This is an article about Topelt the Mouse, a character created by Megaphantaze on 04/7/2014.

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Topelt is a green mouse with big green ears and a green hair. His clothing is green and there's a Chinese jacket, Green jeans and green shoes. There's white muzzle under the clothes.


Topelt is energetic and responsible man, who enjoys copying himself. Sadly enough, he lives rather alone with his copies, which has personalities too:

  • White is cool and romantic
  • Red is bossy and agressive
  • Blue is gloomy and honest
  • Yellow is flirty and optimistic

Topelt spawns different copies, depending what kind of situation is going on


Topelt once lived in an ancient China in a peace. He borned with an ability to duplicate himself. Apparently, his copies were older than he, so his copies took care of him.

When Topelt grew, he started rough training as a master of duplication. After a training, he found Karti masters called group and he became one of it's members.

Few years later, there happened a time warp, which sucked Topelt into it. He found himself now from our known present-time. He is now training harder for the dangers of the future with his copies.


Topelt grew up with his ability to duplicate himself. His copies are trickier than the sound like, since all of them masters their own fighting style. White can do Taekwondo, Red uses Karate, Blue uses Judo and Yellow uses boxing. Topelt himself can do Kung-fu. Topelt has various copy moves, which has elements too. These are called:

  • Fire punch (red copy)
  • Water slash (Blue copy)
  • Thunder kick (Yellow copy)
  • Avalanche crush (White copy)


Topelt is really obvious to identify among his copies. Also, the smartest villains can learn his copies personalities. He is also weak for toxic wastes and pollution.

General info

There's actually two different aged Topelts, which the youngest is the real. He sometimes spawns his older version of himself to help him out in different situation. The old Topelt is only capable to use copy attacks.


  • Topelt is Estonia, and means "Double"
  • Topelt's ability to duplicate himself is a model for Great Tiger's ability to send copies of himself from Punch-out
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