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Cquote1 You look at me like you think I actually give a shit. Well, let me tell you, I don't. I honestly could care less what you, or anyone else thinks. If you don't like me, I don't care. If you do, I still don't care. Wanna fight? Go right ahead, give it your best shot. If you win, good for you, I don't care. If I win, I still don't care;it's not like it's the first time anyway. Cquote2
Thresh threatening Cole.

Thresh the Horse is a character of Darkest Shadow. He is one of the Eight Mates, a main character of the My Sweet Life series. He is an athlete gifted with the power of super strength, which he shows of extremely well.  


Thresh doesn't really have a big development story behind him. His creator made him as his fursona, since he shares likes and dislikes, a personality, and skills with his creator.

In Darkest Shadow's 2015 redesign contest, nobody threw in an entry for Thresh, so he made an outfit for him himself. He didn't like the idea of having him being all red, but he kept the the shirt red and changed everything else to green.

General Info

Ryan Caesar Grasswood is a 19-year-old horse currently residing in his dorm room at Oakridge College. When he isn't at his dorm school, he lives in a fairly small house in Mariala City. He lives with his dad, who is rarely ever home. Everday, he always trains hard, by using a punching bag, with a large garbage can over it, so when he breaks it and the sand comes out, it will land in it.

It is like a ritual for Thresh to train every morning for about 1 and a half to 2 hours a day. He does about 100 pushups, 150 crunches, and 100 pull ups, and always lifts weights at the weight lifting room. He doesn't like to be disturbed, so he goes in at about 4 or 5 in the morning, when nobody's there.

When he isn't working out, or toning his body, he is usually seen down at the baseball field playing games with his friends or team. He takes practices very seriously, and scares his opponent teams, and some of his own teammates! Being captain of the MCA Allstars Baseball Team, he is used makes all the calls, and intimidating chants. However, after an altercation between him and the college captain, he had to learn to keep his cool.


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The best words to describe Thresh is dark, deep, and ruthless. He talks in a somewhat lower voice and doesn't really stay happy. He also can be cold sometimes. He might say negative things that wouldn't really bring down the mood, but make others find themselves wrong about things. He also doesn't really smile very often. He can be very serious with others when they don't know what they're talking about.

Thresh also shows absolutely no mercy when in battle. He doesn't really show good sportsmanship that often, mainly because he doesn't care if they say stop. He thinks that it is their fault that they challenged him, and knew that they were going to lose. When he is asked to fight someone younger, he tends to be soft and go easy on them, as he tries not to seriously injure them. However, when he loses, it takes him a few days to accept the fact, and likes to be alone over that period of time.

Thresh is more on the quiet side, as he doesn't really like to talk a lot. He only talks to people he knows, or the people he wants to get to know. He doesn't mind if there are like six to ten people with him, but if it was like a whole bunch of people (with the exception of sports teams and parties), then he would probably just walk away.

However, drastically contradicting his quietness, Thresh is loud and aggressive as baseball captain. He's a pretty tough one, as he doesn't really give a crap if someone is tired. He would just make them do more. If one of his teammates were out sick, he would make them do double the amount of time or reps when they come back since they feel "so much better".

Thresh seems to be somewhat confident in himself that he can achieve anything if he works for it. Everything he does, he always puts his heart into it. He puts every battle intoThis foreshadows to others that Thresh is a very tough opponent to face in anything.

Thresh also has an odd, but helpful characteristic that allows him to make liars spit out the truth. He does this by keep asking him or her questions, and then looking at their expression. Others find him almost like a lie detector for this! He usually does this to tell if a friend or foe is telling a true story.

Behind his dark and scary feelings, Thresh does have a soft spot. Only people who can truly understand him can access this. Many people find him to be a villain, but they don't see all the heroic deeds that he does, like save people's lives from drowning. What he finds to be positive, others don't.

Fan Game Appearances

My Sweet Life: Escape From the Paparazzi- In this game, Thresh is one of the eight main playable characters in the game. He has been chased down to the point where he is lost and must find her way back home. Along with this, He needs to avoid the fanbrats, media and most of all, the paparazzi. He amazing powers, and a good skillset in the game.

