Tina Dante the Bat was originally supposed to be a dramatic, lovesick thief, back in the days when the Mystic series was just starting. However, those days have changed - now, Tina has developed, and is an important character in the series. For more information on Tina, keep reading!


Tina is a grey-furred had with a tan-like skin color that you can see inside her ears, muzzle, and wings. She stands at 4'0", and weighs 92 pounds. Tina has a very slim figure, which she gets partly from exercise and partly because she was simply born that way. Tina has yellow eyes and black hair that just seems to be everywhere. Some of it covers her right eye, while some of it spikes into the air. She also has an extremely short tail.

Clothing-wise, Tina wears a red and black-colored shirt that says "OTAKU" in small, capital bold letters While the chest area is red, the stomach and the sleeves are all black. Tina also wears small, green glasses because of her poor eyesight, along with long, pink pants and black and white shoes.


While many people are different depending on whether they're around strangers or friends, Tina takes this to a whole 'nother level. If she doesn't know somebody, she is very awkward, and she tries to relate to them as much as possible. This can make her seem much more like a socially awkward teenager, as she simply doesn't know what to say. However, she is really only like this if she has to say something - if not, she'll most likely retreat to her phone.

Around her friends, Tina is very warm and social, and though she's not one to lead a conversation, she is definitely one to join one. A large part of this is because she sees most of her friends like siblings, which is an experience she wants to treasure due to being born an only child. She puts a lot of trust in those she surrounds herself with, and it shows in how she treats them.

Tina is also very loyal, and isn't one to betray her friends. She very much tries not to make promises she know she probably won't keep, and when she does something wrong, she'll apologize relentlessly. However, Tina hates people with stuck-up attitudes and god complexes, and they are one of the things that make her legitimately mad.

Tina, however, is a pushover. A huge one. She doesn't often stand up for herself, even though she can pretty easily stand up for others.


Bat-ter Up!

Christina Mori Dante the Bat was born to her father Angelo Dante the Bat and Serena Dante the Bat as an only child. As a youngling, Tina was always into reading, and she was a generally normal (if clumsy) kid. When she got to preschool, however, her teachers started to notice something - Tina was always tripping, bumping into objects, and her answers were always written in random directions. Her parents didn't waste any time to realize that Tina's bat genes were messing up her eyesight, and they got her glasses.

However, things weren't always too perfect for Tina. Her father Angelo was a soldier, so most of the time, it was just her mother and her. Tina was lonely a lot of the time, and being a kid, she just wanted someone to play with. Her wish was granted when she started kindergarten, but that's when she realized that you must be careful what you wish for.

When Tina started elementary school, she was very nervous. Not only did she switch from three days of school a week to five, none of her friends went to this elementary! Tina was very scared she was going to be a friendless freak the first two weeks, but then, she met a white-furred boy named Alban Ainekas. Telling him she'd just call him White, the two clicked off immediately, due to White's warmness and friendliness and Tina's loyalty and care.

As Tina grew up, she was similar to many people who go through school - she had to deal with bullies, grades, and popularity contests. Sports was something that Tina liked a lot - not only did it allow her to have a social life, it was just something she enjoyed doing. When White got in his car crash, she supported him along the path, always trying to keep his spirit up.

Powers, Skills and Abilities

Being a bat, Tina has some natural abilities. For example, she can see perfectly in the dark, which can allow her to be fairly stealthy. She also has echolocation, which allows her to be able to sense things if they make noise. However, she is still a bat, so she has poor eyesight.

Tina is a skilled dancer, having taken ballet classes since she was 6. She's also very good at flying as a result of always trying as a child. Due to her father being a soldier, when she was older, he taught her how to use a couple of guns in the right way, even giving her a souvenir gun that she now utilizes with skill. Tina is also good at flying, being a bat.

Also, Tina doesn't know she has this ability, but in dire circumstances when she is in fear, she can manipulate sound, usually manifesting in the form of a sonic scream. Tina isn't close to mastering this ability, but it's sure to rattle whoever her opponent is up!




Tina and White have always been extremely close friends. White was really a large turning point in Tina's life, and befriending him would cause a lot of things to change. White was kind of opening the gate of school for Tina - when she was scared she'd be an outcast who'd just slowly drag through school, she fortunately met him. Coining him "White" because of his albino-colored fur, she was able to see that White was pretty lonely through his tough exterior, she went on to try and befriend him.

They'd become very good buddies, trusting in each other completely. Plus, it just so happened that the duo were neighbors (as if things weren't going perfectly enough for them!). After learning more about him, Tina saw that White was, although snarky, a really kind and cool guy to be hanging around.

Tina has always had White's back, and this is proven after Schnee was kicked out of his house. Tina supported White the entire time, encouraging him to lead his own life (though she was moreso telling him to fix bonds with his parents while he did the exact opposite). Until White met Luna, they would always hang out with each other, playing sports and having lots of fun in Trikon.

