Thunder is a very powerful electric move.


This attack can can be used in three ways. With the first, user begins by focusing large amounts of electrcity either into a specific body-part or into their whole body. The electricity is then released all at once in a powerful blast of raw destructive lightning aimed at the enemy(s). In the second, rather than strike the enemy directly with the electricity, it is instead sent up into the air, then brought down in a powerful strike against the enemy. The third variation is that the user calls up a thundercloud high in the sky, which sends a powerful bolt of lightning down on whatever is below it. Regardless of how it is used, the destructive power of the attack doesn't change; it is capable of causing severe burns and tearing through the landscape. This attack however, is partially reliant on the weather: while in normal weather it isn't especially accurate, but if the weather is sunny or hailing, it is especially unreliable. However, in heavy rain the attack almost never misses, because the water acts as a conductor for the lightning.


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Due to the power that the technique presents, it holds an A-rank.


Interestingly, the Pokemon Kyogre is capable of using this move. Coupled with its Drizzle ability, which summons rain into the vicinity, Kyogre's Thunder would never miss its target.

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