Strengths and Powers

Thresh is truly a force to be reckoned with. Known to be highly athletic and powerful, he is one of the top athletes in the country, if not the world.

Thresh is very fast. He has been running for a long time, and does it as part of his training everyday to make it grow. He runs at a fast pace of 50 mph. which is surprisingly fast for someone his size, and is probably one of the fastest teens in his own town. He sometimes even leaves a black trail behind him when he runs from his darker tone of skin and fur.


For most of his whole life, Thresh has been, and still is an outstanding baseball player. He's been practicing this sport ever since he was little, and never grew out of it. Throughout high school, ever since he was a sophomore in high school, he was the captain of the MCA Allstars;The team name of his school's baseball team. Colleges all around the world look on him and want him to be a professional player. Usually, he was the Allstar's MVP of the games they played.

During his senior year, Thresh got a full scholarship to Oakridge University in Canaville. When he went there, the coaches there ultimately knew that Thresh was a real force to be reckoned with and made them an even bigger threat against other colleges.

He usually plays as the catcher, pitcher, or first baseman, but can play at any position outstandingly. He is great at pitching and throws a ball at almost 90 miles per hour! Also, he has a quick arm to throw a ball from the outfield or a base to another base. He also is great at diving to a base. He has a great eye on the ball, and shoots a lot of home runs.

Supernatural Strength

Thresh is powerful enough to the point where he practically has superhuman strength. He can lift up to 4 metric tons, which is quite a lot for someone his age. He can flip over heavy objects, and break indestructible items. His punches are very forceful, and can leave a person badly injured. He could break through metal and drill holes in the ground. 

At the gym, his peers say that Thresh benches weights with one hand that are heavier than what a dozen of people can deadlift. The numbers that he lifts are beyond belief, somewhere in the thousands. He even said he might consider becoming a power lifter if he doesn't make it to the MLB. He was forced by the school to compete in the weightlifting championships, and took first place, but was then banned because they felt if he did it every year, then nobody would win against him.  

Other Sports

When Thresh was in high school, he was a three sport kid for all three seasons, he played football in the fall he did swimming in the winter, and then played baseball, his trademark sport, in the spring. During all this, he also had to balance it all out with weightlifting.

Thresh is a pretty experienced and fast swimming. It was his excellent swimming which made him a life guard in the first place! He swims swiftly, and puts a lot of power into it. Some people call him a black dolphin from this (those people are in the hospital)! He is one of the fastest swimmers in his school. He made his way to varisty in his freshman year, very easily. Since they offer swimming in either winter or spring, he chose do return to it during the winter.

Thresh also plays football. He started playing this sport in the eighth grade and slowly went up from there. He continued the sport through his MCA years, and played as three different positions in all four years. He played as wide-receiver his first year, linebacker for his second and third, and made it to quarterback on his last year. He played great in all three, best at linebacker in his opinion. However, he quit after senior year because of baseball being in both fall and spring.


Attack: 10- Thresh shows true, powerful and brute strength, and is a real force to be reckoned with.

Defense: 8- Thresh seems to do a pretty good job of defending himself.

Speed: 7.5 Thresh is a quite a fast runner, if not fastest on his team. That and he's a horse.

Magic: 0- Thresh has no magic ability.

Evasion: 8- His speed helps him dodge attacks.

Intelligence: 4.5- Smarts are torture to Thresh, as he isn't very book smart, though, he is street smart.

Skills: 5- Average.

Accuracy: 8- Pitching a baseball really helped him with where to aim attacks.

Stamina: 8- Thresh has energy, but it is masqueraded by his rather harsher personality.

Tolorance: 8.5- It's very easy for Thresh to withstand attacks.

This character's fourstat code is 8755


  • Thresh was inspired by another character named Thresh, from The Hunger Games.
    • Thresh has the same name, and both of them are ridiculously strong.
  • Thresh is the only one of the Eight Mates who is considered an anti-hero.
  • Thresh's dad started calling him Thresh because of his strength.
  • His super strength was inspired by the saying "Strong as a horse"
  • His nickname around college is called "Charley" because of the term "Charley Horse":An excruciatingly painful contraction of one or more muscles in the legs.
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