• Hi! I noticed that you flagged my fanfiction Wisp World Explained as a standards violation, saying that it "Needs to connect with the story". However, I'm not exactly sure what part of it doesn't connect, or what story you're saying that it doesn't connect to...Could you help me figure out what's wrong with the page so that I can fix it? Thanks in advance if you help me with this!

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    • It needs a Overview heading and some chapter headings along with a character list of what character is in it

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    • Thanks for the explanation!

      I'm not exactly sure how I could add these things to the story. While I could add a character list at the end (although it would be somewhat redundant, given that the story ends by essentially saying which characters are in it), I don't think I could add chapter headings as the story is nowhere near qualifying length for a single story chapter of most books, and attempting to write an overview would be somewhat difficult, as the story is incredibly short and the unreliable narrator makes it largely unknown for most of the story what it's even about exactly. Could you help explain if these things are still necessary in these circumstances?

      Also, on the topic of overviews: None of my stories have them. Are they violating policy somehow by doing so? If so, I will try to add overviews where possible (although a few may be short enough that, like this one, I'd be hard pressed to figure out how I could write a decent overview that wouldn't be a story summary). If not, though, I'd prefer to keep my stories as-is.

      If you could help me figure out how to adhere to the rules in these regards, that would be greatly appreciated!


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    • Your welcome

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    • A FANDOM user
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