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Aku Aku
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This is the first season, of the best roleplay yet!, With the host Aku Aku, this game is going to visit all of game places from lots of games!, their is already tension on the plane, 22 campers in 2 teams, they have to face the food, the challanges and...each other



Blaze sol


Involved Characters

Team Morolian

Team moro
  • Pudding
  • Spyro
  • Tails
  • Vanellopy
  • NiGHTS
  • Sonic
  • Rosalina
  • Wario
  • Beat
  • Kirby
  • Crash

Team Dragonflies

Team dragon


The parts will be like 2 to 4 episodes in the one page due to many episodes

Flying Campers/Spagonia Rush

Crazy Crater/Channel Heros

Super Happy Ball Time/Jet Ready GO/ Aftermath I

Can You Dig It?/Plant Food

Escape!!!/Castle Hustle/Rainbow Curve

Frozen Hunt/Aftermath II/Cortex Vortex/Boulder Dash Bash

Up The Creek/Toxic Dash/Aftermath III

Seaside Merge Course/House Of Dread/Ocean Wave/Airship Showdown

Foggy Domain/Space Bash/Valley Rush/Aftermath IV

Peace Keepers/Warped Out/Very Last, Last, Last Episode...Really

List of challanges

To see the full list of challanges visit List of challenges in Total Fanon World Tour


This table shows how many votes that was on a character, the most in a row got voted out

Episode Character votes
Spagonia Rush

Beat 4

Pudding 3

Tails 1

Rosalina 1

Sonic 2

Crazy Crater

Pudding 2

Wario 2

Rosalina 4

Crash 2

Channel Heros

Ulala 3

Coco 4

Heather 1

Gwen 1

Courtney 2

Super Happy Ball Time

Pudding 1


Sonic 2

Tails 2

Jet Ready Go

Pudding 2

Wario 2

Tails 4

Can You Dig It?

Heather 3

Jo 1

Courtney 4

Glacier 2

Plant Food

Wario 3

Kirby 2

Sonic 2


Knuckles 1

Ulala 1

Jo 1

Heather 1

Big 1

Style  1

Gwen 1

Glaicer 2

Castle Hustle

Vanellopy 2

Pudding 3

Crash 1

Rainbow Curve

Knuckles 6

Koopa 3

Frozen Hunt

Big 2

Jo 2

Ulala 2

Gwen 2

Cortex Vortex

Crash 1

Sonic 3

Pudding 1

Boulder Dash Bash

Kirby 1

Crash 2

Spyro 1

Up The Creek

Ulala 3

Jo 2

Koopa 2

Toxic Dash

Heather 1

Jo 2

Big 3

Seaside Merge Course

Kirby 6

Spyro 1

Style 1

House of Dread

Heather 3

Koopa 1

Style 2

Jo 1

Ocean Wave

Glacier 2

Pudding 1

Style 3

Airship Showdown

5 Pudding

1 Style

Foggy Domain None
Space Bash

3 Jo


Valley Rush None
Peace Keeping None
Warped Out None
Very Last, Last, Last Episode...Really None

Table of elimination

Participant Team Status Placing Non Merge/Merge
Beat Team Morolian 1st Voted out
in Spagonia Rush
22nd Place None Merged
Rosalina Team Morolian 2nd Voted out
in Crazy Crater
21st Place None Merged
Coco Team Dragonflies 3rd Voted out
in Channel Heros
20th Place None Merged
NiGHTS Team Morolian 4th Voted out
in Super Happy Ball Time
19th Place None Merged
Tails Team Morolian 5th Voted out
in Jet Ready Go
18th Place None Merged
Courtney Team Dragonflies 6th Voted out
in Can You Dig It
17th Place None Merged
Wario Team Morolian 7th Voted out
in Plant Food
16th Place None Merged
Vanellopy Team Morolian 8th Voted out
in Castle Hustle
15th Place None Merged
Knuckles Team Dragonflies 9th Voted out
in Rainbow Curve
14th Place None Merged
Gwen Team Dragonflies 10th Voted out
in Frozen Hunt
13th Place None Merged
Sonic Team Morolian 11th Voted out
in Cortex Vortex
12th Place None Merged
Crash Team Morolian 12th Voted out
in Boulder Dash Bash
11th Place None Merged
Ulala Team Dragonflies 13th Voted out
in Up The Creek
10th Place None Merged
Big Team Dragonflies 14th Voted out
in Toxic Dash
9th Place None Merged
Kirby Team Morolian 15th Voted Out
in Seaside Merge Course
8th Place Merge
Heather Team Dragonflies 16th Voted out
in House Of Dread
7th Place Merge
Style Team Dragonflies 17th Voted out
in Airship Showdown
6th Place Merge
Glacier Team Dragonflies 18th Elminated
in Foggy Domain
5th Place Merge
Jo Team Dragonflies 19th Voted out
in Space Bash
4th Place Merge
Pudding Team Morolian 20th Eliminated
in Peace Keeping
3rd Place Merge
Koopa Team Dragonflies

Winner in Very Last, Last Last Episode...Really
Runner-up in Alternitive ending

Spyro Team Morolian

Winner in Very Last, Last Last Episode...Really
Runner-up in Real ending


NOTE: This table is not mine, i copied it from the total drama wiki then changed to names, episodes, and colours



  • Team Morolian is the team that loses in nearly every episode before the merge.
  • Team Dragonflies is the team that wins in nearly every episode before the merge.
  • Beat was the first to be voted off, and the first sega character to be voted off.
  • Rosalina was the first female, and first Nintendo character, to be voted off.
  • The Songs are from Total Drama World Tour.
  • Duncan was going to replace Heather.
  • Gum was going to replace Beat.
  • In the last episode of the season 11 will go in next season, and 11 won't.
  • In the merge 3 from Team Dragonfies made it, and 5 from Team Dragonflies.
  • The only couples in the season were Pudding and Wario, Style and Jo and Sonic and Glacier.
  • In the 3rd Aftermath their were 4 ex-campers, thats the smallest amount of characters, in the episode.
  • Crash was supposed to come in rank 4th.
  • Sonic was supposed to come in rank 17th.
  • Rosalina was supposed to come in rank 3rd.
  • The first aftermath was a long episode, but due to idea's the next three other maths were quite short.

Character in episodes

Campers Note: Not this is not the order, the one not in bold are still in the season



of Episodes

Beat 4/30
Rosalina 6/30
Coco 6/30
NiGHTS 7/30
Tails 8/30
Courtney 9/30
Wario 10/30
Vanellopy 12/30
Knuckles 13/30
Gwen 14/30
Sonic 15/30
Crash 16/30
Ulala 17/30
Big 18/30
Kirby 19/30
Heather 20/30
Style 22/30
Glacier 23/30
Jo 24/30
Pudding 25/30
Spyro 26/30
Koopa 26/30

Other charatcers



of Episodes

Aku Aku 26/30
Blaineley 6/30
Crater 2/30
Uka Uka 3/30
Blink 2/30
Donkey Kong 2/30

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