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Toon City is a nation-sized city where fictional animated characters live. It covers western animation, anime, and (most recently) video games.


Basically, all kinds of biological beings (real or nonexistant) live here. They can range from ordinary plants/animals, to anthropomorphic creatures, to aliens and monsters, to stuff that could never exist in real life.


The city's climate depends on where you are; it can be super cold, to moderate, to melting hot.


Toon City is the hub of all animation. Famous cartoons reside here, recording shows about what happens in their lives.

As of September 27, 2013, Game World was added as part of the city.

Significant Populations

Anything that can talk or act anything like a human counts as part of the population. No exceptions.

Notable Areas

Cartoon Central

This is where most of the cartoons reside. Most of them are from America. It has links to various locations like other planets, foreign dimensions, and even real-life locations. It also has a studio where characters film what has happened in their lives (this is how the cartoons are made).

Anime Downtown

This is where most anime characters live.

Game World

This is where most video game or game-related characters live.


  • Video games where originally not considered cartoons; this was reconsidered later on.
    • This was mostly inspired by the web comic series The Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat, where both were highlighted throughout the series.
  • Toon City mostly focuses on games and shows that YoungOtakuNerd likes.
  • Toon City is a city (as the name implies), but seems to be larger than a city. It's size has actually increased thanks to the addition of Game World.
  • It's possible that Game World was part of Toon City, but was rejected from the rest of the city until it was reunited with the other areas. This is most prominently hinted in the Erica Sakura anime.
  • The three sections of the city have various extras based on scrapped ideas by YoungOtakuNerd:
    • Anime Downtown has extras from Legion of Otaku.
    • Game World has extras from Elemental Crystal: Bejeweled Being Lapis.
    • Cartoon Central has extras from Gina Gator and the Marsupials.