"why am I to suffer? The loss of something is hard to understand.”

--- Tobias The Hedgehog's final judgement on his feelings of loss

Tobias the Hedgehog
Tobias- cgi render-2016.PNG
Toby (by sonic and others) Big Brother(by Ristar sometimes) Experiment 456 (by Dr.Eggman) Freak (by Talon),
Hedgehog/Machine (Cybernetic Alien)

Shooting Star (alternate universe)

Alien creature (new Tobias)
Loves the fresh air, nature, Helping others, treated with respect, Going with Sonic The Hedgehog or Ristar on various adventures.
being tortured, controlled, weak, seeing his dead clones, anyone who hurts those he cares about, feeling sadness, confused. Octius the Hedgehog (his clone)
Main Weapon
Metal Tentacles/ laser
New Tobias: Octuis's Curse

Evil(Fallen Star series-only)

Evil (new Tobias)
Physical Description
Eye Color: Lime Green

Fur Color: Orange

Wing Color: Purple
Love Interest(s)
None (currently single)
Voice Actor English
Charlie Hunnam
Voice Actor Japanese
No information
None (only one of his kind),

Ristar (sees him as his only family)

Octius The Hedgehog (clone)

Other Octual models

Alt form(s) Perfect Tobias

New Tobias
Also known as
Octual model, 456, winged hero,
Real Life creator
SonicKnucklesFan92 (Absolhunter251)
Zeta station (left orbit)

Planet flora (currently) (Valdi system)

Tobias The Hedgehog  (トビアス·ヘッジホッグ~Tobiasu· za· hejjihoggu)  is from another world in the outskirts of space. He recently came upon Planet Mobuis where he was found and changed into a slave to serve the one and only, Dr. Ivo Robotnik

To his emotionless drives to pursuit  Sonic The Hedgehog,  something inside his heart and soul was calling out to him, a voice that he remembered. Tobias then opened his heart allowing his original self to awaken and regained his will, breaking slightly free from the doctor's control.  However deep within his mind, he still remains loyal to his master.

Once finding his close friend again, he then starts to open more from his cold shell and become allies with Sonic and co.

He's known as the Winged Hero and will do what he chooses is right.



New Tobias: Octuis's Curse


His first memory was behind glass. The man before him claimed to be his creator. He knew he was different, a blend of cybernetics and tissue.  He was told he had one sole purpose: to destroy a hedgehog he had never met. 

Tobias was a name he gave himself, his creator Dr. Robotnik thought it pointless for him to have a name, but he allowed it if it ensured proper compliance. It was then that Tobias, a mishmash of machine and adaptive parts, began his training. 

Even during his first test run, made to groom him into an ultimate killing machine, something in his heart told him this life isn’t the right way. He could hear Robotnik’s orders telling him that all living things were his enemy and his destiny is to remain loyal only to him.

Tobias kept to that destiny for a time, following his orders to as if it was the only thing giving him any reason for existence at all, but deep within he felt that something was wrong with this blind course.

One day, Tobias wondered inside Robotnik’s secret lab and found out there were others like him, but they were deformed and lifeless. Tobias was stunned, face to face with what was basically his own deceased image. Robotnik walked up to Tobias and placed his hand on him, the supposed 'perfect' living experiment.

For the first time in his life Tobias felt extreme emotion and confusion towards his creator.

“You are unique, but progress does come with a steep price, as you can see."The Doctor said with a grin. Tobias couldn’t handle it anymore he turned to face his creator with anger.

"H-how...could you?"  Tobias asked.

"Why should you know anyway?   Don't think for a second just because you're alive now I can't make one stronger and better than you and throw you to the scrap heap."  Dr.Robotnik repiled. "You're a weapon, designed by me to be the ultimate fighting machine, and if you fail at that design I'll simply create a better life form."

"No..." Tobias shuddered. "You're wrong about one thing. You may be my creator, but I refuse to be nothing more than a weapon! I AM ALIVE!” Tobias shouted in defiance, ready to attack.  Robotnik pulled out a device and made Tobias fall into an unconscious state. “Pity, you showed such promise. Oh well, there is still time for you to learn proper respect or you'll join your brothers in the afterlife.” Robotnik said to him before Tobias blacked out.

During a battle on Robotnik's ship, Sonic arrived to deal with the doctor once and for all.  Robotnik's plans to finally keep Sonic down finally came,  and he unleashed his unwilling weapon on his nemesis. But in the end, Metal Sonic appeared to stop the fight and took Sonic for himself to kill and overthrow Robotnik. Tobias recognized Metal Sonic as a threat, and a hollow reflection of what Robotnik saw him as. In retaliation, he used his special powers to help Sonic and his friends destroy Metal Sonic for good. Tobias was surprised, as for all this time the one person he was reared into believing was his enemy is now his friend.

