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"To Catch a Queen and King" is the third episode of the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series.




  • Mobius
    • Robotropolis
    • Underground Water Works




  • Roboticization
  • Sonic Super Spin


Argus, a captain of the royal guard, is captured by Sleet and Dingo before he can reach the secret rendezvous where he was to meet Queen Aleena amf King Jules. While listening to a scanned radio message, Sonic, Manic and Sonia overhear that a king and queen's guard has been captured and roboticized. The hedgehogs then begin their pursuit to recapture Captain Argus from Dr. Robotnik and get the information revealing the secret meeting place where they may be reunited with their beloved mother and father.


A lovely family photo.

[Argus, Sonia and Manic share photos.]
Argus: Those were happier days indeed.
Sonic: [Cuts in] I'll add a big 10-4 to that! D'you know where we can find Mom and Dad now?
Argus: I was on my way to our rendezvous point when I was captured, so...
Manic: So, what're we waiting for?
Argus: With any luck, she and your father will be in the underground drainage caverns near Egghead's base.

[Sonic sees a red scarf behind a water tank.]
Sonic: Hey look! It's Mom's scarf!
[He zooms down the rock and along the bridge, followed by Sonia and Manic, with the latter surfing over the water with his hoverboard.]
Sonia: So where is Mother?
Sonic: [Holding the scarf] I don't know, and there's something familiar about this scarf... [Gasps]
Sleet: Do you mean the tag on the back that says...
[Sleet and the Swatbots arrive behind him.]
Sonic: [Reads the tag] Property of the Hedgehog Dynasty. Yes, it's Mom's scarf.
Sleet: Awwww, Dingo, you idiot! You were supposed to replace it with the fake one!
[The Old man is morphed back into Dingo.]
Dingo: Sorry, Sleet. Thanks for dinner Sohnia, it was great!
Sonia: I took DINGO out for dinner?! [Anguished scream.] Oh! My! GOD!!

Sleet: Give up hedgehogs, your mother and father aren't coming!
[Sleet orders Argus-Bot to go after the hedgehogs. The trio are climbing up a ladder while swatbots fire at them.]
Manic: Sorry guys, I was trying to show you how cool I could be... and it blew up in our faces instead!
[He blocks a laser shot with his hoverboard. With his hoverboard now damaged, he panics and tries to climb quickly. Sonic helps Sonia and Manic up to the top of a tank.]
Sonic: No way! I should have never gotten down on you! It must have something to do with... all this water!
[A laser shot destroys a nearby tank, scaring the hedgehogs. They run towards another tank. Sonic starts climbing another ladder.]
Sonia: Don't worry. Everyone makes mistakes. Even me!
[She climbs up.]
Manic: Gee sis, you're all heart!
[Manic also starts climbing. Another laser shot hits the bottom of the tank they are climbing up, breaking a piece off. The shot was revealed to be fired by Argus-bot. Sleet cups his hands.]
Sleet: Give up your useless search, hedgehogs! Queen Aleena and King Jules would never lower themselves to hide in an underground swamp!
[The hedgehogs appear at the top of the tank.]
Sonic: Oh yes they would - if they knew it would help get rid of old Buttnik once and for all! Once all five of us get back together, he and his hired goons won't stand a chance!

"You expect me to jump?"

Argus: Nice going, kids - since this won't last long, I'll talk fast! The rendezvous point is [Points in the distance] there!
Sonic: We'll find a way to extend the time.
[Sonic returns his guitar. The camera move to where Argus is pointing, across water to a shore with an opened portcullis at the end. Manic sees a red scarf behind another water tank and becomes excited. He drums for a split second.]
Manic: There they are! But so is Argus!
Sonia: [Gasps] No way! Argus is here!
Sonic: [Gasps and realizes] Which means it's Dingo in disguise! [Calls to Aleena and Jules] Mother! Father! Look out!
[Manic rides on his broken hoverboard but falls over.]
Manic: [Upset] My hover-board. It's blasted. SONIC!
Sonic: [Sweats] What? You expect me to jump? But that's WATER!
Sonia and Manic: It's also our mother and father!
Manic: Come on bro, [Slowly] we're waiting!
Sonic: [angrily] How many times do I have to tell you - that's MY line!
[Manic laughs. Sonic runs up the tower and leaps across. Sonia and Manic becomes excited. The camera cuts to Dingo.]
Dingo: (Argus' voice): Your Majesty, don't go! I bring news of your kids!
Sonic: Forget it, 'Ding-dong'! This kid brings news of his own!
[Sonic makes it to the shore and unleashes his guitar. He aims it at Dingo, ready to fire. Aleena runs away. Dingo chases after her. Sonic fires his weapon at the top of the portcullis door. Jules grabs his wife's hand and pulls her in a romantic embrace.]
King Jules: Come, my queen, time to go!

[Aleena and Jules manage to make it across, while Dingo grinds to a halt and is hurt and covered by falling rocks. He shows up out of the rocks and rubs his sore head.]

Dingo: Awwww, I almost had them!
[Manic and Sonia climb up the tower, revealed to be a giant water tank. Argus Bot waves at them, then starts spasming.]
Argus-bot: Hurry! I'm Starting To Roboticize Again!
Sonia: Let's do it!
Argus: Hang On Tight!
[Argus-bot cuts down the lower part of the tower with his arm-laser]
Sonia: I hope this works...
[Sonia and Manic scream and hang on tight as the top of the tower falls and lands on the shore. The hedgehogs hurt themselves as they land, but they make it across. Sleet then appears behind the robot.]
Sleet: What are you doing, you idiot bot?!
[Argus-bot confronts Sleet, making him panic.]
Argus-bot: Going Out With A Bang!
[It grabs and lifts Sleet, and then throws him off the tank into the water. Calming music plays as The two hedgehogs wave at Argus-bot.]
Sonia: Goodbye Argus!
Manic: We'll be back!
[Argus-bot waves back at them and then runs into the tunnel in the king and queen's direction. Meanwhile, Sonic confronts Dingo, whom is still in Argus' form and holding handcuffs.]
Sonic: You don't fool me, Dingo - so if you want me, come and get me!
[He taunts at Dingo by blowing a raspberry and sticking his tongue out. Dingo is infuriated by this and charges at him. At the very last moment, Sonic evades, causing Dingo to crash into a pipe and cuff himself onto it.]
Sonic: Next time, leave my mother and father alone!
Sonia: Where are Mother and Father anyway?
Sonic: Gone. At least those guys can't get them either.
Sonia: Oh, thank the gods.


  • Some of the family photos were taken when the triplets were 7 to 9 months old, just a few months before their first birthday and Robotnik's coup.