Toxic is a powerful Poison ability, that badly poisons anyone it comes in contact with.


Toxic has quite a few different forms, all with similar outcomes. Many use the inhalation of gases or spores to spread the poison. One variation is a cloud of black smog released from the mouth that poisons anyone who inhales it. Another variation is an thick purple liquid fired from the mouth that can dissolve almost anything upon direct contact, and again poisons with the vapors. The final, and least commonly used variation of the inhalation-required techniques is a spray of poisonous spores released from the user's hands. These techniques are quite easily countered with Wind-elemental techniques, and can also potentially be removed by Fire-elemental moves, although they also bring about a chance to trigger an explosion.

Other techniques require the target to come into physical contact with either the user or a solid ball of poison. One such variation involves the user raising their hands above the target, usually when restrained, and dropping a number of toxic orbs directly onto their body. Another variation is commonly mistaken for Poison Jab, where the user jabs the target with the tip of a stiffened tail, inserting the poison. These variations are harder to counter or defend against, due to the physical contact involved. Like all other Poisons, however, it can be cured using specialized antidotes, or in the cases of a few, genetic abilities or attacks.

Regardless of the form in which the technique is used, the effects are the same. If the target is hit, they are inflicted with a powerful poison, which is even more dangerous than the usual degree. While normal poisons cause steady damage to the target's body, the power of the poison from Toxic steadily increases as time goes on. Even if the afflicted uses a restoration technique such as Recover, it is only temporary as the damage from Toxic continues to mount. This means that the only sure way of countering the damage is through a healing technique or an antidote.


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