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Not to be confused with Tobias the Hedgehog, Tobias Aerona, Tobias "Psyche" the Serval, or Tobias the Hedgehog/Sir Sagramore!

Tobias Feywind is an 18-year-old human and a practitioner of Arcane Magic. He is a good friend of HS the Deathknight, Xypher deCarcerate and colleague of Wink. He prides himself on arcane power as a tool and believes in putting the right amount of force into a situation.


Tobias is kindhearted and rather wise, taking proverbs he finds value into heart. He dislikes raw force as an end-all method for combat, instead liking to make little proverbial strikes before knocking something down. This is reflected in his use of Enchanting and other support magic. 

He loves spending his free time reading, specifically a spellbook of arcane spells he has compiled. He also enjoys crafting magical items but keeps to short-term projects when he does. He will get annoyed at people who are loud or otherwise irritating to him.

Physical Description


Tobias is a medium sized human who is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He has silvery blond hair and reddish tinted brown eyes. He is not exceedingly muscular, but not overly thin or emaciated as other mages. His skin is slightly pale peach colored, with minor dark circles from lack of sleep. He has a strange odor at times due to the precense of spell components.


Tobias dresses in well made clothing ornamented with cut and polished magnetite when possible. He wears a very dull red musketeer's hat with a worn feather. He wears brown velvet jacket with multiple pockets of varying sizes. On his waist hangs a gray scabbard carrying a ceremonial gold sword. He wears an old wool shirt under his jacket that is dyed off white. The edges of his collar, shirt and plants are colored with green highlights with a color not unlike the sky before a tornado.


Birth and Early Childhood

Tobias was born in a small town in Northern Ireland to a pair of British Immigrants. He was born three years after his older brother Elric was. He was born a weak baby due to a complication with his birth, but the doctors were able to stabilize him quickly.

Tobias was relatively silent as a baby, preffering to play with toys of unusual quality, such as toy forges or complex toy trains. While his parents feared he was disabled, his brother simply wanted to spend time with his new sibling. Tobias and Elric shared a close relationship.

Tobias showed great intelligence for his age by the time he turned four, He would constantly ask his parents for new books he wanted to read. He barely wanted to play with other kids his age and had little friends as a result.

Around this time, Tobias' younger sister Caroline was born. Tobias and Elric spent some time looking

Later Childhood

Tobias' interests grew closer to fantasy as time went on. He specifically liked Fantasy with kinds of magic in it. Most of his presents for his 7th Birthday were books that he'd asked for. He did surprisingly well in school, and in fact skipped a grade in primary school.

Tobias was hailed in his small town a sort of prodigy along with his brother Elric (for different reasons; Tobias for his intelligence and Elric for his community service and athletic ability). Tobias became an avid reader, and it was expected he'd become an author one day. 

Secrets of Wind

One day Tobias and Elric ventured into the forest near their house. During this adventure, the weather shifted without warning and became a massive gale. The brothers were forced to take shelter under a large rock formation.

During the storm, a massive bolt of lightning split open the rock that they were hiding under. The explosion caused the ground beneath to open up into a small cavern in the ground. While the brothers managed to survive, they were now trapped inside with no escape.

Tobias, however, heard wind nearby. He and Elric managed to locate the source of the noise; the entrance to a large labyrinth. Deciding the risk it, the two brothers decided to go through the labyrinth. After a large series of twists and turns, they came across a large chamber hewn from the rock with a druidic alter in the center.

On the alter was a pedestal holding a tablet engraved from a green rock. The brother inspected the flawless object, which read "The finder of this stone may only read its text if they descended from the Feywind. Reader of this tablet, study thy stone and learn the secrets of wind".

Additionally on the altar, there were two swords of incredible make; a gold sword and a silver sword. Knowing they'd be unable to take them and hide them from their parents, they decided to come back when they could, if ever.

Intrigued by the tablet, the brothers decided to keep the object. Ultimately, they went back to where they were trapped and were later rescued by a rescue team.

Becoming a Mage

Tobias and Elric studied the Tablet for a time, managing to keep it secret using an elaborate series of hiding places and moving it around at regular intervals. The secrecy worried Tobias' parents, but the brothers were so engrossed in their work they barely noticed.

While they were skeptical, there was something about the tablet that convinced it to learn its secrets. After some time. they managed to cast their first spell; A supernatural air blade that cleaved a small stone wall in half to the amazement of the brothers.

With time, the two brothers grew in magical ability. Books with nigh nonsensical text became clear as words of arcane power. Shapes and colors changed, showing the powers of magic around them. They were, with in 2 years, able to easily retrieve the swords hidden within the Wind Labyrinth.