Though they are friends now, can a life form such as himself succumb to the destiny encoded in his very being or will he rise up and choose his own destiny?


His emotions are highly unstable and its hard to know what he thinks, acts or feels. He's rather cautious at times, making him keep his distance from others and Isolates himself. He's extremely shy, but doesn't show or express it.

He is intelligent and is willing to place himself into dangerous situations to save those  he wants to protect. He's mostly silent, but is very brave for his actions he makes.

Being emotionally closed off, he can be very aggressive and will attack his enemies until they give mercy. Once in his "primal instinct" mode he cannot allow anyone to help him or snap him out of it, unless their hearts or voice calls out to him. He then places a feeling of guilt or not worth to anyone by giving himself hand me downs when he has done something wrong or betrayed his friends and allies.

But underneath that cold hide, lies someone who is looking for love or something or someone to fight for.

Project Code name: Fallen Star series

Fallen star:

Tobias has a cold nature come to him while he was sick.

Dark Future I & II:


File:Tobias the hedgehog sa2 style.png

Tobias fanart by trublusonic on devaint art

Tobias's over all appearance is a hedgehog  with orange fur, wings and extra limbs makes him alien like with four fingers.  He has special eye pattern and color than sonic the hedgehog. He wears white gloves and red and white shoes with glowing blue heels. His tentacles an retract within him, like a backpack, he is part machine and living.

Mechanical arms version 1

The metal arms are attached to tobias's back and serve as a weapon to defend himself.  It is equipped with a laser, tracking, and a bit bulky.  The large orbs on his fresh tentacles, made it much harder for Tobias to defend himself  in battles or go into his body.

With his arms no being able to retract, made tobias suffer from almost being killed. This problem has caused  tobias to move or hang onto things, rather difficult.

This version of the tentacles was merely in "sprout" mode,  they haven't fully grown yet or been enhanced yet. But even with this weaker version,  they soon fully grown and became stronger to where they cannot be broken and can do more things.

Mechanical arms version 2

A new upgraded version of Tobias's original metal tentacles.  A gift  that is said to be from  the Village Elder of Planet Flora.  But it was Ristar's mother Star Goddess Oruto,  who gave Tobias this special gift.  This new upgrade appeared in the Heroes of Valdi series and then onward.  

Spoiler Warning: please skip this bit of section that explains plot and/or future details of the next comic issue. This also explains Tobias's condition and sudden attack. Until Comic is released soon. It be best to avoid any plot being ruined for you ]]

During his adventure with Ristar, Dr.Robotnik appeared, and sent one of his strong robots to retrieve Tobias.  The machine seemed to go into a frenzy and wounded Tobias by severely damaging his weapons.  They seem to have gotten badly damage, that seem to be making  Tobias feel very weak and unable to recover from the bleeding that was leaking out from his metal tentacles, it was far more dangerous for the hedgehog to have deep bleeding occur. His organs were starting to burn.  It was moments later that he and Ristar escaping the mad robot, only to encounter more danger.

The robot appeared again and was going to finish Tobias off, which dr.eggman doesn't want to happen.

Tobias's  metal tentacles were greatly damaged  from the hard attempt of escaping dr.robotnik's machine.  In this event,  Tobias couldn't repair them,  it was a tight situation for him to go through.

Using that last bit of energy, left him half dead and alive. Ristar did his best to try to keep Tobias from losing his life.

He then was quickly brought over to ristar's mother, Oruto who appeared as a shining ghost like figure, due to him being away from planet flora, and  restored his life and gave him a new chance at living again and told Tobias that he has a good heart, giving a new chance at his new life ahead of him while traveling around with her son. 

Tobias let out a breath of being brought back to life and suddenly had a new upgraded version of his metal tentacles and seem to be fully repaired from the damage that was done before.  Thus upgrading to newer version of his original weapons and can now attack any enemies on Ristar's homeworld. It can do more things tobias hasn't done before which is new to him.

Dr. Robotnik found out that tobias's new upgraded version of his weapons were more stronger than before and forced Tobias to test  the weapon directly to Ristar.  But Tobias was very hesitant and refused. it seem to enraged Dr. Robotnik by the sudden let down. At first, Tobias thought he was going to be punished, but instead Dr. Robotnik had something else in mind.

