• Hey guys, I'm have a bit of a problem here. I have a character added here in this wiki called Sid the Hero and can't figure out what actual type of personality for him, though I have a few suggestions and I don't know if there good enough. Anyway, If you any ideas and/or advice on how to create a unique and memorable personality for Sid, you can reply to this message if you want to.

    Before I done, here are a few concepts I came up with here: 1. He is the polar opposite of Sonic in every way, except for personality. 2. His personality matches with his design and color scheme. 3. He is the Ultimate Tough Guy(that one was when I first started to create Sid but ended up getting rid). The last thing that I want to bring up is that I was suggesting a personality that's different from all the other Sonic characters, but still stays faithful to what the series is about. Though that being said, I'm still interested in your ideas and would love to see what you'd come up with, so I don't mean to be rude or ungrateful.

    Thanks for reading the discussion and have a great day, Peace.

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    • It really depends on what type of character he is, from what I know you told me he wanted to be like Sonic, so maybe he aspires to be him therfore making him more of a shy character, or maybe he's brave but hides that under a shy persona, maybe? I dunno.

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    • Thanks for the advice and suggestions, buddy.

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