Tokugawa the Panda was once a member of the grand council. He was a very corrupted man, apart of the Konoe Kazoku. He was a member of the Hanzo Branch. He was however killed by Shun the Panda and Doka the Giant Snail. This marked Shun as an outlaw who, if caught, would be sentenced to death. Tokugawa, like the rest of his Kazoku (family), is capable of manipulating his electrical abilities into shapes of weapons. His main weapons are his electric chains.


Early Childhood

When Tokugawa was a child, his family was a slave family. They were all forced into slave labor at very young ages. Tokugawa's father and grandfather would always talk about standing up. While in private they taught many of their family members to use their abilities. This eventually caught up to them as they were discovered. Tokugawa's father and grandfather were killed right in front of his eyes. This did however allow Tokugawa to gain the Sakadagami Flame. Tokugawa eventually stood up, and led a revolt. He easily killed many of the guards with his abilities, and led his along with all of the other families out of the plantation. The families parted ways, with Tokugawa's family returning to the Hanzo Branch. Tokugawa, decided that he would try to become a council member so that he could prevent the great injustices.

Becoming Stronger

Becoming A Council Member






Theme Song


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