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Cquote1.png You are the sword, and I am the shield, and together, we are Heroes! Cquote2.png

Togami Animus Maximus (Better known as Togo)

Is a character From Sonic: Molto's Rage. He serves as a companion to sonic and always looks forward to helping him.


He was born at the beginning of time, aswell as his brother, Molto. They both had a true form so Pure that it could be to blinding to the Mobian eye, so They crashed to Mobius and took form of rocks and look for Heroes so true they could accompany. Molto, being a hothead, did not find any hero to accompany, Got jealous of his brother and decided to start evil schemes. Now, in the present, he Accompanies Sonic and always helps him when in big situations.


Image Name Look
Togo True Form.png
True Togo He is an orange wisp with yellow eyes, swirl symbols on the palms, and a green triangle on the chest.
Togo He is a gray Rock with shoulder armor. He also has his Triangle on this forehead.


  • Its possible that he Created Mobius, Mostly because of statues that resemble his true form.
  • He has also been revealed to be older than his brother, having Molton being 999,999 years old.