Tobias and Ristar encountered the next robot that Dr.Robotnik created gathering data on Ristar. Thanks to tobias hanging around Ristar long enough for him to study the star humanoid. The EX-Ristar Prototype was in play and Tobias and Ristar used their fighting skills but it wasn't enough,  even with the new upgrades it was still little damage, appearance  Tobias hasn't fully adjusted to his weapons yet. But now that tobias has the upgrade,  it helps him move more swiftly and can extend pretty far. 

[[ Spoiler ends here: you can now continue reading as normal]] (NOTE! will be removed once comic is released, keep in mind next time this section is updated)

With the new upgrade,  Tobias can breathe in space  without the aid of Ristar's ship, with the new upgrade  it made it much easier for him to breath underwater, he does move a bit slow, however. But he doesn't need to come up for air at all, thanks to the tentacles providing air and if he was like ristar or a fish. His Ultima Shield  is more stronger and his lasers as well 3x times stronger than his original.  He can extend his new upgraded tentacles approximately about 20 ft and  10 of length.  

This new upgraded look is more machine like than his first.  His powers are stunning to behold in how strong it is, but its not enough to appear as superhuman strength. Dr. Robotnik seems very impressed by Tobias's new upgrade which makes Dr.Robotnik more eager to test Tobias's sole purpose of being a weapon further. 

The only side effect that Tobias's upgraded weapons has is, He seems to "feel" enormous amount of pain which causes him an anxiety attack of some sort.  

This only occurs rarely from time to time.  This pain that he feels is clearly unknown. It could be a side effect to his body still adjusting to his new Tentacles, or something else unknown to him.

But this all could be in his head. Maybe he's suffering from his shocking past which causes him to see multiple flashes of him being created and seeing many of his clones deformed or decaying or being horribly experimented on. Whatever the case, his new upgrades help him more better than his original, they can reach a longer range and quickly act if Tobias or someone is threaten.


Tobias's first appearance was in  Sonic The Hedgehog: Wrath Of Metal Sonic. Comic issue #1 in the rebuild series and Original.

Restored by Sonic's blood (DNA) that Dr. Robotnik had extracted after the battle that left sonic badly wounded.  Dr. Robotnik wonder if this cybernetic alien needed  blood to be restored. So he took the blue hedgehog's blood which seem to repair Tobias's dead cells and create special new cells, that made Tobias seem to pick up sonic's speed and attack strength, to a degree.

Tobias and Sonic soon become allies in the old comic and rebuild series.

History Of Tobias

Concept and Creation

How It Started.png

During the year of 2003-2005, The creator of tobias decided to create an OC by the name of Tobias.  He came to be what people know of the famous mascot, Sonic was.  He became a hedgehog, for the soul purpose the creator made to honor the sonic games.  So Tobias was being thought into development. 

Tobias the Hedgehog's first ever design and signs of early development  came to be after the creator played Sonic Mega Collection's game, (Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Ristar)  During the time,  Tobias's design or "head shape" came from Mecha sonic facing the audience, before the creator realized  the head shape wasn't mecha sonic, but Ristar .

Being a fan of Sonic and Ristar,  she started on the shape and molding of the character.  However the early signs of tobias's actual design was a bit different.  It seemed  though tobias had more spikes than intended. Instead of Ristar's spikes,  it went for a total of 9 spikes, almost making  tobias's appearance being close to super sonic with the body of mecha sonic.

After that attempt, the creator went back and redid the design turning him into what everyone knows him as today.  This time his colors shifted by mistaking the colors by fault.

Thus transforming his appearance completely.  he had lost all of his previous designs, but kept his color scheme.

The "Redesign" Calamity

File:Tobias new look- nightmare- alternate tobias.png

Tobias's "redesign"

Due to so much changing to Tobias to make him different.  The Creator herself had gone through many hard emotions of stress and heartbreaking sadness to make  him become what seemed to be very disturbing to be completely different. 

"As I watched the horror of many absurd sites saying things wrong about my character, it made me go back and try to design his appearance to be true to what his bio states as an   Cybernetic alien. However, due to reaction,  I quickly made it was just a concept of his "resdesign" from the sonic world to be from another world and fit his alien like traits." as the creator thought when revealing the beast. But This form itself is very creative in its own way. It will never become the hero everyone grew to know and love for what he is today.

This form is a possible "perfect" form for tobias or an alternate version for tobias in comics.  However, this form will go through more changes as tobias's grows.

File:Tobias- redesign concept 1.png

Tobias- redesign concept 1 (possible concept for his new look)

The redesign has  however, has been bouncing back and forth weather 

some design might become tobias's 

actual design if it comes down to it. This design was another possible redesign for Tobias, and has gone through a cyber alien like design with this design than the first.  He still maintains the elements of his redesign with the wings and eyes. 

