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Topaz was an antagonist in The Chaos Chronicles.


Topaz is a black chameleon with yellow eyes. He normally wears a black hoodie, black pants, and black shoes. When he is in his Jinn form, Topaz becomes smoke-like, but at the same time physical. He grows claws that burn like fire and have venom that cause paralysis.


Topaz was a young man who sought revenge for his brother's death. He became obsessed with finding a brother who would do everything to save his brother. Topaz was also very manipulative, effectively fooling everyone in the G.U.N. training academy, including his own brother Quartz the Dog.


One rainy day in September, Topaz and his brother Granite were thrown out of the house by their drunken older brother Slate. Topaz and Granite decided to make the most of their predicament, and played in the Gimme Shelter. When Granite jumped onto a conveyor belt, he slipped off due to the rain water beating down. Granite fell into a well, and his foot got stuck inside a metal pipe. Topaz tried lifting his brother out, but wasn't strong enough. Topaz went to Slate for help, but Slate refused. Topaz went back to Granite. Topaz held hands with Granite as he died. Two years later, on the anniversary of Granite's death, Topaz was driving his motorcycle recklessly off the coast of Emerald Town. He cried thinking about his brother, and lost control of the motorcycle and fell off the cliffs into the water. Quartz met him at the hospital. Topaz was dying when a shadow appeared in his eyes. Mephiles had turned Topaz into a Jinn.

Taking Victims

Topaz joined G.U.N.'s training academy as a ploy to get to siblings and have them rescue their brothers. He already committed one murder before coming to the G.U.N. Fortress. Topaz joined the Omega Squad. While in Central City, he alerted Rose the Hedgehog, Cocoa the Dog, and Daisy the Dog to another victim. Later, he started a relationship with Daisy after she witnessed him throwing up a black liquid. Later, Topaz abducted Kyle the Squirrel's brother, Chester. He attacked Thorn the Fox, Nails the Bat, Kyle, and Daisy at the Gimme Shelter. Topaz explained his reasons for taking victims, and Mephiles the Dark controlled his actions. Kyle attacked Topaz, and Topaz was weakened due to a viscous black liquid. Topaz confessed his love for Daisy, but showed no remorse for his actions. Quartz was about to kill his brother, but Daisy pulled the trigger on him instead.


Jinn Form


Black Liquid- When Topaz reverts from his Jinn form, the black liquid expels from his nose and mouth. This is a side effect of the transformation, and weakens Topaz.



Kyle the Squirrel

Thorn the Fox

Rose the Hedgehog

Honey the Cat

Nails the Bat

Noon the Echidna

Cocoa the Dog

Aurum the Dog

Quartz the Dog (Brother)

Daisy the Dog (Former girlfriend, killer)

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