Total Sonic Island 2

The cast of TSI

Total Sonic Island is a show on Youtube by pumpituppartyzone. The show is a parody of Total Drama Island, but with Sonic characters, including fan characters. The show was cancelled for a while, but Pumpituppartyzone decided to start it back up June 25, 2011.

About the Show

Total Sonic Island is hosted by Chris McLean and co-hosted by Chef Hatchet. The cast is in the picture. All of the contestants go head to head in challenges that, every night, somebody will get eliminated in. The winner gets 5 chaos emeralds, 1 million rings, and other non-specified prizes.

Cast of the Show

In the picture, the names of the cast (Left to Right) are:

Eliminated Contestants

1. Charmy

2. Shawn

3. Bean

4. Vector

5. Rouge

6. Shadow

7. Marine

8. Honey

9. Donatello

10. B.B.

11. Big

12. Blaze

13. Manic

14. Sally

15. Cosmo




Le Cliffhanger

Pirates Who Will Do Anything

Breaking the Walls at Dawn

Mind-Blowing Karts

Chew it Up

The Deep Green Sea

Finders Keepers

Happy Hunting

Hide and Don't Speak

Blaineley Brawl

It's a Mudpit

Diggin' for Gold


  • In all, there are 35 contestants.
  • The show was canceled after Episode 4, but started over.
  • Episode 11 was the first episode to have a triple elimination.
    • Interestingly, all three characters eliminated have names that start with the letter B.
  • The show has Easter Eggs hidden in every episode starting from episode 9.

Sprite Credits

  1. Joe T.E., Frario, Dan Sidney, Toadkarter
  2. Deekman
  3. Foxx
  4. Sakura Courage Solo, Dan Sidney
  5. FroggyMudd
  6. silver53
  7. Chriiis12345
  8. Donovan Davison II
  9. nigahog
  10. Chaosis
  11. TOMOG
  12. Flare, Foxx
  13. Votrex, Turbo the Hedgehog
  14. MC-Katankga, Shadowtails, Daniel Sidney, Nate the Hedgehog ANGEL X ZERO, Midochaoshedgehog, Rudolph the Echidna, anyvander
  15. Foxx, tailsrules, angix,
  16. Frario
  17. Bendilin
  18. Samurai, Dan Sidney
  19. Firex
  20. AquaQueen27
  21. Drakojan14
  22. Meganu Bunny
  23. Sonic News
  24. Swsu-Master
  25. Magic Man
  26. CyberTheHedgehog270
  27. Nintendo Bros 64
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