• I just joined the wiki, added my character, and edited my profile. I stumbled across the “Anti-heros” page, and since I labeled my OC as an anti-hero, I decided to add her in. Now, since I’m new, I’m still learning the ins and outs of editing, however I just can’t seem to find out how to add my character in the anti-heros page. It’d be greatly appreciated if anybody would explain/give me instructions on how to add her in! Thanks a lot, if you can.

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    • Hi there! There's two ways you can do this.

      This one's easier if you're on your desktop/laptop/a computer, basically. In classic editor, you'll see a tab on the right side that says "Categories" and you'll see a search bar looking thing that says "Add category." Type in Anti-Heroes

      Another way you can do this is by editing your page through the same classic editor and add [[Category:Anti-Heroes]] all the way at the end of the page.

      I personally wouldn't reccomend using the visual editor (because you can't edit templates that easily) unless it's for minor grammar issues, so don't use that editor.

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    • Alright, I think I did it. Thanks a lot, it really helped!

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    • KasaneTetz wrote:
      Alright, I think I did it. Thanks a lot, it really helped!

      You're very welcome!! ^^

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