Topaz is a Mobian hedgehog created by E-113:Xi.


New to the World

Topaz was born under unpleasant circumstances. His parents were fugitives at the top of G.U.N's Most Wanted list, and were currently hiding in the Marble Gardens of Angel Island at the time of his birth. A difficult decision led them to the conclusion that he would surely be killed by their pursuers were he to stay with them, so they chose for him a drastic alternative. His father currently had in his posession three Chaos Emeralds: red, green, and purple. Knowing the Chaos Force granted the emeralds a sort of sentience, they left Topaz under the care of the red emerald. As they had anticipated, the emerald protected Topaz from the dangers of the wilderness up to a point at which he could defend himself. He taught himself ways of survival, and became one with the nature around him. He eventually lost the emerald, but it mattered not as he no longer needed its protection at that point. He lived alone in the ruins until approximately the age of 15, when he was discovered by Kramon Tyrran.

Kramon took in Topaz and raised him like a father, teaching him how to be civil. During this tutelage, Kramon discovered that Topaz was incredibly fit and agile. This promted him to begin teaching Topaz the ways of the bounty hunter; Kramon had once been one many years ago. Using the forest where Kramon lived as a training ground, having set up countless obstacle courses and the like, Topaz quickly learned Kramon's ways. He became able to expect the unexpected, and put his survival instincts towards a practical goal. Ready to put his training to work, Topaz joined the bounty hunter's league that Kramon had formerly been a member of, and worked out of Kramon's forest home.


One important fact to be noted about Topaz is that he was genetically altered by Chaos energy at a young age, broadening his range of physical capabilities. This has provided him with many useful feats, such as enhanced strength and agility as well as accelerated healing powers, though they are only minor. ie. He has the strength of a common bodybuilder with an average physical appearance. Topaz also inherited super speed from his father, Sonic. He cannot quite reach the speed of sound, but he can casually travel at top speeds of nearly 700 miles per hour. Outside of battle, he only uses this skill for long distance running, but it does give him a decent advantage in combat.

Speaking of combat, Topaz is also a highly trained in many martial arts. He was raised by an ex bounty hunter named Kramon Tyrran for almost 15 years, and was taught everything he knew about offensive and defensive fighting styles. This includes a mastery of his custom weapon called 'Genesis'. Topaz puts all of these skills to use now as a G.U.N field agent, on top of even more mandatory combat training.

Super Forms

Topaz's main Super form is referred to as Gem-Shine or Dark-Jewel, depending on the alignment (positive or negative, respectively). In these forms, Topaz's fur and flesh begin to glow crimson-red, and his flail Genesis becomes a thick, right-handed glove. Gem-Shine is characterized by a red aura and brightly glowing eyes, with eight white balls of light orbiting him. Dark-Jewel, on the other hand, has a grey aura with darker eyes, and eight black flames in place of the balls of light. These two forms are actually Semi-Super forms, created by the Chaos-induced alterations to his DNA, and sustained by intense emotion and will. Their power grows along with the strength of Topaz's emotions, and they have been known to reach power equal to (if not greater than) Dark Sonic. Gem-Shine and Dark-Jewel can fly, and have a top speed of mach-3 - over three times faster than Topaz alone. The lights/flames surrounding the form can be manipulate to be used as weapons, either individually or all at once. They can also for solid objects, such as barriers, when aligned into certain formations.

With the seven Chaos Emeralds, Topaz can become Super Topaz. This form has slate-blue fur with a sky-blue aura, a pair of thick grey gloves, and golden trim on his sneakers. Super Topaz has the unique ability to absorb energy, whether it be light, heat, etc., and convert it into Chaos energy. This way he does not require power rings to sustain the form, though it will die out if Topaz does not continue to absorb energy. Like most Super forms, Super Topaz comes with flight and general invulnerability, as well as a plethora of Chaos abilities, both basic and advanced. He can travel at incredibly high speeds, with not top speed recorded, and has what some might describe as super strength. His power is comparable to that of Hyper Sonic, though not as great, since he has the potential to surpass Super Sonic in strength, speed and all sorts of other fields.

