Not to be confused with Tobias the Hedgehog, Tobias 'Psyche" the Serval, Tobias Feywind, or Tobias the Hedgehog/Sir Sagramore!

Tobias Aerona is one of the princes of House Aerona of Col'nesia, and serves as a soldier in the nation's army, separate to the Col'nesian Republic Army.

Tobias Aerona

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Light blue w/ peach muzzle
  • Eyes: Cyan
  • Ice-camouflage vest
  • White long-sleeved shirt
  • White fingerless gloves
  • White pants
  • Gray shoes
  • Gray belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponsHammerforge Industries Z-8 "Shadow" Energy Blade
  • Possesses the genetic ability Draw
  • Flight
  • Advanced combat - hand to hand, energy blades
  • Powerful aerokinetic
  • Skilled toxikinetic
  • Possesses some form of Reality Restoration
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
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Appearancesto be collected
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Tobias has an identical appearance to his Mobian counterpart, although his stance and other body language traits have been altered by his military training.


Tobias typically wears his military uniform when seen, which consists of a snow camouflage-patterned vest, plus a white shirt, pants, fingerless gloves and gray shoes, plus a gray belt, on which he attaches his blade hilt and other pieces of equipment.


Early Life

Tobias was born as the third in line to the throne of House Aerona, a major powerhouse in the Col'nesian Republic, behind his elder brothers, the twins Shiryu and Set. Unlike his brothers, however, Tobias rarely showed any interest in politics, instead possessing a barely-hidden disdain for diplomacy, a trait noticed as he studied under tutors in the underground capital of the House. Indeed, he quickly grew a reputation amongst most of his tutors as unteachable. However, not all shared those sentiments. His combat trainers, teaching him to use his elements and powers as well as fight with his hands and a variety of weapons informed Lord Garvin, the King and head of the house, that his eight-year-old son was a natural fighter with a talent for timing and moderation rare to find and impossible to create through teaching alone - Tobias was a child who would never be cut for ruling a nation in peacetime, but in war, he would be one of the most fearsome beings around. Intrigued, Lord Garvin allowed the tutors to focus more on his martial training, and less on the schoolwork.

Entering the Military

His father's ploy worked. By the age of thirteen, Tobias was far too skilled for almost any swordsman in the military, and had progressed from a sword to a Hammerforge Industries Z-series Energy Blade, a weapon capable of being modified by the teenager as he saw fit, and could defend against almost any weapon. His aerokinesis had developed to the point where he could control the wind and fly, while his toxikinesis was able to dissolve a large number of metals with its touch. Finally, with resistance from Lady Carla, the boy's mother, Garvin agreed to let his son enter the military at an early age. He never found himself regretting the decision. Three years later, at sixteen, Tobias was still too young to enter the Col'nesian Republic Army, and as such remained a member of the House Defence Force, but a respected one with citations for bravery and taking risks under fire.


Tobias, as a member of the Aerona Family, possesses the genetic ability known as Draw, which allows him to, on occasion, perfectly replicate an opponent's technique in a one-off shot. The precise technique randomises, and could even theoretically be a technique that the opponent believes that they had forgotten.

Tobias is skilled at 'touching the wind' in order to fly, with his advanced skill in aerokinesis allowing him extreme power with that skill. Similarly, his toxikinesis is acidic, allowing him to remove metal barriers with only slight difficulty.

In combat, Tobias uses a modified Z-8 "Shadow" Energy Blade. The energy blade, with it's high-grip studded surface, originally came with a cobalt blue blade generated by an artificial blue crystal, which the young prince replaced with a rare black sapphire to create a unique gray-black blade, while a second piece, a shard off a Fire Stone, creates a fire-like rippling around the edges of the blade, and turns the blade into a tool partially Fire-aligned. In a similar manner, his close-combat abilities are reasonably high-powered and well-practised thanks to his training from a young age.

Remarkably, Tobias is also immune to reality warping, and can even repair any damage to the fold or reality through an unexplained form of Reality Restoration.

However, opponents skilled

Wind Abilities

Poison Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Signature Abilities

  • Swooping Slam - Tobias launches himself into the air, using the additional height and altitude to dodge incoming attacks not optimized for a flying target, before slamming into his target shoulder-first.

Forms and Fusions


A rough-and-tumble youth, Tobias has little patience for any finesse for dealing with other people, instead preferring to threaten and duel them. Combat and flying make up his two main interests.

Allies and Enemies

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