• Hey, Austin. As you can see by the title, I sort of need help coming up with a backstory for Ominous. I also have a suggestion that I wanted to show you to see what you think of it if you want. If you have any advice or ideas on what Ominous' backstory should be, be sure to reply if you want. Sorry if this is asking too much again and for apologizing too much.

    [The suggestion that I was thinking of was a young Ominous having only one parent and a brother that was inseparable until something happened to him that made him selfish and cruel. After seeing what has became of his brother, Ominous decided to reason with him, but to no avail. He decided to kill his brother in order to stop him, which ended up shocking his mother and himself as well and lead to him getting kicked out of his house. After figuring the realization of what he just did, he came to the conclusion that this world and beyond needed to be destroyed in order to save it, including himself.] This was the suggestion that I was thinking of. It's a bit of a work in progress and it might be a bit too dark but I'd like to see what you think of it. Thanks for reading.

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    • It's servicable, but there really isn't enough info for me to decide whether his "turn to evil" was justified or not. Family is family, and you'd have to screw up really badly in order for that to turn into hatred. It also doesn't really explain how he got into the position of power that allowed him to become a threat to the world.

      It's obvious that he had built up an unrealistic, ideal standard for both him and everyone else, but what made him form that standard? What pushed him over the edge and made him think that the world should be destroyed because it could never fit his moral ideals?

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    • Thanks again for the advice, Austin.

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    • Hey there, Austin. I have another idea that I want to show to you. I hope you enjoy it.

      [Another idea (or suggestion) that I came up with was that 10,000 years ago, before Ominous was who he is right now, he lived among a race of an unknown species. (this was before he was called Ominous, though I haven't thought of his original name, the species name, or design yet.) Some time ago, his species went into war with many other species in the world and beyond. (I also haven't thought of the war's name and cause yet.) After seeing the suffering of others through anger, hatred, greed, etc., Ominous tried to reason with them to stop, but they refused to listen to him. After seeing his family get caught in the war and died, he lost control and grew furious, killing others in the process until he realized what he was doing. After being horrified of what he had become, he grew a huge degree of self-hatred, and viewed himself as just as heartless and evil as the others in the war. So he decided to use the ancient object (I also haven't thought of that yet.) to get rid of all evil in existence for good. When it didn't work, Ominous had no other choice but to use it to destroy everything in existence, including himself. This, however, slowly corrupted him into a bitter and nihilistic being of dark energy. Horrified by this, the gods decided to seal him away to the Mystic Ruins forever, preventing everything from being destroyed.

      I know that it may have some plot holes that I haven't ironed out yet and it may seem too long, complicated, and dark, but It's still a work in progress and I'd be happy to hear your opinion on it if you want. I hope you still like, though. Thanks

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