The Thunderclap is a very powerful attack used only by electric power users. After applying electricity to one's hands and forcibly and powerfully claps them together, emits long "tsunami" of electrical charges and deafening sound, whoever's close to the proximity of the Thunderclap will be dealt with heavy damage, more depending on how close they are at when it hits.

The user will also face some consequences after using this special attack, they will use a lot of stamina and energy performing the attack and will most likely lose consciousness minutes after.


This attack is exclusively used by electric power users.


The Thunderclap was first discovered by Tesla The Hedgehog, when he witnesses some sort of a police chase. He applies electricity to his hands, clapping them together, and the next thing Tesla finds out, it creates a huge wave of electrical charges, savagely destroying any source of electricity, and incapacitating both the perpetrator AND the policemen, and anybody who was unfortunately caught in the radius.


  • Must be an electric power user
  • Must be over the age of 14

Weak Points

Anybody who is within a "hugging" radius of the user will not be affected.

The Thunderclap's radius and proximity stretches as far as 80 yards, and anyone who is without the said radius will not or barely be affected.


  • The Thunderclap draws a lot of stamina and energy away from the user while performing the attack.
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