File:Tobias redesign concept art 2.png

Tobias redesign concept 3

The body is completely covered in a solid like armor,  this could also be tobias's actual skeleton under the skin of tobias.

He has many  various redesigns to become his species that is listed within his bio.  however,  he's completely different and doesn't fit within the sonic universe. 

Sonic the hedgehog- Original series

Old fanfiction:

Within the original fanfiction series , tobias's experiment number was a lot more longer and different from today's and wasn't an alien being at that point.  The number code for Tobias was experiment 55000, rather than 456. Through out the fanfiction Tobias was called 55000, never did his name Tobias came to be, before he met a girl name Holly the hedgehog.

who was his teacher and reader, for being small,  she seem to know what was good for him. Holly taught him things. from reading and learning,  He finally named himself, Tobias, after  reading on book with her.  But now the  fanfic version has be scrapped and everything with it.  Now only remains the comic version which in turn,  holly was never seem to exist within Tobias's timeline or memories or even in the comic series.

Back then: During Tobias's remake from his classic form (Modern Tobias) Tobias looked alot like we know him as today.  But he had his Tentacles from his classic form which made him still a lot like his first concept. But within the original series,Tobias and Ristar were friends and both rarely made any appearance in the comic series. 

Tobias was more laid back and rarely made any contact with any of the characters,  only when needed, in battle that he and Ristar would show up. Tobias was created and cast aside as a failed experiment that Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) created. Tobias lived underwater where he mainly remained half of the comic series. He seem to be more of a last resort in the sonic comic series as a final help for sonic and co. 

Tobias, however did show some use in the last issue, Rise of King Cobra, along with Ristar. Tobias and Ristar both attacked at once which later they would use counter attacks against the snakes.  

During the other 6 comics, Tobias would even work along side the villain if he was controlled by them. During "sonic the hedgehog- return of shadow.  Tobias would show some sense of responsibility and figured out what was going on, even when controlled, his mind was still there.

In Return of Mecha Sonic,  Tobias was controlled by Mecha Sonic, whom mecha sonic transformed tobias into a robot for a short period of time.  Tobias was close to killing his friends but was reverted back after Knuckles used the master emrald to revert all the transformed mobians back to normal.

Mainly through out the original series, Tobias was a minor character.  Until the rebuild series later on in 2008.

Sonic the hedgehog- Rebuild

Sonic The Hedgehog- Rebuild series is a retelling and remake of the original comic series in the year 2002- 2005. During the year of 2006- 2008.  Special edition of the original series was remade with new art style and still remained the same.

in the year of 2008- 2012,  Sonic The hedgehog comic series was going to be retold to much more better sense of comics. In the year of 2008,  the rebuild version of Wrath of metal sonic was taken place, but it was until 4 years later the comic was released into the title: " Sonic The Hedgehog- Rebuild- Wrath Of Metal Sonic ". The comic itself is still going under reconstruction since 2012 and 2013, and will be released sometime within 2013- 2014. 

After the first rebuild,  the other comics were being remade as well. In the Rebuild series,  tobias  had been reformed into what we all know him as today. Tobias is more of a major character than his original self in the original series.  However his connection and relationship with Ristar is completely scrapped and instead  Tobias  is more close almost being the villain this time around. since he served Dr.Eggman in the rebuild series.  Which later ties into the series that takes place during the events of wrath of metal sonic and in between tobias's origins. Tobias Revelations. Tobias  does have a his memory flash which shows multipile flashes of different things, but one in the flashes.  Ristar is seen. Meaning  ristar and tobias might still have encountered each other and were friends, just like in the original series.

Later within the series,  it wasn't until the last comic; Sonic the Hedgehog: rebuild- Strike of the king cobra.  that Tobias started to become his true self and doesn't seem to have his memory. nor  does he really suffer from amnesia, it just takes time for him to see the truth on where he came from. (Tobias Revelations).

Tobias Revelations series

In the year of 2013, Tobias Revelations has been released and tells the truth of Tobias the hedgehog. This comic series is however, non-cannon to the main series of sonic the hedgehog-rebuild comics. But only does Tobias Origins takes place during these events

Tobias revelations has 3 stories telling of tobias's tale.  But new adventure is not really cannon to tobias's origins or main reason for being there, more like side stories and character development of teamwork with other characters. But Heroes of Valdi does have a impact in how tobias has gotten his new look and true growth of his metalltic arms becoming their true from. Howver soon later on the comic had been cancelled later in 2015

Redesign opens a new door

Recently in the year of 2014 after the Redesign Calamity in 2013.  The creator had open a new door of seprating the ties with sonic into something better.