As a price for power, however, the two boys grew further detached from the world around them. Their parents tried what they could to find out what was wrong. In his paranoia, a now 13-year-old Elric decided to hide the book. They would have to forgo studying until they threw off the suspiscion of their parents and peers.

Elric Disappears

Things went back to normal after a while, barring the relationship of the brothers. Tobias and Elric stayed together less but otherwise stayed close. After some time, the brothers had all but forgotten about the book. The only thing they had to remember of their delvings into arcane magic where the pair of precious metal swords.

After a while, Elric disappeared. The young boy vanished one day suddenly, without a note or forewarning of any kind. The entire town was swept by the worried population. Nothing was found, not even a body, and everyone feared the worst.

While the entire town searched for Elric, Tobias was left alone to take care of Caroline. In the days that followed, he and his sister grew closer. After a full 4 weeks with nothing found, the search was called off, and Elric was declared dead. A funeral was held for him. Tobias regretfully decided to attend his brother's funeral.

Beyond the Grave

Tobias, three days after the funeral, had a dream. He dreamt some dark force had been choking him in his sleep. As it chocked him, it slowly took the form of his supposedly dead brother, Elric. His brother gave him very clear instructions: "Tomorrow, you will see on the news that a house burned down. This proves I am alive. The following weekend, come to the rock where we found the labyrinth at 12 AM. Bring the swords. And if you tell anyone of this dream, or you refuse to show up, I will kill everyone you love."

Tobias was reasonably concerned when he woke up and saw that what was prophesized in the dream to have come true; a house had been burned down in his neighboorhood, and the suspected cause was Arson by explosive.

Tobias did what his dream told him. He came to the rock, checked his watch, and waited until the exact time. A small quake occurred. Tobias was afraid the ground would collapse again, but was instead treated to an opening.

Tobias stepped into the opening and was treating to a winding tunnel. Tobias stepped down, and found himself in the wind labyrinth. Tobias felt as he knew his way through the labyrinth by heart, and after a while, made it back to the druidic altar.

The altar had been converted into a magical laboratory. Elric stood, in flesh and blood, atop a throne hewn from shiny rock, and welcomed Tobias. Elric gave a quick explanation of why he faked his death and ordered Tobias to give him the swords.

Tobias took a moment to question his actions, to which Elric responded that he no longer cared for things such as family. Shocked, Tobias asked why, to which Elric coldly responded that he cared about his magical powers more. Tobias was horrified, but the moment was cut short by Elric demanding that Tobias join him in his quest for power or suffer.

When Tobias refused, Elric tried to kill him with an Air Saw. Tobias dodged, and Elric decided to take Tobias on hand to hand. With his superior strength, Elric was able to quickly subdue Tobias. Lifting Tobias by the neck and slamming him into the nearest wall, Elric ordered that his little brother surrendered the swords.

Tobias was just about to give the silver sword to Elric before he realized; Elric was stronger, but not invincible. Tobias made the impulsive move of attempting to stab Elric with the sword. In that moment, Tobias forgot gold was a terrible cutting implement. However, he managed to stab Elric in the leg. Angered and in incredible pain, Elric dropped Tobias, who quickly cast an Air Saw from the depths of his memories.

Elric was badly cut from the attack and started to bleed profusely from his wounds. Tobias took the moment to grab te silver sword and run through the labyrinth, unsure of what became of Elric. Before he had escaped the Wind Labyrinth, a huge blast of wind ran through the tunnels and knocked him down. Elric, who had managed to stop the bleeding with the materials in his lab. Before attempting to slit Tobias' throat with an Air Saw, Tobias managed to hit Elric with a Gust of Wind by himself, knocking Elric down.

When Tobias made it out of the Labyrinth, he immediately went to the surface, and tried to cast another spell. Somehow, he was able to make the rock formation collapse once again, sealing Elric inside the Wind Labyrinth.

Leaving Home

Coming Soon...



  • HS the Deathknight: HS is Tobias' most trusted friend and ally in his quest to defeat Elric. While they are barely alike in terms of personality, they share a drive to complete a goal which is mutually benefical to them both in some way. Tobias is also amazed at the Deathknight's ability to take punishment, and almost constantly wonders how such endurance is possible.
  • Xypher deCarcerate: Tobias does not normally get along with Xypher, seeing his constant use of his powers for thievery as irresponsible. However, he also realizes that Xypher's skill make many missions possible.
  • Wink: Tobias and Wink share a mutual respect for each other, even though Tobias is weary of Wink's nigh-sociopathic alien mindset. However, with Wink's innate knowledge of magic (making him possibly the most concentrated source on Earth) Tobias has made leaps in his magic he once thought impossible.


