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Time Spinner in City under FIre

Time Spinner

Time as a mobian

Biographical Information

19 (Appearence)

240 (Chronologically)

  • Time
  • Time Spinner
  • T.S
  • Meta

Gadget (Deceased), Shimmer (Deceased), Silver Chain (MIA), Pocket Watch (MIA)

Romantic Interest(s)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Unicorn/Meta
Gender Male
  • Fur: Grey
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown
  • Meta Costume
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Hero, Neutral good
Weaponry Temporal Rapier
  • Temporal Slash
  • Stop Time
  • Time Warp
  • Basic-advanced magic
Other Information
Japanese V.A. N/A
American V.A. NeoExlucky
Theme Song(s) N/A
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Time Spinner is a grey unicorn from born in the city of Royal Ruby, in the dimension known as Zirconia. He is a meta, a group of people given great powers and abilities from the day they are born, and trained when discovered so that they may protect the multiverse from unbearable threats. He is currently assigned to the planet of Mobius and is the leader of Lightstone.


Time Spinner has grey fur, brown hair and blue eyes. Although he has the appearence of a mobian, he still looks slightly strange due to his Meta origin. He is a unicorn mobian, although his horn is missing and in it's place is a small birthmake where the horn should be, which is generally covered up by his hair. He carries a Silver Rapier with a revolver in the hand guard which can spin and generate different powers from the Time Vortex.


Time Spinner is very inquisitive and dis-trustful. He can be a bit of a downer to others and is always there to give the facts of the situation. He will anyone what is on his mind and often does not keep people's feelings in mind. He has a history of being a good leader, and viewing the world as a 'The glass is halfway'. He knows a lot of information and isn't always willing to share all of it. He believes in people learning things on their own and because of this will often omit informaiton if it means others can learn from it.


Young days

Time Spinner grew up with two loving parents in the city of Royal Ruby. He was a noble in the town, and everyone knew he would be a magician, it was just the way things worked. Magic was a sign of power and almost everyone had some control of it, but the more powerful you were, the higher in social standing you would be. Since magic power was transferred genetically, it was almost guarenteed that Time Spinner would become a magician. From the day he was born, he was taught magic. First it was simple things, making a light, moving objects, and fixing things. It quickly evolved into new types of magic, such as elemental control, teleportation, and counter curses. He was powerful for sure.

What was fairly odd though was the difference between him and his brother, Gadget. Gadget was also powerful in magic, but instead of focusing on how he could manipulate the arcane, he instead focused on making objects such as magic tools. Although making focuses wasn't an uncommon art, it was rare for a noble to have a talent in a merchant field.

Eventually Time Spinner even was accepted into his people's best education academy, and learned everything he could about magic, society, and academics. He graduated top of his class and was accepted into his royal highness' magic guard.

From boring to crazy

Time Spinner was a powerful Magic Knight, often known for his tact and brilliance. He wasn't a pushover in a fight, but he wasn't exactly the most powerful either. His tactics got him the name, Tactician, and he led very great battles this way. His life was ever so exciting. Although he did create the war tactics for these 'great battles' they weren't really great. The battles were simple things like dealing with gangs, or the occasional riot that broke out for the sake of looting.

To be continuted after work...

Meta Training


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 7
Attack 5
Spcl. Atk 8
Defense 6
Spcl. Def 8
Speed 8
Reflexes 7
Spcl. Ref 8
Psyche 8
Intellect 10
Total 75/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Normal
Hearing Normal






Neo Tranquil

Celia Takashi


Deity Spinner

Enemies (Add a character if your interested.)

The Wicked

The Shadows



Time Spinner comes from a world in which all forms of magic are common. He has always been a master of the arcane, and being able to generate magics of all types makes him strong, but without a focus from his world, he cannot cast magic, and since he no longer has one, he cannot cast any spells. However he may reflect spells with his sword or use his revolver in his blade to create a type of magic that it lands on. The element is random and cannot be changed quickly.

Time Magic

Time Spinner can use energy from the time vortex to create special kinds of magic to use against his enemies. Most time magic does not kill on it's own, but does affect people of all kinds. It can deal damage using psychological pain. However Time Spinner instead often uses Time Magic as a passive or defensive style of magic, using it as a shield or to increase his speed.


Dark Magic

Dark magic is always something that Time Spinner has been affected by. It was what took his family from him and it was what ruined most of his life. The people of Zirconia are normally very weak to Dark Magic but this psychological problem has made Time Spinner even weaker to it.


"Do you understand what we are asking of you?" Time Spinner to Neo Tranquil

"I see the world as a chart. I can foresee every event that is to come and every event that has passed. When I look at a single person, I can see their entire life from birth to death. The curse of a time user I suppose. You'd think that I'd try to stop it, but I learn that a change in the timeline will always just fix itself. Eventually you forget how things feel and what emotions are like. Having people around you, who don't see things the way you see it, is one of the only ways you can remember being a person." Time Spinner's monologue.


  • Time Spinner was originally a character from another fandom, all though most of those traits have been taken out, he is still considered a crossover character.
  • Time Spinner's home: Zirconia, is named after a jewel and all towns are named that way.