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Toph the Tunnelhog

Biographical Information
  • Toph of the Mountains
  • The Voice of the Lost
Relatives Unknown Parents
  • Unknown Moebian Counterpart
  • Unknown Solian Counterpart
  • Gemma the Tunnelhog - Col'nesian counterpart, deceased
Romantic Interests (pending)
Physical Description
SpeciesHedgehog, with some echidna and mole-like qualities.
  • Long hair/spines styled like Amy Rose's.
  • Fur color: Musky green w/ red tips
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Loose white cotton shirt, often covered in dirt
  • Tight blue jeans, often covered in dirt
  • Hazel contact lenses
  • Brown sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Earth Clan
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Toph the Tunnelhog is a member of the Earth Clan of Temblor and one of the few musicians and civilians to know high-powered combat moves.


Toph was the child of a pair of Tunnelhogs, a hedgehog breed that lived more underground than on land. Her father was a master Geokinetic, capable of almost moving and creating almost anything out of earth in the underground city they lived in. Her mother was a singer, who sung ballads of love and of death. Toph was trained by both of them, and became rather talented in both areas. At the age of 16, she left the city on the urging of her father to explore. She did, and found her way to the Earth Clan of Temblor. Her appearance angered some of the soldiers, who attacked her. Due to her poor eyesight, Toph attacked instinctively, sending all the soldiers through the ground, before bringing them all back up again. This impressed the leaders, who allowed her to stay. She turned down an offer to become a soldier, and instead started writing her own ballads about her old home, her desire for love, and the songs telling the stories of the battles the soldiers fought for Temblor, which gave her the nickname The Voice of the Lost. She worked with the medics to make her contact lenses out of earth, with the color coming from the lines of plant roots all through the earth she used. She is regarded as one of the more available women in the Earth Clan, although her bad eyesight when she loses her contact lenses is one of the disadvantages of this.

Friends and Foes





Toph has a balanced personality, considering her near-blindness when she lacks her contact lenses. She is easily frightened, and due to that will sink whatever startled her the ground when surprised. She is often outspoken, and gets extremely shy around people she hasn't met, especially men. She has a hatred of loud noises or sudden vibrations, considering her enhanced hearing and Seismic Sense.


  • Toph is named after the blind Earthbending Master from Avatar: The Last Airbender, with some similarities.
Both are blind, although this Toph can see with Contact Lenses
Both are powerful Geokinetics
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