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Biographical Information
Age 25
  • Mr.B (By the kids)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Squirrel
Gender Male
  • Fur:Blonde
  • Hair:Blond
  • Eyes:Green
  • White suit
  • Red tie
  • Glasses
  • Light brown pants
  • Brown shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Good

Hand to Hand combat

  • Painting
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
  • Yamaguchi Kappei
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator User:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Early in his childhood has show his skill in art as he grew. Soon Tim came to the Orpahage when he was offered a job to be the art teacher to which he was happy to take. He give them great praise when they do they're work. Some time later he found a lost baby girl, seeing that she was alone, he took her in and raised her as his own daughter. Over the years, he continued to teach art to his students and spend time with his daughter.


He's friendly and funny, as well as supported to the kids, but can also get mad when someone gets on his nerves. When he's with Elizabeth, he loves he like any father would love and caring as he teaches her to be a wonderful girl when she gets older and not be too hard on her and cheers her for when she does great things like art or changing forms.


Elizabeth the Human hybrid

He was taking a walk when he saw a lost little girl looking for her brothers. He offered to help her, and when there was still no sight of them, and her being alone, he took her home and let her stayed. The next day she turned to a wolf pup, but he still loved her like his own daughter, and she loved him as her father, to which they lived a happy life.


  • Good job class.-Giving credit to the kids.
  • Daddy loves his little princess-Showing his love to his daughter


Tim is a male Mobian squirrel with blonde fur, blonde hair which was styled short on the front with some bangs and a ponytail at the back, a white muzzle and green eyes. The clothes he wears everyday is a white shirt with a pocket on the chest , a red tie around his neck, a pair of glasses, white gloves, light brown pants and brown shoes with black on the bottom.


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