamed Vullis (which is the Afrikaans word for "filth").

So far, Toxic has made no plans to use Vullis to capture other wild Pokemon.


Vullis has great strength, trained mostly to be a physical sweeper, and boasts a wide array of strong moves, such as Gunk Shot, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch, Giga Impact, Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Thunder, Sludge Wave, Smog, Venoshock and Hyper Beam. He also has great stamina and special defense. While his physical defense is only average, he has the Acid Armor attack to supplement this.

However, Vullis' drawback lies in his abysmal speed; much quicker opponents can easily run circles around him.


Fittingly, Vullis acts a lot like his Trainer; he flirts with any female Pokemon he sees, regardless of whether or not they are of the same species, type, or even Egg Group. He has a particular interest in Ryu's Pokemon, however. Ironic, considering how interested Toxic is in Ryu.

Forms and Fusions

Super Toxic

Pandemic Toxic

Heartless Toxic


Toxic, when he was younger, was a social being, always talking and making new friends as much as possible. However, as he got older, a new side of that arose, where he was only interested in making friends with women he deemed attractive, and then having his way with them. This shaped his personality. He is reluctant to fight women at all, and if he does, uses his pheromones and his aphrodisiac secretions to get his way. Aside for that, he has admitted that he wouldn't mind being a father one day, and has said that it's more than likely already happened without him knowing. Outside of his womanizing ways, Toxic is cunning and tactical, both of which appear in his everyday interactions, and his fighting styles.

Toxic has recently admitted a paralyzing fear of the Pokemon Beheeyem, after a run-in with one in the hands of a very, very, angry cat...

Allies & Enemies

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  • Vullis the Muk - A male Muk that Toxic caught in Old Robotropolis, it ironically has close to the same personality as the Troll general.
  • Grace the Hedgecat - A young powered trooper sent on his trail by his parents, Grace was bested by the prince, and swore her support for him, while quickly forming a crush on the slightly younger hedgehog.


  • The Trolls -
  • ??? the Muk - A male Muk that Toxic caught in Old Robotropolis, it ironically has close to the same personality as the Troll general.
  • Hayate the Okami- Looks up to him as a rolemodel.
  • Ginji the Kapa- Looks up to him as a rolemodel.



  • All Standard Troll Enemies -
  • Dismal the Hedgehog - Toxic greatly despises Dismal, not only because he sees the gray hedgehog as a "weak, whiny brat", but also because he (Dismal) has attacked and berated Toxic when it concerns the Crown prince's womanizing nature.
  • Tsubasa Hitama - Although Toxic is a Troll and a villain himself, he does not approve on Tsubasa's poor treatment towards women and his wife and often lectures him as a "would-be king" or "king d-bag".


  • Toxic can use Sweet Scent, even though he can't use Naturakinesis. This is the pheromones that he secretes.