Topaz's third known Super form is Dark Topaz. Similar to Dark Sonic, Dark Topaz has red-black fur and flesh with whited out eyes. Dark Topaz is a bomb of negative force waiting to be detonated. Oddly enough, Topaz has only achieved this form with outside help, by feeding power into and advancing the negativity of Dark-Jewel. Dark Topaz has unmeasurable power, well over 9000, and immediately loses control as a result. The extent of his abilities are unknown in this form, but it is to be noted that his main form of attack is pure negative energy.



As a reward for completing his basic bounty hunter training, Topaz was given "Genesis", a custom mechanical flail. Genesis has the ability to launch and retract at high speeds, just at the flick of a switch. Its chain is forged from discarded Power Rings, giving it slight magical properties: the limit to which it can extend has yet to be seen. The ball is studded with rounded spikes, and made of an Iron-Darksteel alloy. This makes it very sturdy, and virtually invulnerable to all sorts of energy attacks. Topaz has become a master at wielding this unique weapon, and can effectively use it as a flail, whip, blunt object, and even hookshot.


Topaz wears on his left wrist a communicator-watch. This high-tech device is capable of making contact with virtually any device on the planet that has some sort of messaging function. It also has a built in GPS/mapping feature which can pinpoint targets within 0.7m of their actual location. The device's computer systems are linked to G.U.N networks, allowing Topaz to access numerous G.U.N databases at any time.

One-Way Translator:

Built by G.U.N technicians, the One-Way Translator sits perfectly within Topaz's ear, and can convert numerous foreign languages into common English. The only languages it has been seen to translate so far, however, is Black Arms. Other languages remain untested until further notice.

Capsule Rings:

At any given time, Topaz always carries with him a multitude of G.U.N Capsule Rings. Capsule Rings are manufactured variants of Power Rings, capable of storing any object up to 15 times its own size within a sort of hammerspace. Topaz mainly uses Capsule Rings to carry Genesis, but has also used them to carry a snowboard, and even Elemental Barriers (which he weaponized by wearing the Capsule Rings they were contained in on his wrists and ankles).


Topaz can be generally described as a prideful, confident, and occasionally wise person. Being dubbed the "new hero of Mobius by countless peers has given him a certain sense of greatness that could potentially be for both better and worse. He takes on all challenges head-first, putting full trust in himself and his abilities. Often he does come out on top, only feeding his -- for lack of a better word -- ego, but on rare occasion overconfidence does get the better of him. Topaz's main lesson to live by is "always look out for #1," but there are even times when Topaz himself does not follow his own guidelines. Ultimately he puts the well-being of his friends and companions above his own achievement, sometimes willing to risk his own life for theirs'.

Excessive combat and work-related stress have definitely taken their toll on Topaz's outlook on life. He worked as a bounty hunter for a majority of his civil lifetime, which has implanted certain views into his mind. Whenever on the job, Topaz will most definitely put his assignment first without thinking, often only to regret it later. One example being the Demonic Epidemic in Hayashi, when he was hired to track down and capture locals who were suspected to have spread a disease. It wasn't until he was forced into combat with those siding with the suspects that he realized they may have been innocent. Again relating to his work background, Topaz will often look at the pay or reward received from a job first, rather than what exactly he is accomplishing. With a very subtle desire for riches, this has driven Topaz to take his career far to seriously on several seperate occasions.

Like his father before him, Topaz is quite content. He is able to turn stressful times and situations into fun little games, or even jokes if there is no one around he isn't willing to offend. This has led many of his foes and rivals to despise his attitude with a passion. Whenever successful in battle, or even when at a disadvantage, Topaz will always take the opportunity for a little quip or pun, often infuriating his opponents. It just goes to show that even through all the hardships and difficulties, true heroes can be light-hearted like everyone else.


  • Topaz's colour scheme is complementary to Sonic's: orange for blue and green for red


Theme Songs

  • Topaz's main theme song is Ride by Presence.
  • For dramatic entrances and brief battles, The Prototype by Dimrain47 is played as Topaz's theme.
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