Age: Ageless

Power: Time Control

Type: Time Manipulator

Story and Personality

Timewarp is the opposite of Clockwork The Hedgehog, although he does have the same story. He was formed by time itself whenever is was distorted and as soon as Timewarp, and his brother Clockwork finished forming... They knew they were destined to be enemies. They leaped into battle against each other and faught 1 on 1 for days until Timewarp lost. Clockwork didn't have the heart to finish off his brother, so Timewarp was set free. Timewarp is cocky and rude, however unlike most villains, Timewarp knows not to let his pride get the better of him. He is willing to accept defeat and knows when he has lost, but this gives him the strong spirit he needs to be a threat to all heroes.


He has time control time like Clockwork, but his abilities are slightly different. Instead of slowing down or speeding up time he can reverse it or move it foward. He is very very crafty in battle and is a master at his time powers. However, unlike Clockwork he cannot just stop time. But he can time travel a whole 48 hours foward or backwards.


Just like Clockwork he has no other skills outside of his time control and time travel. But he has insane agility making him very skilled at dodging in hand-to-hand combat. His weakness is when it comes to projectile attacks such as the Chaos Spear. His eyes are very sensative to light and can cause intense pain to him when he looks at them.



Super Forms

He dosen't have a super form but he uses the emeralds to enhance his time control abilities.

Paradox Timewarp

Allows him to travel to any date and time in the history of the universe but he can only stay there for 5 minutes until he returns to the present. REQUIRES: 7 emeralds

Time Break Timewarp

Allows him to cancel out any time spells cast on him. For example, if Clockwork slows down time, Timewarp can counter it by slowing Clockwork down instead. REQUIRES: 1 Emerald

In-Game Quotes

S Rank - This is just another reason why I am worthy to be the new Father Time!

A Rank - Father would be wise to pick me.

B Rank - Could've done better.

C Rank - Grrr come on!

D Rank - How will Father ever respect me now?

E Rank - This is just embarrassing.

Chaos Emerald Obtained - Hmph, Got one.

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