File:Tobias- gunma-rilux saga.png

tobias in the gunma series

A thus the main character Tobias has became something advance and more original than the sonic half Ithe creator made.  Human tobias or formally known as the antarian, has surpassed the orange hedgehog!  

In the end, the redesign calamity wasn't all that bad, for the designs created this form and new character. 

"Wow! Tobias now looks much more better and is his own character! I want to make him real and take him far than i can ever dream of! Tobias just looks so cool in that armor and what he has became! Maybe the thought of redesiging can be good sometimes. In the end it created the most original character i've evented for my original series, Gunma!" - SonicKnucklesFan92, creator of tobias, 10/22/14~

read more on gunma here ..


  • Wall Climbing/Attacking -  Tobias and extend his Metallic tentacles to reach far places. and also serve as second hand. He can attack while staying put in one place, allowing his Metal tentacles to attack for him. (Referred to Ristar the Shooting Star's elastic arm abillity and Doc Ock's attacking)
  • Transformation-  Tobias can  transform into perfect Tobias by will. Thanks to Oruto giving him this ability that was however, it  was temporality.
  • Expert in Combat-  Tobias's an expert at fighting his opponets.
  • Flying-  Tobias is able to fly at top speeds.
  • SuperSpeed-  He is able to run up 60 per miles
  • Regenerating/Regenerate-  A healing factor that was born with him
  • Highly Intelligent-  Tobias is very smart and can quickly act on things
  • Super-strong and durable mechanical appendages -  His metal tentacels can retract from his back in and out.
  • Telepathic control over the mechanical arms/weapons- He can control where he wants his metal tentacels to go or do.
  • Extended Life Span- He is able to live for a long time, unlike his other clones
  • Ultima Shield- (short for "utlimate shield") Tobias can generate a Field that can protect him from harm. his field or shield can be weakened through time though.  He can summon it at any time, when he feels the need to use it.  
  • Scan- Scan is a special skill that his tentacles can process through his brain to have information on anything.



Main Article: Tobias The Hedgehog/Gallery

Sonic The Hedgehog comic series and Rebuild



Tobias was repaired from the very cells of Sonic and had his memory wiped completely. His main mission was destroying Sonic.  But in the end,  he finally regain a mind of his own and broke from Dr. Robotink's control.  thus  giving him freedom on what he pleases.

After  helping Sonic fight his metal ego.  Tobias was an ally to Sonic.  But he's still loyal to his master, so he is known as the "Anti-Hero." He makes his own path.

(Tobias becomes allies with sonic in Sonic The Hedgehog: Wrath Of Metal Sonic- comic issue #1.)

tobias is always willing to help, either friend or foe.


(coming soon)

The Dead Experiments

during Robotink's experiments of trying to clone the cybernetic alien into copies for his machines and future robots.  

It quickly started fail once it began.  Once they were born, they quickly die when gasping their very first breath.  Robotink seem to be  frustrated that each clone he created kept dying, too quickly.

Whether they were first born  or die once they were put  into a machine like skeleton or to force transform into a complete machine in their growth cycle, that Tobias has.  Robotink  watched  each experiment die before him.  He  thought maybe  they weren't strong enough or maybe  their producing days came to early and it was a mistake to create something from this perfect alien.

Discouraged, he tried again and finally created his final attempt at cloning and came to his surprise.  He created an exact copy of Tobias, but  due to him forcing fast growth production,  it deformed the creature into a strange breed of full machine rather than organic.

The Shocking Truth

One day Tobias had came across some strange information while scanning through Robotink's computer to gather all the data possible, he came across a special file and secret lab that held capsules upond capsules of figures within tanks.

His curiosity lead him into a undying scar that had left him paranoid. when he entered the dark room, he saw many tanks holding inside what looked like to be him.

During his "sleep"  dr.robotink was cloning him, to take Tobias's special powers and create super machines and even a perfect clone of Tobias to carry on his deeds without any question.

it left Tobias with a shocking fate, but regarless of the dead clones and the sealed copy of him. He will still be loyal to dr. robotink for saving his leif.  But someday, he'll leave this horrid sight behind and make his own destiny.

Experiment 486 "Octius The Hedgehog" Experiment 486. aka. Octius The Hedgehog.

Main Article: Octius The Hedgehog  

Octuis The Hedgehog was a missing Clone that Robotink had hid from his loyal Pet, Experiment 456.

Octius is the complete opposite of Tobias.  unlike Tobias, Octius has 4 metal tentacles and looks more machine than organic.  however he shows complete similarities to Tobias. But he looks more frail and very agressive than tobias. dr.Robotink will save Octius when the time comes to unleash the clone of Tobias to create his world.

