Thunder Megawatt

He appeared in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. He was design after an electrical appliance when Eggman is losing parts. He stored his energy in his electro suit and his core is the "eye". He sometimes hates Desert Commando due to his wrecking ball.


He was designed after PlugMan and Gigabolt Man-O-War on the MegaMan series. He's eye was obviously similar to the Green Devil (unlike the eyes from the other Bio-Devils).


He usually protect himself with an Electric Barrier at the very beginning of the battle. He fires Thunder Beam in a magnetic direction. He will also try to magnetize the ground to bring down junk piles at you. He's overdrive attack, Lightning Overdrive, can fire an array of lightning bolts but difficult to dodge and takes timing here. His weakness is the Commando Ball, it will also prevents him to use the Lightning Overdrive


"Well looks likes he's awake"

"I wonder who's stronger, how about a battle?"

"Get away you fidgety little fox"

Battle Quotes

" Take this"

" How about a shock"

"Thunder Beam"

"Look what have you done" (got hit by Commando Ball)

"Aaagh" (got hit by Commando Ball)

"Get ready to be electrified" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"LIGHTNING OVERDRIVE" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"That was shocking..." (Defeated)

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