"Welp it looks like am going to have to teach yall fools a lesson again" _ Tie the Hedgehog, talking to C.I.N soldiers

Tie the Hedgehog (ハリネズミを結ぶ) Is a character created by Tie45 (Me). He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and is haft Dlucroidan, He is a known protector of his home town Tottenham city.


Tie is a short male diamond blue hedgehog with crystals light are a darker shade of blue growing on the tip of his spines, he has neon colored blue eyes. with peach skin on his sleeves hs peach skin on his muzzle and arms.

For attire, he hears blue sports pants. Along with a dark blue scarf. He wears advanced almost futuristic gloves which come with a blue wrist and darker rings. For footwear, he has blue boots with darker shades of blue on the back of them. He also sometimes were darker blue glasses.


Tie has a very energetic nerd like personality. He likes stuff like computers games and sci-fi, by most, he is considered to be a nerd. But this far from true, because he does work hard and does very stressful task every single day.

He is more passive is a person and doesn't like to resort to violence often. But he will be violent if he has to protect his friends.



Tie actually isn't mobian. Well sorta let me explain, Most of Tie's blood belongs to an alien race known as the "Dlucroidans". While haft of his blood is mobian. his mother was a scientist who was studying the Dlucroidans. While one day his mother (Maya) was impregnated by a baby Dlucroidan. She then gave birth to Tie.but she really did not want the child so he was sent into foster care shortly after he was born. While he was 4 he meant 3 young hedgehogs and one young fox, they were a name Ava, Knight, Henry, and Leo. He got along with them very fast and they grew a strong bond together. They all eventually became close friends and they all went to the same school together.

Discovering his powers

At the age of 13 Tie was recess one day. He got into a fight with one of the other students grabbed him and broke his wrist with unnatural force. Tie and his friend were surprised. As the days went on Tie discovered more and more of his abilities and became a popular kid at school. And became very famous not just in school but also online.


When Tie was 14 he caught the attention of a secret government organization simple known as C.I.N they wanted to capture and study Tie. Tie and the rest of his friend were defenseless against C.I.N until Tie performed a very powerful busting attack which took outa wave of C.I.N soldiers. Tie and his friend then ran looking for help they then found a guy who didn't agree with C.I.N's ideals. This "guy" gave Tie and his friend's useful equipment used to fight C.I.N.

Current status

Tie is still being hunted by C.I.N every single day while helping and protecting others.

Powers and Abilities

Physical abilities

Tie has superhuman strength and abilities he uses to fight C.I.N. He is very good at lifting being strong enough to lift whole boulders into the air. Being haft Dlucroidan he can not back very heavy individuals with great force. He can shot strong lasers form out of his hands due to his gloves. Tie is also pretty fast in his own right while not as fast as someone like Sonic he is faster than most humans and is possibly faster than the speed of sound (Due to his Dlucroidan DNA) And because of his Dlucroidan DNA, he can heal from damage.

Combat skills

Now with his combat skills. Tie is mostly a melee fighter preferring to battle his opponents close up. is also skilled at using a variety of kicks in lots of different styles which have the power to destroy buildings

Non-combat skills

Tie is expert hacking using computers and playing video games. And he did inherit a lot of his mother's intelligence.


Dlucroidan's have the ability to survive high amounts of sunlight. This mean's Tie can be close to a sun (Or any other hot star) And resist it.


Tie is super peaceful and does not often resort to violence. Also, most of his abilities are melee.

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