• Sonic Rewind is a wiki fangame I'm working on, which is similar to Sonic Mania. I already made the new Zones, but the problem is the old ones. Everybody can help me if they want to, but no Green Hill, please. Yea, it's nostalgic, but I'm fed up with Sega using Green Hill over and over again. Also, no Zones that are already in Sonic Mania. (Note: The Zones that are not credited are added by me)

    Zone order:

    1. Emerald Hill

    2. Marble (Wikinetic)

    3. Sand Speedway

    4. Sky High (Wikinetic)

    5. Octave Opera

    6. Aquatic Ruin (Wikinetic)

    7. Sky Base (Wikinetic)

    8. Nuclear Nova

    9. Star Light (Wikinetic)

    10. Collision Chaos (Wikinetic)

    11. Launch Base (Wikinetic)

    12. Iron Ionizer

    13. Chaos Craze (Super Sonic only zone)

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    • I'd like to suggest the following zones. Uncollapse to see rationale.

      I know that this was the second zone in its game, but its aesthetic seems to fit very nicely into being the first zone of a game, and in its original incarnation, it doesn't seem super hard either.
      The second zone of the original game, pretty well suited to being a second zone in my book and also probably a good segue into Sand Speedway (if my impression of it is correct).
      Like Flying Battery for Mania, this is the second zone of its original game, but one that could easily be adapted into a fourth zone. Also a good segue between Sand Speedway and Octave Opera purely because it could easily explain away the difference between the zones due to the sheer altitude difference in this one zone.
      A zone of surprisingly high difficulty in its original game, this could work well as a mid-game zone to check your skills and make you rehearse everything you've done before plunging into something new.
      What better way to show that you've taken off the kid gloves than by flinging the end zone of the first Sonic game ever at your unsuspecting players? Plus, this would serve as a bit of foreshadowing for Nuclear Nova.
      It may look light and fluffy, and the original may have been way too easy before it got to the maddening final boss fight, but this would be a breather if anything, and the obstacles could certainly lend themselves to becoming far harder as would suit a zone three-quarters of the way through the game.
      Quite possibly the hardest of the first five zones in its original game, and a hard reminder to get really good at whatever the player learned in Crystal Egg Zone, this would not be a zone to be trifled with.
      For the penultimate regularly accessible zone, Sandopolis's tricky mechanics that wait to ambush the player at every turn would ramp up the difficulty to really help bring players into the final zone prepared. Helped by the darkening levels in the second act, a sign that the story's climax is about to arrive.

      Let me know what you think of these suggestions!

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    • It's pretty good, but there is some problems I have with it:

      1. I kinda don't agree Bridge Zone being first, should be a level to start the player off and not throw challenges at him, like bottomless pits almost immediately. I suggest having Emerald Hill Zone as the first, seeing as Green Hill and Angel Island are already in Sonic Mania.

      2. I think there is too many Game Gear Zones. Most people played the Genesis Games.

      3. There is already a Sand-themed Zone (Sand Speedway), so I think Sandopolis doesn't fit.

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    • I suggested this to myself, the first Zone will be Emerald Hill.

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    • We got only 2 Zones to go!

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    • It's kind of funny, I was actually thinking of suggesting Emerald Hill for the first zone but thought "nah, he's going to say that it's too similar to Green Hill, let me go with Bridge or something". Good to know that Emerald Hill actually works. :)

      As to the two missing zones, would Starlight Zone and Launch Base Zone work? (I can provide rationale here if you want.)

      Anyway, just to wrap things up, thanks for accepting some of my suggestions so far! Even if you don't accept any more, it's still nice to know that I was able to help. ^-^

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    • Yay! :D

      Thanks for letting me know!

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    • A FANDOM user
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