~Octius the Hedgehog's first appearance was in Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow's Revenge.  he first encountered Tobias and wants to kill Tobias to take his place as Robotink's perfect experiment.~

Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct mode

 Tobias goes through a phase of unleashing his rage or sorrow upond his enemies in an unstable state.  The Primal instinct is a beast stage in his normal form, however it is mearly a weaker version of "Mark Of Fury" compared to his Shooting Star Armor.  

Once activated,  he no longer has control over himself and attacks his foe, once his ("Mouth" opens to bite into the foe (Perfect Tobias- only)  eyes slit,  He lets out a yell and gets ready to fight.  His stance changes as his voice becomes more growly and breaths a bit heavily, almost resemabling that of a beast, ready to unleash his rage against those he faces.

What causes the instinct is by sheer force or someone who deeply cares about is in extereme danger. How  he can snap out of it or "wake up" from it, is by hearing the voice or someone's heart reaching out. However it doesn't work sometimes thus resulting,  tobias to kill and make sure nothing is left and eventually calms down or vents all his rage.

His primal instict is by far the deadest move he can pull off.   Some think its a "motherly" instinct. Others think as a way of punishing those who break the balance of life itself. 

Events after Fallen Star 

Consumed by darkness

Cries of the legendary hero



Perfect Tobias

Perfect  Tobias ( パーフェクトトビアス~ Pāfekuto Tobiasu )  

perfect tobias- appears

other name (dr.eggman's code name):  Perfect Experiment 456    (完璧な実験456)  " Kanpekina jikken 456"

Tobias transforms into what is known as, "Perfect Tobias".  a powerful form and Tobias's only form.  it also had very strong abilities that is very surprising and unknown of its true strength.

Legendary Hero

Although this form is only mentioned in concept by the creator, the actual form is currently been in development to appear towards the end of Heroes of Valdi.

But no actual form exists than a possible concept artwork of the form. (shown here.)

Spoilers ahead! :

The form itself is said to hold the power of the legendary hero (Ristar's father) and stop those with evil for good. However no one has seen such a form like this before, with the powers of tobias, ristar, hope from everyone from the valdi system and the great Oruto, all become one hero and puts an end to Kaiser Greedy and changing the world to be at peace. The form came to be when Ristar wanted to help Tobias who was almost near death facing greedy. With ristar's strength and hope to save his friend, he and Tobias joined one another to become one and they feel as one, sharing their power and care for one another becoming the legendary hero they've wanted to become.

Special Abilities


Tobias has a strange mythical power of healing himself when injured.  He can heal himself almost quickly. but it takes time for him to regenerate to heal his wounds he's taken from battle.  

(Note: "Tobias only used his healing ability a few times in  his own comic and when encountering  King Cobra.")

 he has is to  draw all his energy into regenerating one of his metal tentacles, if  one of them were to be blown off from his back, but it drains him more quickly to focus on regrowing the lost limb.  

Mega Beam

Tobias uses a what is called a: Mega Beam, which he shoots from his own body and tentacles. The attack can reach up to 40 ft length depending on the distance.  its tobias last resort when fighting or when its needed. The attack can destroy forests and other life, making them vanish into nothing.



In flight, Tobias can fight with punches and kicks, even his tentacles when airborne.  He can fly at march 7 at top speeds, causing his foes into stun.

Long Range

Tobias in battle has a long range in attacking. It can reach up to 20 ft length, and retract at a fast pace.

Short Range

When in short range with attacking. It's extremely close combat for him. Tobias can guard and counter attack whichever the foe throws. Tobias can restrain the enemy and go in with an attack of kicks or punches. However also being in close range of weapon fire can lead to a risky move, which where his wings can handle an attack with a blast radius, however, he is left with injuries on his wings, but his shield takes effect and his wounds slowly start to heal, depending on the firepower and weapon, anything stronger, his weakness can be exposed.

Advantages in defense

Tobias has a special durability in defense, with his tentacles serving as his other set of eyes and keep in contact with the enemy. Tobias can handle a few string blows before he can shift his energy to increase his hide to get hard, like metal, to get a bit thicker to endure more pain. However, this slowly drains his chances of recovering to attack. His shield can protect him from attacks before the shield can reach its limit.

Advantages in Battle

Physical strength


Severe Damage

Tobias's only weakness is severe damage or having his metal tentacles severely removed from his back and if removed, it kills him instantly.  


He seems to only fear making Dr. Robotnik upset,  or the loss of himself failing at his tasks.

Mind link

Tobias has his mind currently linked to Dr. Ivo Robotnik ,  and shares a strange feeling as if they are the same person within the "Fallen Star" Series. Since the fuse of  his DNA with ivo, he has never been the same, the two grow sicker into madness and the undying pain that they share with one minds.

