Tidal The shark is a member of Team Star-dust, he is blue great white shark and the powerhouse of the team. He is part Leviathan and is member of a tribe in the bemuda triangle, also one of few water maniulators of entire tribe that can uses ice


He is very brute like a shark, also is very gentle and have own standarts like never harm a innocent or a girl. Outside of this he is cool, arrogant and violent (whose become more in battle).

But he have a high sense of honor, he dislike kill someone or continue beating he/she when they cannot stand more. He also don't care in enter in battle whit a girl or child, because he belives that if are in a battle field, is to figth.

Also Tidal ins't very inteligent, he belives more in stremgth than inteligence, whose mades him very reckless. But beside of this, he respects who haves inteligence.

But even Tidal haves a sweet side, he like childs.


Tidal born in a archipelogo in midle of bermuda triangle, rised by a tribe of sharks and other sea begins, son of the levianthan Mark Antony, a powerful sea warrior and Nessy, a great white shark and the priest of the tribe. Since childhood, Nessy his mother teachs him the secrets of the water, Tidal excedes in this are, able to freeze then to control ice and his father teaches him the battle style or the tribe.

Then eventualy he meets Mamba and Hexos and form the team Star-Dust


As a half-shark, half-leviathan, Tidalis a good swimer and haves a powerful bite

Physical Traits

Whit a large built, Tidal is very strong and resistant. Tidal can easely smash a large boudle whit only the strength of his finger. He is so resistant that can resists the direct impact of a high speed train whit few damage. Tidal also is a vey good swimer, he speed in water reachs at least the 300 Km/h, but he he is very slow in earth.

Water/Ice Manipulation

Trained by his mother, Tidal haves water-based abilities, he also can uses ice via this element, whose are considered rare to the water style of his tribe. He mainly uses in conjunct whit physical attacks, such as forming blades or claws of water or ice but also he can shots blast of water or brust of ice.

Tribal Figth Style

Tidal uses his blawl-like tribal figth style; that mix wresteling moves whit the street figth ruthlessness. He tends to mix whit his elemental powers.

Other Skills

Tidal haves a good sense of smell


  • Amethyst: His rival since they first meet and a friend, both are totally oppose one to each even in figth style. Both tends to discuts, but Tidal haves some respect to Amethyst.
  • Mamba: Both share a brother-sister relationship
  • Hexos: A just friend.
  • Kuran: His rival from Darkron Team. Unlike the rivality of him whit Amethyst, Tidal and Kuran haves a mutual hate and lack of respect one for each. This anymosity come from a tribal rivality from Tidal tribe and Kuran tribe.
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