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Cquote1 My dream...To travel the world, and share my experiences with everyone...Now, I have more of a reason to travel the world. And I intend to see them both through to the end. I swear it. Cquote2
Thunder The Hedgehog
Thunder Star The Hedgehog
February 15th
Sailing, traveling, exploring, treasure hunting, fishing, writing, Keeping things relatively sane.
Sea Monsters, Large insects, Haunted islands, getting his ship damaged.

Thunder is a 18 year old sailor, and the captain of the Thunder Bolt. Thunder travels all over the world, seeking new adventures and exploring different lands. All the while, he is writing a book about his travels all around the world. He travels with his three siblings: Lightning, his twin brother, Electric, his older brother, and Zap, his younger brother. The four of them all work together to sail around and make things run smoothly. He is also good friends with Smash The Echidna, who is also the first person who comes to him when he needs to go somewhere across the sea. He's considered charging people for riding his ship, since he's had to do it plenty of times, but he didn't. He is also in a relationship with Estrella Marina the Hedgehog, a girl he met while returning from a voyage.

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Thunder Sprite
Thunder Sprite2
Thunder is a yellow hedgehog with twelve quills on the back of his head. They are a bit thinner than most hedgehog's quills, but they are also very sharp as well. His eyes are light blue. His outfits may vary, but his main one--other than a sailors outfit--is a purple life vest, a grey and purple striped scarf, blue gloves with two white stripes going from the wrist to the knuckles, and white and purple shoes with two black straps going across. His brother, Lightning, often wears a very similar outfit. It's actually the same one but in different colors. They both got it at the same place.


Thunder is the leader type of person. He likes to keep things going smoothly and have everyone and everything in order. He plans ahead a lot, and is often busy with something. Of course he always tries to set some time aside for friends. He's generally a nice and considerate person. He works hard to achieve his goals. He enjoys working and adventuring. It all makes a profit for him one way or another. However, he can be easily annoyed when something or someone keeps him from doing what he needs to do, or makes it harder both physically and mentally. He tries to be a bit of a gentleman and helps anyone in need. He can be a tad bit shy around girls though, unless he knows them well.

He's been trying to work on an Australian accent, recently. He thinks that they go well with sailors. But he can't really keep it up for long.

Strengths and Powers

Thunder has powers over both Lightning and Wind elements. Both combined, he can make artificial thunder storms without the rain. He has no idea how he came about these powers. He also has speed rivaling that of Splice The Hedgehog. His speed came from a pair of mysterious shoes that his father passed down to him and his brothers. They were supposed to share them so that they could slowly increase their speed, however, Electric's feet grew too fast and he didn't get a chance to wear them very long. Lightning hogged the shoes most of the time, so he is nearly twice as fast as Thunder. As for Zap, he is currently wearing the same shoes now that everyone else outgrew them.

Thunder's lightning powers exceed his wind powers greatly, however, his wind powers are somewhat strong as well. Oddly enough, Thunder is the only one out of his brethren who inherited Wind powers.

In battle, Thunder is pretty good. He has decent physical strength and endurance, and with his powers at his disposal, he can overcome many threats.

Thunder is mainly good at literature, commanding a ship, and leading people. He has a good sense of direction, and is the best out of his brothers at map reading. He's also a pretty good painter and artist. He painted his own ship and added the lightning bolt insigna on the side and also decorated the sails with a wind insigna. One of the reasons he put the wind insigna on the sails is because he has wind elemental powers and can use it to his advantage while sailing.

General Info

Thunder and his brothers live alone in their house near the docks in Green Flower City. They all sail around the world and take notes of events, locations, and people they meet on their journies and add it all to one big book that they're working together on. They occasionally transport people or things from one place or another if they are asked to. Thunder has considered charging people for it, but he never did. Along their adventures, Thunder has discovered just how big the world really is. He brings souvenirs from almost every place he goes to. He's also explored non-populated or abandoned islands, and occasionally finds treasure. He has found treasure maps in the past and loves to go treasure hunting whenever he gets a lead. He generally plans out where they'll go and when unless something new comes up. Thunder works hard to keep everything going smoothly, and is often found either working on his ship, getting things ready for a trip, or out at sea already. Thunder rarely actually hangs out with any of his friends. He's usually busy.

Now, He is devoting his time traveling, to taking out certain facilities scattered across the world. He refuses to stop until every last one of them has been shut down.

Items Currently In Possession

Traveling Journal: A small journal for traveling, made for easy noting of events. He has a bigger one for when he actually wants to sit down and take the time to write everything out.

Dictionary Set: A set of thick dictionaries, all in different languages. Specifically so he can translate what he doesn't understand, as he travels all around the world. They are rather heavy to carry around all the time, so he has to take one he's going to need if on foot. Otherwise, he keeps them on his ship.

Treasure Maps: He has found a few treasure maps on his travels. His last map lead to the mythical Miracle Water. His most recent map, though, points to an island far to the south-east.

Back Story

None of Thunder's friends ever found out-or asked-what happened to his parents. Thunder doesn't remember too well, but Electric does. Thunder's parents had passed away in a house fire. Their house had burned down in a mysterious incident codenamed by the police: The F-12 incident. Thunder and his brothers were the only survivors because their father took them out the house, then went back to get their mother-when the house collapsed on top of them. They then had to be taken in by the Black Rose Orphanage. They stayed there until Electric managed to get them into a house which an old man had just moved out of.

