• Hiya Hika; I'm just acting on a message from a user that's a little confused and honestly a touch concerned about how you approach your Article Review blog.

    The concern relates to how the pages are chosen - many of the pages that were mentioned to me were ones that, while not meeting standards, would not have taken much effort on behalf of the creator to get to that threshold. In contrast, there are a number of pages that have not been selected that are far from Standards. Because of this; the user feels that the overall quality of the wiki might be viewed as going down.

    I was just wondering if you were willing to actually explain how the articles are chosen; so we can put the user at ease.

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    • Well, when I visit pages, I do look at them and read them, and true some are good, but they are missing some information that need to be worked on and I chose the pages randomly.

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