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Fur: Emerald Green

Skin: White (muzzle)

Eyes: Bright yellow

Markings: black
Lime green shirt with short orange sleeves

Dark purple skirt

Dark blue thumb-less gloves

Blue and Purple tennis shoes

Gray socks

Chao hair pieces

"I wanna come too!"


"Knuckles is mine!"

"Knuckles is my friend, I don't care if he has told you otherwise..."
Love Interest:
Who Else?!
Her claws/teeth



"Knuckles, Can I come too?!"


Despite how young she is, and slightly short, Tio is a teenage girl who is currently thirteen. She was born on March 21st on the very top of Emerald Mountain, where she currently resides. This is where she met Knuckles sometime back when a wild boar had tried to attack her after she saved a chao from it.

Tio is single, considering she ONLY likes Knuckles. She isn't very posessive of him or anything, but she can be a little bit stingy when it comes to sharing him with other girls who show interest.

As she has never seen another echidna, its possible she could end up falling in love with someone who may be one someday.

Abilities and Attacks

  • Being a cat, she has made good use with both her claws and sharp teeth.
  • Tio can climb a little bit, due to the above.
  • She has great hearing which comes in handy sometimes.


  • Sticky bombs: Tio touches the red parts of her shoe that form gooey bombs after she drops them.
  • Loving Chao: Two Fake chao appear and form a heart shaped shield in front of or behind Tio
  • Chao illusion: Using her hair ornaments, small chao appear to distract the target.
  • Knuckles Plushie: Tio pulls out a small knuckles doll that can single hit the target.
  • Running: Tio summons a whole bunch of chao to run over the target.
  • Chao Rain: Like above, but chao fall on top of the target


Being a young girl, Tio adores and enjoys playing with and taking care of chao. She doesn't own one herself but she often explores in search of strays to bring them to the chao gardens in hopes of providing them with a nice and loving home. She does have a chao doll she's named Toto, however.

Tio also considers anytime she can hang out with Knuckles to be a hobby to her. Tio has a small talent of finding emeralds, she can't really explain it but somehow she can, which she claims is because of her love for Knuckles being very strong.

She has also trained enough to cut through thin layers of metal with her teeth and claws.


  • Tio cannot swim, contrary to what most tigers can do. She has tried to learn to swim however, but so far no luck.
  • Easily scared or frightened, very jumpy...
  • She also happens to be easily distracted by things, a reason her Chao Illusions are rarely used.
  • Tio can't bite super hard things like thick sheets of metal. Her claws fair slightly better.


Tio is a teenager who seems pretty innocent to most, usually because she's slightly shorter then she should be for a girl her age. But most of her interest can come off a little bit question to most. Tio knows how to fend for herself and loves a good fist fight. She is somewhat tough but overal very energetic and a cutesy girl. She loves to hang out with Knuckles and considers herself a fan of his, but she claims not to be a stalker or some love crazed fangirl.

While she persues him, Tio is very certain that Knuckles will never return her true feelings, due to age and feeling as if she is nothing interesting to him. But he seems to accept her as a friend so far, though cares somewhat about her safety and often tries to make her stay behind, but to no avail...

While she can also be scared easily, if someone threatens Knuckes it doesn't take Tio much to attack said person. Though she tries to not be reckless...


  • Chao of all sorts of types and colors
  • Knuckles!
  • Exploring
  • Fields to play in
  • Fishing (by fishing, she means using her claws to scoop the water)
  • Favorite Foods: Lime soda/pop, fruit, fish (grilled especially), carrots


  • Rouge
  • Mean people
  • Those who threaten her friends
  • Boredom
  • Upsetting Knuckles
  • Falling into the water...
  • Scary places like cemetaries or caves
  • Hated foods: Things like Squash and Pumpkin, candy, coffee and other bitter drinks.


Tio is a emerald colored Tiger girl with white skin, this being mostly her muzzle and inside her ears. She has glowing yellow eyes with a single eyelash on each. All along her body, and even in her hair Tio has black sripe like markings. As she is a tiger. Tio has chest length hair with two small, spiked pigtails held up with small chao head shaped beads. She has three spiked bangs, similiar to Amy's very own and part of her hair spikes up from her head.

Tio wears a plain lime green shirt with orange sleeves, a dark purple skirt and dark, above the knee tight shorts. She also wears dark blue gloves with the thumb cut out and a hole through the top in a big oval shape. Around her wrist are berry colored bracelets. She also has on dark purple tennis-shoes with rolled down gray socks with a thin blue band around each and a big red piece at the back.

Backround and Other Info

She is often carrying emeralds or pieces of emerald shard she has found. But she cannot use emeralds themself.

Tio was strolling through the mountain one day when she had come by a chao (later named Nu-Nu) about to be attacked by a wild board. Tio distracted it by throwing one of her bombs near it and managed to save the chao. But this action made the boar very angry!

She was about to fall off the side of the mountain she was on when Knuckles suddenly swooped in and saved her. At first, she wasn't willing to just hand over the emerald she had but seeing how much it meant to him the female slowly gave it up, however, she made him promise to let her come with him.


  • "Wait for me!"
  • "I found one!"


  • Her un-natural coloring for a tiger is often brought into question.
  • Its unknown why she does not own a chao, when she seems to really like them.
  • Tio often has berries with her for any wild or lonely chao she finds.


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