Later, Thunder had entered a sweepstakes game and won second prize. He got a lot of money, and ended up buying a ship. It was rather plain until they all pitched in to design it. Since his early days, Thunder had always wanted to be a sailor. With that money, he lived up to his dream.

He later met Smash, who was looking for someone to take him somewhere, and they soon became friends. Ever since then, he's let Smash ride his ship whenever he needed to get overseas.


Thunder first started out as a bland yellow Sonic recolor with no personality. In fact, so did his brothers. the only differences were their shoes and eye color. And the fact that Electric and Zap were a darker gold color, and Zap was obviously shorter and younger looking. Zap was the most original looking one actually, solely because he was younger. Their only redeeming qualities at the time was the fact that they were sailors traveling the world, and writing a book about their adventures. That was new. Later on, they got their new looks. Thunder and Lightning still look exactly the same when you discredit their clothes. The only differences are their eye colors. Of course, that's because they are twins. His personality has developed well over the years. He's become a fine character now.

He was originally supposed to get an actual sailors outfit instead of his life jacket. It's now one of his alternate outfits.

An interesting fact. A caption for an old Sonic X recolor picture of him, showing him holding a picture, outrightly stated that he was looking for the "Legendary "Miracle Water"". However, Nothing ever came of that. It was just a fitting caption, implying that he was treasure hunting. About 3 years later, It just so happened that the special artifact that would cure any known illness that they were risking their lives for, was in fact called, "Miracle Water". In story, It turned out that it was the same water Thunder had been hunting for on the picture. However, this turned out to be a coincidence. The same goes for the name for the item that heals all HP and SP in Splice The Hedgehog, which was also called "Miracle Water". The name for the item will most likely be changed, due to the contradictions in it's placement.



Look Here for the Roleplay Series.

= RP has been completed.

? = RP has stopped for any number of reasons. Or has never began.

'☆'The Voyages of Thunder The Hedgehog: The first and only RP where Thunder was the main character. Thunder met a girl named Estrella Marina while he was returning from a sailing trip. He and his brothers ended up saving her from a group of thugs who were trying to kidnap her, and that lead them on a long adventure. Thunder finds out that she was a test subject for an organization which had gone wrong, and they had mutated all of their other subjects because she escaped. Thunder then vowed to take out every facility owned by them.

'☆S'mash The Echidna and Luna The Hedgehog's Wedding: Thunder was invited to the wedding.

Splice The Hedgehog (RP of the Fangame): Thunder was to appear in the game, and therfor, will appear in the RP.

Numbered Days: In the ending, Thunder came to pick up Smash, Pearl, Splice, and Gizmo at Green Hill Zone.

?The Mystery of Skull Cross: Thunder may end up being closely tied to this story...

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters


Lightning The Hedgehog

Being his twin brother, They get along for the most part. They also share a bit of a sibling rivalry. Lightning has the stronger electric and speed powers. Thunder is still a bit sore over the speed shoes incident, but seeing how he's the captain of his own ship, he feels even with Lightning.

Electric The Hedgehog

Thunder respects Electric as his older brother, but he still gives him orders when they're off sailing. They work together like partners. They both like to think rationally, which lets them be able to overcome problems together rather well. Whenever Thunder needs some advice on something, Electric is the first person he turns to.

Zap The Hedgehog

Thunder looks after Zap well. Not as closely as Electric does though. He takes care of him as he is the youngest by pretty far. Zap opens up to him-and is actually pretty talkative towards him.


(FC's by same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Smash was one of his first friends. They get along pretty well and often see eye-to-eye on certain things.

Pearl The Echidna 

Thunder hasn't really talked to Pearl that much. But since she's the sister of his friend, he tries to think of her as a friend too.

Violet The Hedgehog

He and Violet get along pretty well, however, they rarely see eachother.

Splice The Hedgehog

Thunder doesn't see him much at all.

Kyle The Hedgehog

He and Kyle are really good friends. They get along very well and often take the time to share their stories.

Keela The Hedgehog

Thunder gets along well with her, but doesn't see her too much.

Crystal The Fox

He doesn't know her very well.

Gizmo The Cat

He rarely see's Gizmo.


He doesn't know Frost very well personally, but he did help out in The Final Nightmare.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Speedy and Thunder get along pretty well. Thunder always has his eye on them though, just to make sure that he doesn't bumble himself into trouble.

Luna The Hedgehog

Thunder doesn't know her too well, but he knows that Lightning likes her sister.

Shada The Hedgehog

Thunder has met her a few times, but hasn't exactly had the chance to have a friendly chat with her.

Lily The Hedgehog

Thunder isn't very fond of her. Especially after the events in "The Outbreak", where she completely humiliated him infront of someone he was escorting on his ship.

Hyper The Hedgehog

Thunder doesn't know too much about him personally, but he knows that Hyper's had a rough life. He tries to atleast make him feel comfortable when he's on his ship.

Estrella Marina The Hedgehog

Thunder's sweetheart. He is a tad shy around her, but cares for her a whole lot. He doesn't hear from her very often due to the fact that he's often out to sea, even though they live in the same city. However, he still fights for her sake, to rid the world of the organization that ruined her life.

Tab The Cat

Thunder likes Tab, as she along with Smash seem to be some of the only rational members of the group. He takes heed of her words and treats her with respect.

Shade The Dark Chao

Thunder doesn't know what to think about him. He's on an average level with him.


A scientific organization that was shut down after their experiments caused a world wide catastrophe, but are still active behind the scenes. Thunder will stop at nothing to shut them down completely.

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