Time Guardians: Dawn of Time is the following game after The Start of Fate.


Two of the guardians have gone missing, X and Renée the Hedgehog. But suddenly, a new arrival known as Ruby the Hedgehog steps in, claiming she will take the place of Renée. While the other guardians try to discover who Ruby is, a new villian has taken over from Pyro's reign, his name Zant the Dark, a brother of Mephiles. Two other guardians appear, called Gray the Hedgehog and Natsu.

Ruby's Story

As a new guardian, Ruby starts her mission on finding the other guardians, so she thought. "Find trouble, and one of them will appear",

Meeting Mark/Kram

  • Ruby encounters Mark when she accidently bumps into his father, Lucius. Mark distracts him long enough for Ruby to run off.
  • Ruby's second encounter with Mark is whn Ruby meets her sister, Kokoa, who wants a battle. Ruby is beaten up when Mark arrives, so he pushes her out of Kokoa's way, accidently awakening Moka. Mark's split personality, Kram appears and Moka fights Kokoa, while Kram holds off some demon hordes.

Meeting Leraku

  • Ruby met Leraku when he was fighting off some of Zant's demons. She helped him with it and they both talked for a while, untill Ruby had to go meet someone.
  • Their second encounter is when they both bump into each other at Issa's (Moka's father) castle. Ruby wants Issa's help to find Zant, but he refuses to help his daughter's 'illusionary side'. So Leraku starts a battle with him, while Ruby switches to Moka, because one of Leraku's blast accidently hits her.

Meeting Gray and Natsu

  • Ruby meets the two as they are arguing, she blasts the both of them and runs off.
  • The two catch up with her and go against her, which ends to be a tie.

Mark's Story

Mark's story is to stop his father, who is working alongside Zant. He meets the other guardians on the way, and discovering his split personality.

He meets Leraku in his 2nd battle with his father.

Leraku's Story

As top guardian, Leraku decides to check on the other guardians to see how they are going on, espically the newcomer, Ruby. He encounters his father who helps him on the way.

Gray & Natsu's story

The two being in the same guild, they are forced to work together and get along. Their arguments are broken up by Ruby, Leraku and Mark.

Final Story

The guardians finally make it to Zant's hide-out. They fight him, and when he seems defeated, Zant mercilessly attacks Ruby from behind. Enranged by this, the guardians battle Zant in his final form. In the middle of the battle, Moka appears, seeming to have bypassed the rosary's power, as she was p***** off about Zant's attack to Ruby. Moka uses some of Zant's dark energy to revive Ruby, and switches back. Ruby and Leraku seal Zant afterwards and all the guardians are rewarded.


Opening - (N/A)

Ending - In the End ~ Linkin Park.

Character select - Cavern of Remembrance ~ Shimomura Youko.

Character Themes

Ruby's theme - Shiroi Honoo (White Flame)

Moka's theme - Dancing in the Velvet Moon ~ Nana Mizuki.

Leraku's theme - (N/A)

Gray's theme - Theme Of Gray ~Fairy Tail.

Natsu's theme - (N/A)

Mark's Theme - Fly Across the Border ~ Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Kram's theme - Last Look at Eden ~ Europe.

Battle Themes

Mark vs Lucius - Sinister Shadows - Yoko Shimomura.

Ruby & Leraku vs Issa - Watashi no Kureta Mono.

Final Battle - Tsumetai Rosario.

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