Biographical Description
Diet TypePiscivore - primarily
Biome RangeArtika - primarily
Colder regions of Northamer and Eurish - uncommon
Northern coastlines of Yurashia - Yurashian Tizheruk only

30-34 years (in the wild)
34-40 years (in captivity)

Physical Description
Avg. Height

8-13 ft. (total body length, male)
3-5 ft. (height at shoulder, male)
7-12 ft. (total body length, female)
2.5-4.5 ft. (height at shoulder, female)

Avg. Weight240-275 lbs.
Body TypeQuadrupedal
Coat TypeFur
Sexual PhenotypeDimorphic
Reproductive Information
Reproduction MethodAllogamist
Gestation Period2 months
Offspring TypeViviparous
No# of Offspring3-4

Tizheruks are an uncommon species that lives on the planet Mobius, and are a type of Summon, as well. They are a predatory species that primarily roams Artika, and are one of the top predators in that location, alongside the Denkuzuri and Tundra Reavers.

Unlike Tundra Reavers, however, Tizheruks are not exclusive to Artika; this is also true of Denkuzuri.


Somewhat resembling a cross between a snake and a seal, Tizheruks are long-bodied creatures with rather short limbs, thick, fin-like forearms and hind feet, and long, thick tails that make up about half of their entire length. They have small ears, medium-length snouts, and (usually) a single, blade-like horn of ice on their heads, as well as longer fur that extends from the backs of their heads and runs down to their upper backs; this fur also extends around the base of their necks as well, forming a sort of ruff. The tips of their tails end in thick fins, and they also have two thick whiskers on either side of their snouts.

Males are typically a foot longer than females, and often have a more curved horn, while females have a straighter one.


The different subspecies of Tizheruks are based on different kinds of pinnipeds, with a couple of exceptions.


Tizheruks primarily make their homes on the continent of Artika, but have been known to live in the colder areas of both Northamer and Eurish, albeit less commonly.

One single subspecies of Tizheruk has been seen at the northern coastlines of Yurashia; fittingly, it is referred to as the Yurashian Tizheruk.


Somewhat unpredictable, Tizheruks are territorial creatures and will aggressively guard their stomping grounds from any and all intruders. Being as unpredictable as they are, they may suddenly charge at people from as far as ten feet away. However, they are also known for being rather flighty, changing their desires seemingly on a whim; they may be incredibly aggressive at one moment, and virtually ignorant of nearby people the next.

For Summoners wishing to tame and bond with one, a great deal of patience is needed, and it's preferred to start with a considerably young Tizheruk.


Tizheruks are carnivores, and their semi-aquatic lifestyle sees them feeding primarily on fish. However, they can and will eat any creature that's smaller than them, such as Frost Imps and even Tundra Reaver pups.

Tizheruks are known for being opportunistic, prioritizing easier prey (namely injured animals) over more difficult catches; this makes them a nuisance to fishing villages, as the creatures will often attempt to steal catches rather than hunt for fish themselves. They're usually easy to discourage away from said theft, however, unless they happen to be starving.



Tizheruks give birth to an average of three pups, but numbers as high as five have been reported. The pups are kept in a den and guarded by both parents, with both of them taking turns bringing back food to feed their offspring.


Tizheruks are able to swim quite well, and are protected from the frigid waters of their home by a thick, insulating layer of fat. They are armed with formidable weapons in the form of sharp teeth and claws, as well as a long, single horn; their entire bodies are also quite strong, and their long, thick tails can easily knock over a person and even break bones. They have a great sense of smell, but their eyesight and hearing isn't anything special.

Tizheruks have the natural ability to manipulate the Element of Ice, and, while able to use melee-range, physical attacks of the Ice element, typically use long-range techniques to ward intruders away from their territories. Their fighting style causes many people to see them as the Ice-aligned equivalent of the Salamander, which also utilizes a long-range, artillery-style of combat; however, Salamanders have a wildly different (and much more amiable) general disposition, therefore it is unwise to assume that a Tizheruk will behave like a Salamander.

Known Owners

Those who own Tizheruks, typically as a Summon.

Other Information


Cyberized Tizheruks

A pack of Tizheruks that formerly lived at the coastline of Icy Outpost had since been captured when the fishing village was destroyed by Tundra and his forces. They were forcefully Cyberized and made into mindless slaves as a result; now they guard the Badnik factory that had since been built over the ruins of Icy Outpost.


  • Despite their ability to swim, Tizheruks are not able to manipulate the Element of Water.
  • The idea for the Tizheruk to have a single horn (akin to the narwhal's horn-like tooth) was suggested by Saren the Dark Lynx (Talk).
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