• Hey WaterKirby!

    Remember when we were making up that character Kezia the Fox on the Sapphire Water Timeline page (which is still a really cool page and I've mentioned recently to family, actually)?

    What with it having been well over a year and me having moved on somewhat in what I'm working on, I've realized that I'm no longer going to be able to do Kezia justice as a character and haven't been able to do so for months. As such, since you were heavily involved with her creation and seemed to have some plans for her, I wanted to ask if you would be willing to adopt the character to work on her more directly if you ever feel like that.

    If the prospect of adopting her seems interesting, I can put my current info on her into a Google Doc and send it to you here, or you could send me a friend request on Discord (I'm Wikikinetic#9710) and I could send you the details directly there, so either way you could consider this in more depth. (If you're not interested, I'll probably put her up for adoption or just put her into limbo, depending.)

    Thanks in advance for any responses!

    Also thanks again for making the Sapphire Water Timeline page! It still is a great page; even if I'm not doing anything related it at the moment, I can still appreciate its interesting alternative history and canon loophole closings, so thanks for that. :)

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