Thunder Axel is an electric-element high-speed attack.


This attack begins with the user charging directly at the opponent. Once the user gets close enough to the opponent, they will suddenly get on their hands and begin spinning like a top towards their opponent, maintaining their speed and building further momentum. Once the user gets close, they will launch themselves into the air, and then hit their opponent with a very powerful lightning-imbued kick. Even when the user is physically weak in terms of strength, this attack can be quite powerful. The reason behind this is because rather than relying on raw strength, this attack instead focuses all of the built-up momentum from the charge and spin into the user's leg, hitting the opponent with every bit of speed and force. However, if this attack hits an especially powerful surface and is unsuccessful, the user runs the risk of severely injuring and even breaking their leg. This attack is also not meant for pacifists, as the attack was not designed to use the users strength, leaving little room for holding back. Because the primary target zones of this attack are the chest, neck, and head, it is a killing move, used when the user has every intention of fighting with no restraints and/or intent to kill their opponent.


  • Pyro Axel: A fire variant that hits the opponent with fiery force
  • Wave Axel: A water variant that hits the opponent with crushing force
  • Aero Axel: A wind variant that hits the opponent with cutting wind
Note: There is no earth variant because their is no time during the attack for the user to coat their leg in earth.


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A high-speed killing technique that requires a high level of control over ones physical and elemental capabilities, this attack is an A-rank technique.

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