Tinashe the Fox
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Tinashe the Fox

Tinashe the Fox (pronounced "tee-NAH-shə") is a member of the Efrika Egg Army, and serves under Efrika Sub-Boss Kerion Croc of the Shifting Sands Egg Base.

Physical Description

A slender bat-eared fox who stands a little over three feet tall, Tinashe has a somewhat short muzzle with a triangular nose, very large, somewhat elliptical ears that stand mostly upright, and a bushy, medium-length tail.

Her fur is primarily baby pink in color, with a New York pink muzzle, forearms, ear-tips, and tail-tip, and a white chest, inner ears, and stomach. Her hair, which is rather short and wavy, is painite in color, and her left eye is pale brown in color; her other eye is Cyberized, and has a black sclera with a blue iris.

Tinashe's outfit consists of a long sleeve top with white cuffs, white stripes down the arms, and a zipper down the front, as well as white gloves, black pants, and boots.


Joining the Eggman Empire

When Eggman's forces started to establish a stronger foothold within the continent of Efrika, Tinashe, along with her friend Yohannes the Tenrec, ended up encountering the mad doctor's army. Choosing to employ deceit over brute force this time, they claimed that they were here to help improve the quality of life for everyone living on Efrika. Tinashe fell for the bait, although Yohannes was much more suspicious.

Enticed by the prospect of making the world a better place, Tinashe willingly joined the Eggman Empire, with Yohannes following her. After the two underwent Cyberization, they were sent to the Shifting Sands Egg Base to serve under Kerion Croc. It was at this point that Tinash knew she fucked up; Kerion was more than open about his desires to help Eggman conquer Efrika, and the idea of having the entire Desert Ocean Zone to rule was something he gloated over often, not caring about what the Egg Soldiers under his command thought of this. In fact, none of Kerion's forces liked the Sub-Boss, and Tinashe was no exception.


Base Stats
Other Stats

Being a canine, Tinashe has a keen sense of smell, and her Cyberized right eye functions much like the scope of a rifle, allowing her to focus and even zoom in; this gives her incredible accuracy with her laser rifle. Her huge, radar-like ears also give her a highly refined sense of hearing, and she can detect noises from miles away. She is quite fast and nimble, and her sharp teeth and strong jaws allow her to deliver a nasty bite if need be. She does have some knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, but she doesn't quite have the physical strength to make it be her most reliable form of fighting.

She is capable of basic sunakinesis, and is able to generate small streams of sand; her control of sand isn't strong enough to really be a reliable weapon, and she primarily uses her sunakinesis as a form of disabling the opponent (I.E by shooting sand into their face). She also can't use her sunakinesis for long periods of time, as it takes a toll on her stamina.

Tinashe also carries an Energy Dagger with her for protection; it has a core of refined Flammanite, giving her a Fire-aligned punch with this weapon.

Extreme Gear: Sandflare

The Extreme Gear that Tinashe predominantly uses to travel around the outside of the Shifting Sands Egg Base.


Tinashe has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types. She is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks. She can mostly counter weak Fire-aligned techniques by smothering them with her sunakinesis, and her Flammanite-Core Energy Dagger gives her an edge over opponents weak to the Element of Fire.


Tinashe has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks. Water-aligned abilities can easily counter her sunakinesis, and her Flammanite-Core Energy Dagger isn't as effective against opponents who resist the Element of Fire. Her sensitive ears leave her vulnerable to loud, piercing noises.

Friends and Foes



  • Kerion Croc - She greatly dislikes/fears Kerion, and doesn't even consider him an ally. Kerion has been known to taunt her over the fact that she fell for Eggman's lie, calling her a 'gullible and stupid child'.





As far as soldiers working for Dr. Eggman go, Tinashe is a pretty kind and empathetic individual. She joined up with the doctor having believed his claims that he would improve the lives of the people on the continent of Efrika; unsurprisingly, it was all a lie. She feels guilt over having been fooled by him, and her situation is made worse by having Kerion Croc as her boss (apart from Eggman himself). Rather than bemoan her folly, however, she tries to make the most out of her situation without either of her bosses being aware of potential treachery on her end.

Tinashe, much like Bamidele, typically refuses to fight if she can help it, and may even attempt to subtly throw any fights she gets into if it means that her opponent gets to escape; however, she's not likely to do this for anyone she believes is as bad as or even worse than Eggman himself, and will do her best to take them down if this is the case. However, she's somewhat gullible, proven when she believed Eggman's lies about him wanting to improve the lives of others, and didn't even stop to consider her actions in the long run until it was too late.

Positive Traits

  • Empathetic
  • Loyal

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits

  • Gullible
  • Impulsive



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