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This is an article about Tori the Dragon-Lioness, a character created by Dieglex on 11/28/2015.


Tori is a white Dragon-Lioness hybrid,brunette and straight hair,white wings with rainbow fur,two white tails with the edge of yellow tail,light green eyes.


She uses a medium spring green top,a green long skirt with aquamarine stripe,and does not use shoe and socks.


Tori is considered to be nature lover, hot head, and sometimes anxious when not spying Skyward Buildings.When it is being spy, the personality has to be the opposite of normal


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Amy Rose

Amy and Tori are great friends and she knows about what's going on the world,in Sonic Unleashed Fighters,Amy accepted to join the team, forming Team Rose along with she,Cream and Marianna

Shadow the Hedgehog

She and Shadow do not get along, but one thing they have in common, they hate the Skyward Buildings enterprises,Tori and he sometimes makes some plans against Skyward Builings (including spying and gathering information)

Flame the Rapidash

Flame and she were friends until a certain day they were spying Skyward, when after the fight with the guards, she betrayed Tori playing outside the 17th floor of the building

Marianna the Rapidash

Unlike her sister, Marina supports the Tori against Skyward companies, apart from that are excelent friendly (but not so close as Amy Rose, Carmine, Marlon & Diddy)

Rosabelle the Kadabra

Tori see Rosabelle as a strong ally,because that Rosabelle has abilities to explore the Skyward Buildings when she is sleeping,

Diamond the White Lioness



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She does not like to hurt people, then it is likely you blackmail and threats

Fan Games Appearence

  • Sonic Riders:Gravity Breakout
  • Sonic Unleashed Fighters


  • the conflict between Flame and Tori It is similar to the start of Taylor Swift's video:Bad Blood
  • the Skyward Buildings is based on NESTS of The King of Fighters
  • She is based in the Mona Simpson of The Simpsons