• This will be what my anti-villain Ominous' new plan would be if he ever reappeared in another game, show, or any new entry or media. I hope you enjoy.

    [Ominous' new plan for his goal to get rid of all of the evil and conflict in the omniverse and beyond for good is to find a way to create a machine that instantly changes the morality and conflict of everything for the good of everyone in a painless, harmless, ray of light that brings no harm to others without drawing any attention to himself or without anybody getting involved or noticing. He will try to do this in secret without doing anything that a villain (or anti-villain) usually does that draws attention to the plan or makes others upset. This include no taunting, insulting, gloating, capturing, stealing, hurting, killing, conquering, destroying, manipulating, lying, tricking, using, name-calling, etc, as it would be wrong and go against both his moral principles and overall plan. If he has minions who don't want to cooperate due to either fear, skeptism, or doubt, he will be fair and either go along with them or do it himself so that everyone is happy. He might need to do it at night if he is easily exposed during the day. He will also try to make sure that nobody will find out if spotted without lying, manipulating, hurting, destroying, etc. If he is found out and is demanded to turn off the machine, then he will. If he doesn't like the way things are going if this plan succeeds or if everyone isn't fond by its effects or results, he will turn it off immediately. His plan isn't about conquering, corrupting, or destroying anything, nor is it about hurting anybody; it's about trying to change everything for the better of everyone, including himself. In summary; his plan involves changing everything without anyone even knowing or getting involved.]

    What do you think of Ominous' new plan? Does it have any flaws that he should rectify? Thanks for commenting and have a great day.

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