Cquote1 You'd be surprised what a determined person can live through. Cquote2
Tobi to Alex when his brother notices his scars, After the Blackout

Tobi the Jackal is a male black-backed jackal with a badly scarred throat and chest, and a low, raspy voice due to damage to his vocal cords. He is the elder son of Turner and Kate, and older brother of Alex. He debuted in The Warrior's Quest, had a cameo in Broken Trust, and will return in After the Blackout.


Tobi is a stocky male black-backed jackal, with tan fur, black fur on his back, a black-tipped tail and ears, amber eyes, and long scars that crisscross on his throat and chest. Because of these scars, he has lost much of his voice and can only speak in a low, raspy whisper. The loudest he can get is a whisper-shout, and has a low, shaky howl.


Tobi is a calm, firm person. Despite his lost voice, he still finds ways to make himself heard, and is close to his younger brother Alex.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Warrior's Quest: Tobi first appears when his family are visiting a town near their home. Tobi is shown to be pleased when Walt Wallaby remembers his name. Tobi's next appearance is when he flees with Alex when their camp is attacked by the Jackal Squad. Tobi is threatened into submission when the Squad's leader threatens Alex's life. When the leader snidely remarks that he never let's anyone escape, Tobi snarls that he won't like what he's about to do before lunging for him. He shoves Alex away and kicks the leader, calling for Alex to flee. He does not appear again.

Broken Trust: Tobi makes a cameo alongside his parents in High Mountain City when Stan meets them while recovering in the city. He notes that all three are badly scarred, and that it was a miracle Tobi survived his wounds.

After the Blackout: Tobi serves as the POV. He and his mother Kate are pinned down by two Jackal Squad members each forced to watxh while the leader viciously taunts and beats Turner, who is recovering from wounds on his face that have left him blind. Tobi finally breaks free and retaliates for his father, snarling with fury. As a result, he is viciously slashed on the neck, and barely survives. He travels with his parents to find the warriors, and arrives as the Alliance are planning to rebuild the cities and villages Infinite destroyed during the Great Rebellion.


Turner and Kate

Like his brother, Tobi is close to his parents and loves them dearly. He is even willing to retaliate for them, as he fought for his father when the Jackal Squad leader beat him.


Tobi loves his younger brother, and after reuniting, they maintain a healthy relationship.


Though he never met Infinite after the villain adopted his new identity, Tobi still harbors a deep hatred for him because of his crimes against his family. Tobi heard of Infinite's crimes, secret plans, and actions during the Great Rebellion, the Great Storm, and the Lamarkie Standoff, and his opinion remains the same.


Unknown; a possible weakness for Tobi is the fact that he lost most of his voice. Because he can't speak very loudly, Tobi often finds it hard to make himself heard, and this comes at a disadvantage if he ever needs to alert someone.


Tobi was initially named Xander, so him and Alex would be a pun on the common male name "Alexander", but this was changed.

Tobi was initially meant to die alongside his parents when his family was attacked, but this was changed.

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