Time Stones

The Time Stones

Time Stones are seven gemstones originating from a world known as "Little Planet" a place said to be from the stuff of legends and to have been destroyed a long time ago. The Time Stones are mainly special due to the fact that they have the ability to manipulate the flow of time and shape it in anyway that the user wishes. When a person gains a time stone they gain a fraction of the ability from said stone, this increases as more stones are collected until all seven are found. This version of the Time Stones was created by NeoExlucky and is only canon to the Tales of the Echo universe and any of it's spin off's.



Time Spinner

Neo Tranquil the Fox

The Stones and their differences

Red (Leylines)

Known as the Leylines stone, the red time Stone allows for the user to see the leylines of time itself. The leylines of time normally point to users who can use time travel, and can point to areas where time seems to be in less control than others.

Blue (Chronomancy)

Often considered to be the main gem of the group, the blue chronomancy time stone allows the user to control the flow of time around them, allowing themselves to travel through time slightly. That being said; this form of time travel at lower levels is less of being a traveler and more of being an observer, as you cannot interact with people or objects when time traveling with this stone and you are somewhat like a ghost in this state.

Green (Sight)

The ability of sight is a dangerous one. The Green time stone allows users to see all of the pathways of time and every possible outcome of them. The green stone can see whenever someone is born, when they die, when everyone they know is gone, even when the world will be destroyed. Whether these come true or not depends on the actions of the people currently residing on the world.

Orange (Manipulation)

The manipulation of time can be used in a form similar to magic. Using time to age people or things around you, or controlling the time vortex and making it into a weapon is a dangerous idea to the undisciplined mind. However, using time as a weapon is not an uncommon idea, many time users are known for using the time vortex as a weapon.

Yellow (Summoning)

Many people confuse the power of summoning and the power of chronomancy. The yellow time stone does not necessarily allow you to time travel but rather that it allows animals and objects to time travel, appearing in front of the user to do as they see fit. This stone does not grant control to animals though, so summoning an animal from another time might be a bad idea.

Cyan (Power)

The time stone of power is a bit difficult to explain. By using the power of time the user of the stone may grant himself or his allies a bonus to attack, defense or speed based on the part of time they chose to empower them with. Many chronomancer's claim that the Cyan stone weaves a part of the time vortex into someone's very being, causing them to gain power, but others are unsure this is the case.

Purple (Defense)

Similar to Manipulation, the time stone of Defense uses the time vortex as a shield to hide behind. Normally what happens is an enemy attacks towards the user who uses the stone to create a temporal shield, which absorbs the blow. Of course, where does this attack go? No one is quite sure, some say it is gone forever, some say it hits someone from a different time period. Whatever the case, the user of the stone is normally never affected by the blow.


Time Travel Summoning Defense Powering up Offense Foresight


No one is sure where exactly the time stones came from, they just appeared on the planet known as "Little planet" which vanished shortly after. The stones then stayed in Mobius and remained undiscovered for years until people claim that a group of roaming nomads found the stones and learned how to control time from them, becoming the first chronomancers. The stones became a gift, given to the people of mobius until one day a woman from out of no where came, known simply as Kairos came and claimed the stones as hers. The stone were put away safely, from the rest of the world after that, always hidden.

For a time it was allowed for scholars to take one stone and study it under Kairos' approval so that they may record what each stone did, but after a time, the stones started to get abused and Kairos sealed the stones away for a long time.

Then Kairos passed away after living for an absurd amount of time; 423 years. When she passed, the seal on the stones broke, but no one is quite sure where they went. It was speculated that someone with a similar mindset of Kairos took them and kept them safe, but then time started to become a little strange. People started to notice that when they looked at clocks, they got a head ache and some chronomancers reported that their powers were out of control.

A group known as Lightstone, led by Time Spinner, a young mobian who seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, started making some appearances and made it their goal to collect the seven time stones and protect them. With the temporary hiring of Neo Tranquil, a thief who appeared in a book affected by the wonky time-ways, and Celia, a hacker with a device made to track the stone, lightstone prevailed and currently are the holders of the stones. (For more information on this event read; A forgotten Tale: The reality Shift)

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