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Tiamat, Queen of the Ancient Oceans, is one of the Forty Grandchildren of Ka, and one of the main deities of the Merbians, as well as a deity of the Water Clan of Neso.

She resides within the Northern Great Sea.

Physical Description

A huge sea dragon that measures around 50 feet from snout to tail tip, Tiamat has two large fins on either side of her head, with two horns of ice on top of her head, as well. She has two long, thick whiskers extending from her snout, and a long mane of hair runs from her head, reaching to between her shoulder blades. Two huge fins that vaguely resemble wings extend from her back, and she also has fins on her forearms and around the tip of her tail. Her claws are webbed, and she has some scars on her body, as well as some tears in her fin membranes.

Her thick scales are primarily keppel in color, with medium aquamarine fin webbing, while the scales on her throat, chest, and underbelly are light khaki in color. Her hair is mostly pure white in color, with some streaks of American silver in it, and her eyes are amber with canary sclera.



Tiamat was "born" a while after The Elemental Gods were; their powers were used to create her and her siblings.

Afterwards, she moved from the Hyperverse to Mobius, where she went into hibernation for 100 years. Her presence, as well as the presence of Akheilos, Ryujin, Mizuchi and Neso helped to keep the Elemental Plane of Water stable and balanced with the other nine Elemental Planes.

Early Years

Defeated by Aegaeon

In the Roleplay entitled The Water God, the main villain, Aegaeon the Shark, attacks the Merbians. Naturally, Tiamat goes to defend them, and the two titans engage in combat. A great thunderstorm was beginning to rage, and Aegaeon managed to use the lightning to his advantage; by drawing it with his trident and using his Spectramancy, he shot Darkness-infused thunderbolts at Tiamat, eventually hitting her with a powerful enough shot to force her to retreat. She fled onto land, but not long after, Aegaeon pursued to finish the job. He hit her with another powerful Dark Thunder blast, sending the weakened dragon flying.

She ended up crashing into the G.U.N base that was stationed next to the Northern Great Sea.

Vengeful Return


Base Stats
Stamina Godlike
Strength Superior
Energy Superior
Durability Great
Resistance Good

Average - land
Great - swimming

Reflexes Average - land
Great - swimming
Magic Godlike
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Great
Other Stats
Eyesight Superior
Hearing Great
Olfactory Superior

Tiamat is capable of using powerful Hydromancy and Cryomancy, as well as the Advanced element of Cryogen. She can dive as deep in the water as she pleases, and also has physical strength, being capable of toppling huge battleships. In fact, Tiamat was responsible for destroying a massive G.U.N battleship during the events of the Beast Legends Roleplay. Despite her size, she can go for a year without food, and never needs to drink.

She is also unnaturally fast in the water, but on land she is considerably slower. Her thick scales act as a natural shield against physical attacks, and her jaws and teeth are strong enough to bite though steel with ease. Her powerful tail is also a formidable weapon, and she can easily knock lighter foes aside with it, or even bind them.


She is extremely resistant to the Elements of Water and Ice, to the point of near immunity.


She is weak to the Element of Electricity and Fire.

Forms and Fusions


Tiamat's Cyberized form that will appear in Beast Legends.


The Merbians

Water Clan of Neso

Friends and Foes






Tiamat is often portrayed as a violent monster, attacking anything that strays too close to her territory, but she is not a mindless beast. She's also known to be quite sarcastic and rude, but is also capable of being gracious if the situation calls for it.

As the main deity of the Merbian people, she is very protective of them, and spends a great deal of her time ensuring their continued existence by keeping outsiders away from them and their homeland; the G.U.N battleship she downed happened to have traveled directly over the Northern Merbian Kingdom, and she saw it as a threat to 'her people'.

From her post far out into the waters, she has a habit of spying on people who are at the shoreline, usually while they aren't even paying attention to the water. As she can submerge her head quickly and with practically no noise, she hasn't been caught spying so far.

Positive Traits

  • Brave
  • Loyal

Negative Traits

  • Rash
  • Aggressive

Neutral Traits

  • Stubborn
  • Sarcastic


"I am Tiamat, Queen of the Ancient Oceans!"

"These waters are my kingdom! How dare you invade?!"


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