When Luna became involved in their relationship, though, things definitely took a large turn. White managed to barely save himself against Luna, and knowing that the hybrid was very much capable of killing them all, he phoned Tina. Tina wasn't really a huge fan of danger, and though she appreciated how White was trying to protect her, she didn't think it was all that moral. White, focusing on survival, didn't pick up on these signs, and it would continue on until Luna's defeat.

Tina and Sephtis... they're kind of like a mother-son relationship and a brother-sister relationship combined. Tina feels as if she has some sort of personal responsibility over the eagle, and she tries to keep Sephtis on track in his life, no matter how difficult it may be. While Sephtis usually goes to the unwilling White for adventure, whenever he hangs out with Tina, he tends to just chill, and that's something that Tina feels she can get behind.

Scarlet, Schnee, and Tina are all complete opposites - if Scarlet was raging fire, Tina'd be calming waters, and Schnee would be rapid lightning. Tina semi-reluctantly joined the so-called "Trikon City Sirens," and out of the three Trikon City girls that are a part of the main group, Scarlet and Tina definitely get along best. Scarlet and Tina are able to relate to how weird it can be in a super-powered world, even if they joined from different sides (Scarlet from a more heroic standpoint and Tina from a more villainous one). Scarlet will always be Tina's girl, having her back and generally just having fun with the bat. Though Tina's fairly quiet and Scarlet's fiery personalities can get them into some... interesting scenarios, they still manage to keep a pretty close bond.

Tina thinks very highly of Kennedy, seeing him as a sort of symbol for justice in the otherwise criminal-filled Trikon. However, one thing that irks her about him is that he is always treating her like a child, which makes her remind him that she is not a kid, and more certainly not his daughter. Despite this tiny argument, the two of them get along pretty well, being two of the more calm people in the core group.

Tina has an immense amount of trust in the guardian-in-training, which she is a little embarrassed by but still cares for Alexia all the same. In their first "battle," Alexia was able to help Tina see what the right thing to do was, something she'd been trying to do ever since she was recruited by Luna. In fact, the two arguably became friends in their first conversations (which is ironic, since everyone else was beating the stuffing out of each other). Alexia is actually one of the reasons that after DoD, Tina introduced Team Watts to the core group.

At first, Tina was actually scared of Terra - Terra had always sent an intimidating vibe to her, which Tina guessed was because she was a close friend of White. However, after the two got to know each other more, Tina felt as if Terra was warming up to her, and though being older than her, kind of began to admire how responsible and brave the ocelot was. Though Terra and Tina occasionally encounter due to the fact that Alexia and Tina get along very well, the duo just don't interact too much. However, they do both respect each other and acknowledge each other as allies.


To make it quick, the two of them just don't care for one another. Tina, having read a lot about Hartley, doesn't think too highly of his mercenary ways and his joking attitude, and Tina just doesn't take enough risks and isn't exciting enough for the tiger. Sure, they'll work together when the time comes, but in the meanwhile, the two aren't exactly friends.

Schnee and Tina... their relationship is probably one of the most ironic things in the series. For one, Schnee is White's sister, and the two of them are two-thirds of the Trikon City Sirens... but oh ho ho, they get along horribly. Tina actually did have a friendship with Schnee when the two of them were younger, and she saw Schnee like she were her own sister, and she was one of the few people who actually helped Schnee against bullies who threatened the hedgehog's reputation.

However, when Schnee got into tech-y stuff, it was like she had transformed into a completely different person! Instead of the timid kid Tina had known, she was a more upbeat, unstoppable force of energy and personality. Schnee doesn't really try to annoy Tina, but because of her lack of a... filter, per se, she can really get on Tina's nerves. The bat wonders why exactly Schnee is the way she is, but she doesn't hate her - it's just that the two don't exactly click the best.

Tina despises Luna with a burning passion. In fact, it was before she had even met the hybrid in person - just the fact that someone could have such disregard for others' lives pushed Tina the wrong way, especially considering her father was a part of the military. Even though Tina felt all these things about Luna, she didn't actually want to have anything to do with her until White told her about the deal they'd made together. If Tina thought she hated Luna at first, it's impossible to describe how the bat felt about her after they'd actually met in person.

Luna had always been bringing Luna down, starting from their very first sparring match when Luna was practically yelling in Tina's face that she was a pathetic person and an inferior being. Though White managed to save her skin, it'd go on where Tina saw the worst aspects of the Black-Arm - Luna would always leave them to do all the hard work while she simply went out to terrorize more people, like that was just sooo important to her. Tina never liked helping Luna just one bit, but out of fear that her life would come to a quick end if she did anything, Tina just did as she was told.

Luna and Tina's relationship is an abusive one, plain and simple. If Tina is like a caring mom to Sephtis, then Luna is the exact opposite. Luna brings out a type of anger and hatred in Tina that she'd never even thought she would ever be able to process before, and Tina was very much excited when she directly contributed to Luna's defeat.



  • Tina takes an online college. She wants to be a lawyer in the future (and her research on Mac was pretty good training for that!).
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