Time Guardians: The Start of Fate is the start of the series, 'Time Guardians'. It has 4 main characters: Mark the Fox, Renée the Hedgehog, Leraku the Hedgecat and X the Hedgehog. It also contains the Elosian group.


These 4 people have been chosen as guardians to defend the planet and more. Their enemies have teamed up to create a plan that will destroy the guardians.

  • Mark the Fox - Lucius.
  • Renée the Hedgehog - Pyro & Zant.
  • Leraku the Hedgecat - (Enemy not available yet)
  • X the Hedgehog - Sigma, Vile and Dynamo.
  • The Elosians - Eredel, Vono and others.

Mark's Story

Mark arrived at Sonictopia along with his father. Many times he has fought him and tries to defeat Lucius. In his adventure, he meets Renée, who helps him along on his journey.

Renée's Story

Renée wants to learn about her hidden past. She gets attacked by Sigma, and meeting X for the first time. She meets Leraku when facing Zant, and the Elosians when trying to find Pyro's hide-out and getting attacked by Eredel and Vono. She helps Mark on his adventure, but mostly focuses on her goal.

Leraku's Story

As one of the strongest guardians, Leraku goes on his journey to train, and help others in trouble. He encounters Zant, Sigma, Eredel and X on his quest. He sometimes manages to meet his father, Eclipse, who can help him along the way.

X's Story

As Maverick Hunter and another one of the strongest guardians, X goes on a quest to destroy the Lord of Mavericks, Sigma. He meets Renée when she gets attacked, and gets helped by Blues and Zero. He meets Leraku when they challenge each other, since they are the strongest of the guardians. He meets Mark after Mark had a first battle with Lucius.

Elosian Story

After their homeland, Elosia, being destroyed by Eredel. Cyrus, Sakura and Seren go on a quest to stop Sonictopia from having the same fate. Along their quest, they begin to find other Elosian family members and comrades, soon realising that most of the Elosian race survived. The three expand to eight Elosian heroes. Sakura, Cyrus, Seren, Raeian, Luna, Dagg, Carly, Aqua, and Neos team up with the others, but usually going their sepperate ways.

Final Story

(Coming Soon)


  • Opening Theme - (not available yet)
  • Ending Theme - In The End by Linkin Park.
  • Mark's theme - Across the Border~Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
  • Renée's theme - Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne.
  • Leraku's theme - (not available yet).
  • X's theme - Fight X.
  • Elosian theme - (not available yet)
  • Renée's Past theme - Sage Laruto~Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker.
  • Mark's Past theme - Missing You~Kingdom Hearts.
  • Leraku's Past theme - (not available yet)
  • X's Past Theme - (not available yet).
  • Elosian Past Theme - (not available yet)
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