PG-004/Tornada, the Goddess of Air
Ringstar Island
N/A (Undecided)
Dr. Nega, Luna, and her sisters.
The Chaotix and company (initially).
Windy weather, music, etc.
Extreme heat, being talked down to due to her (lack of) intelligence, etc.
Theme Song

"Aww, why so serious all the time?"
Elements of Power Comic Scraps #2

Tornada, the Goddess of Air, also known by her experiment codename, PG-004 (pronounced "Pee-Jee-Double-Oh-Four), is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is a creation of Dr. Nega's, and the second to last in his line of Parallel Goddess Experiments, modeled after her dimensional equivalent, Storm. Like her older sisters, Tornada has made her debut in Dimensional Chaos.


So far, most of the Parallel Dimension Goddesses have some aspect of their personality that's the exact opposite of their dimensional counterparts; Tornada is by no means an exception. Unlike Storm, who's usually uptight and serious, never (or rarely ever) smiling, Tornada is a lot more cheerful and upbeat, sometimes to the point of annoying those around her.

In addition to the above, Tornada is also a bit clumsy, and lacking somewhat in the intelligence/common sense department, causing many people to see her as a "ditz" or an "airhead". Despite these qualities, she's still quite capable in combat, and is no one to take lightly as far as her abilities are concerned.


Tornada is the younger sister of Stonia. Woodra, and Electra, as well as the fourth and second-to-last of Dr. Nega's Parallel Goddess Experiments that he created after he, Volcana, and Metal Blaze raided Dr. Robotnik's base and stole the blueprints for the EG Experiments and the Egg Merger.

After deceiving the Wave Goddess, Oceana, into believing that he posed no threat, and was merely working on these projects for the benefit of mankind, Dr. Nega asked her for a blood sample; a request that she willingly complied with. After creating the Nega Egg Merger, and infusing Oceana's blood and an ordinary, colorless gem with air/wind-based element samples, this eventually resulted in the creation of PG-004/Tornada, followed by Goldra sometime afterwards.



  • Tornada's green coloring is a reference to both the Wind Stone from Sonic Adventure and the Double Cyclone from Mega Man X4.
  • Her main quote is a reference to The Joker's infamous catchphrase from The Dark Knight.
  • Tornada's love for music stems from the fact that she (coincidentally) shares her name with a musical term.


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