Unstable glowing & Sickness

Tobias suffers from a unstable glowing from his eyes that comes with a throbbing headache. He didn't show any signs until recently, where Ivo used tobias's DNA to cure himself, to which later tobias started to have this glowing and sickness which is unknown.  

Tobias hears this loud buzzing sound and can't heard anyone as his heart rate increases his breathing tightens, and his headache grows more in pain,  until he bends to Ivo's conection/ Will or unleashes his "Primal Instinct" to where he unleashes his fury on anyone until the sickness wears down.  However, if he gets some help, the sickness will not effect him.

Anxiety Attack

Tobias has anxiety attacks, to where he suffered from a near death experinceof battling and almost costing his life and him transforming into a dark being that will bring an end to the world.

How he treats these rare attacks is being with Ristar or the one he loves.  But it is hard to know when he's having an attack.  However like his special illness,  it could be the same signs with his anxiety attack.



Classic Tobias (original concept) 

"The color of classic Tobias was originally the '"Supposedly" official Color for Tobias, but due to a mix up, Tobias had orange fur and purple wings, instead of purple fur and orange wings.  His original look had more spikes included as well of having a metal body, Like Metal Sonic.  But it wasn't until a  redraw that Tobias had  no longer look like a metal sonic machine, but a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog but had more of a red lash going down his stomach and his head.  He had a total of 9 spikes growing out from his head and was originally going to have 8 metal tentacles sprouting out from his back.  

Modern Tobias (now and today)   

"Tobias now has an upgraded look compared to his original design [Classic Tobias] and shares a  strong 'small resemblance to Ristar the Shooting star with his spikes on his head and head shape,  "rumors have it, that Tobias might be related to Ristar in a strange since". Tobias's metal tentacles now have names and don't have black pupils for eyes, they are blank. Tobias is more slimer  compared to his original design who was bulker and more machine hybrid like. Tobias still shares similarities to his original counter part."

 Ristar The Shooting Star (heroes of valdi- comic series) 

"Ristar goes into a special ship, that he seem to have built to travel into Tobias's dimension between time and space.  Since the Valdi system is rather far from Planet Mobius, Ristar seem to have succeeded and enter planet Mobius to visit his friend.  Ristar now wants to help Tobias out in freeing him from his loneliness and offers him a chance to get away from all the tension building up inside Tobias."

Tobias metal tentacles   "Tobias The Hedgehog's Metal tentacles  were inspired by Marvel supervillain, Doctor Octopus "Doc Ock".

Tobias's eye color  Tobias's Eye color is lighter shade of green than Sonic's eye color.

Scrapped ideas:

Tobias was  considered as a possible antagonist to Sonic, but it  never came to be. Instead, Tobias is more than an anti-hero in his own comic and sonic rebuild comic series.  

After being created, he was originally going to destroy Robotnik, but  it was later scrapped.

Tobias was supposed to kill sonic in the first issue he appeared in.

Did  you know:

  • Did you know, Originally Tobias was going to die at the end of Sonic The Hedgehog: Strike Of The King Cobra?  
  • Tobias was originally going to get killed  fighting King Cobra (Sliver) by his metal tentacles being ripped out of his back. But if was scrapped and changed to where mecha Sonic took the fall in self-destructing, to  stop the snakes from attacking Sonic and Tails on their raid to get to the temple, rather than Tobias fighting King Cobra and dying.
  • Tobias had a another clone that was like him, but more quick tempered and machine like. Octius the Hedgehog
  • Originally Tobias and Marisa the Echidna were to "supposedly" to have a relationship. and have feelings for one another? (But was scrapped)
  • Tobias's overall appearance makes him appear to be 20 
  • Tobias doesn't need to eat but eats from time to time.
  • Tobias  wasn't created. He was found by Dr.Eggman and was repaired by Sonic's blood.

Music Theme

Tobias's Theme


Friends and Allies (SKF92 characters (c))

Friends and Allies Cannon characters (ristar's world / based on my comics)

 Friends and Allies Cannon characters (Sonic's world/ based on my comics)

Friends and Allies Sonic Fan Characters (Fan characters based on friend's character (c))

Enemies (SKF92 Characters (c))

Enemies (Ristar's world/based on my comic series)

Enemies (Sonic's world/ based on my comics)

Tobias & Ristar

Meeting Ristar

tobias met ristar

Tobias was badly wounded and lay unconscious within the depths of space. It was until he later awoke from his sudden slumber,  that he found himself fully healed and saw he was in a different planet. This was what seem to be how he met Ristar, but this was nearly a fragment of his memory. the rest is all a blur to him.