Arcane Magic

Tobias possess a small variety of Arcane Magic, mostly based on Wind, Protection and Enchantment. In exchange for his rather limited studies, he can use most of his magic many times per day, and can use mana more effectively than normal. He prefers using support magic to use as little force as possible but isn't afraid to cut loose if cornered.

  • Mage Barrier: Tobias can create a magical field of force around himself (visible or invisible at choice). When visible, it is a brilliant scintillating plate mail made of royal blue energy. The barrier provides defense against physical implements, but enough force can crack through it.
    • Wind Shield: Tobias creates a shield of green swirling winds around himself. This reflects  projectiles without sufficient power to hit him, and additionally gives him an even stronger bonus against physical attacks. Fire and gaseous attacks are usually weakened.
  • Mage Grasp: Tobias creates five wispy tendrils of energy from his hands that can grasp small objects and move them around.
  • Magic Missile: Tobias fires six missiles of red energy at an opponent. They are incredibly swift and nigh impossible to dodge. They are weak, however. Tobias can direct them wherever he wants, as long as his enemy is within a certain range.
  • Fey Fire: Tobias showers an area with unnaturally colored (yet harmless to most things) fire that lights up the area. Anything caught in the fire will emit sparkles of light for a while after being hit.
    • Faerie Light: Similar to Fey Fire, Tobias creates technicolor lights of flame. Unlike Fey Fire, he can project this as orbs of light, which have many practical applications.
    • Mage Fireworks: Tobias fires of a sparkling beam of fire at a target that explodes into bright lights. The lights are actually flame, and aside from the flame, heat and potential blindness, the attack is harmless to anyone with moderately abnormal defenses.
  • Flight: Tobias can use this spell's power to fly for a very long amount of time (a day, according to him).
  • Air Saw: Tobias creates a curved blade of green wind and launches it in the direction he wants. The blade has incredible cutting powers, capable of damaging wood with relative ease. It is one of Tobias' few offense based spells, but a powerful one.
  • Gust of Wind: Tobias creates a strong gust of wind through a small area. The gust lasts only a few seconds, but can knock over loose objects, knock back or stop movement or extinguish flames.
    • Galeforce: A much more powerful, mana costly, and dangerous version of Gust of Wind, it creates Gale Force (100 miles per hour) wind in the area Tobias designates, which can easily cause severe damage to said area. Tobias rarely uses it due to its lethality.
  • Confuse: Tobias shoots a wave of energy disruptions. If they hit a living being, they can cause a temporary unstable mental state upon a foe. Any foe who can resist the mental onslaught of magic can shrug off the effect,  but those who can't will have their five primary senses messed up, making them very vulnerable.
  • Temporary Charm: Tobias attempts to hypnotize someone into following a single command of his choosing (These commands cannot extend a certain complexity, duration or level of obvious danger for the victim). The victim, if they did not resist, will attempt to fill out the command as well as possible.
  • Invisibility: Tobias bends the light around him to make him seem invisible. A very thin wind surrounds him so  dirt and other things that could give him away are blown off. If Tobias casts a spell, he instantly becomes visible.
  • Programmed Illusion: Tobias creates a believable looking illusion. This can range from anything from a replica of himself to a crocodile or an open flame. If the illusion is touched, it dissipates. The illusion is not solid, nor can it attack.
  • Wind Wall: Tobias creates a thick wall of powerful winds. The wall deflects projectiles and certain attacks. Wind-based attacks without sufficient substance are also weakened.
  • Counterspell: Tobias can use his personal energy to counter an opponent's spell. The spell must be in the process of being cast, and stronger spellcasters can negate this.
  • Destruction Cloud: Tobias' strongest spell, that he learned from a stone tablet the team found. Tobias channels energy for a few moments, before firing a deadly cloud of acidic vapors. The vapors have the potential to take out an entire squadron of heavily armed soldiers due to its corrosive properties. Due to its incredible mana cost and lethality, Tobias refuses to use it unless in dire circumstances, and consider's the spell "An inhuman method of murder".


  • Silver Sword: Tobias has a sword with a blade made of pure silver in his possession. The blade is ceremonial (Silver is a sucky edged weapon material).
  • Spellbook: Tobias has a copy of almost all the magic on the tablet he found in the form of a spellbook. The book is bound in fine leather, silver covers, and pages made of


For his power, Tobias is barely any stronger than a normal human being. A mortal wound will kill him. Because of this, he tries to keep to the back lines and attack from a range. Additionally, Tobias is vulnerable to magical suppression effects like any other mage.