To his surprise when he awoke. Ristar stood before him.

"Your wounds were pretty bad, but thankfully you weren't dead, which was good to know and you healed rapidly! that's wonderful!" -Spoke Ristar to Tobias, which was the first time he had heard from the hero's mouth.

Tobias seem to be in his debut for saving his life. But to Tobias's thought, felt though he and Ristar were destined to meet, as a sense of destiny.

Tobias soon grows fondly of his new friend as the two talked to one another what seem like for hours on end.  Ristar had a feeling that he and Tobias would meet one day.

Till this very day, the results of how they met and known each other for longest time, is the biggest mystery of all.  Not even the great elder of flora doesn't know. 

Friends to Brothers

Valdi's second Hero

Oruto's Gift

Appearance in other universes

Tobias the hedgehog appears through many universes such as  Sonic and the black knight and Sonic Riders.   He's mostly himself or a king in that time verse.

Sonic and the black knight

Main article: Sir Sagramore (Tobias)

Sonic Riders

Main Article: Tobias The Hedgehog (Sonic Riders)

Sonic Boom

Main Article: Tobias The Hedgehog (Sonic Boom)

Comic appearances

Tobias The Hedgehog: Origins of experiment 456

Sonic The Hedgehog: Wrath Of Metal Sonic   (First appearance)

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Shadow Chronicles

Sonic The Hedgehog: Mecha Sonic Returns

Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow's Revenge

Sonic The Hedgehog: Strike Of The King Cobra

Sonic The Hedgehog: Betrayal (Comic cancelled)

Sonic The Hedgehog: Strike Of The King Cobra 2: King Cobra Returns  (Comic cancelled)

Sonic The Hedgehog: Final Wars (comic cancelled)

Sonic The Hedgehog: Dark Nightmares (comic cancelled)

Sonic The Hedgehog: The world ends with you  (comic cancelled)

Other Appearances

Marisa The Echidna: Oracle of The Red Moon

Tobias The Hedgehog: Revelations  

Video Game Appearances (fan-made)

 (coming soon!)


  • Tobias's Iris (eye) color is a lighter shade of green and patterns different than Sonic the Hedgehog
  • He is very intelligent and a very quick in finding out things, making him almost  a super computer
  • His flight accelerates about 13,000 mph almost close to breaking the sound barrier (but he keeps it steady without trying to overheat his body)
  • His running speed is able to keep up with sonic, (but he prefers flying more, rarely he likes to run)
  • His greatest fear is letting everyone down
  • Tobias was Originally going to be a full robot minus the organic like appearance, his appearance was rather frightening and was changed in the end
  • Tobias seems to share a very close relationship with Ristar which its clear and unknown if and how they met 
  • Tobias had many changes within the original Sonic comic series and Rebuild.  In the old Sonic Comic  Tobias was more laid back  and rarely made an appearance too often, he mostly spent his time underwater where he lived and never worked for Dr. Robotnik, but was still created and was cast aside.  He was mostly a minor character and only appeared once or twice in battle with Sonic and his friends, like Ristar,  they both rarely appeared and were mostly the comedy type along with Tuck, a Polymorpha (an original character) which looked alot like Ristar and was good friends with Tobias and Ristar. It was until the rebuild sonic comic's that  tobias was changed to be a sympathetic and major character and more determined.  He plays a bigger role and is what we all know him as today. Tobias is more active and is always on top of situations rather than being a rarely mention character (old sonic comic's)
  • This is the second time  Tobias has interacted with a human besides Dr. Ivo Robotnik
  • Tobias's powers are unable to be measured
  • Tobias later gets upgraded version of his tentacles, Tobias & Ristar- Heroes of Valdi later in second issue.
  • His metal tentacles not only serve as a defense and attack, but as is his "third eye" in seeing anyone or something.
  • His tentacles version 1 were later  replaced and are more upgraded version,  version 2.
  • Tobias doesn't need to consume food.  But he will eat if he wants too.
  • His metal tentacles are really cybernetic arms that grew with tobias. they are his extra limbs
  • Tobias comes from a another world and spatial distortion and  seems to have crash landed in Mobius.
  • Tobias's clones that eggman created was to be an exact copy of Tobias.  But they were failures attempts at cloning life.
  • He was from space, but crashes to Mobius
  • Tobias' doesn't have a super form, perfect tobias was only temporality
  • ​Tobias is the only known character to fly and use his tentacles as a second pair of eyes when he goes blind for a second.
  • Tobias in recent designs has been shown to have 5 to 4 fingers in drawings.  The creator now confirmed, 4 fingers will be his primary appearance.
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